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  1. I noticed sometime recently that my Bing imagery had been updated in San Antonio Texas compared to original. Flying here in my hometown has alway been very good graphically, particularly with KSAT airport made by iniBuilds.
  2. Very minor issue - but anytime there is an update, MSFS always resets my monitor viewing mode to "Windowed" vs "Full Screen" which I prefer. Is there some reason/advantage that perhaps I should run in Windowed mode? I do not switch into other applications while flying.
  3. I went to the Leo Bodnar and could not find this product even using their search tool. It seemed everything was hardware. Could it possibly have been re-named or removed? (Program like DIView (free utlity from the LeoBodnar website) to inspect the output of the joystick) Thanks for any updates on this!
  4. Thanks for your comment. I was blissfully unaware of all the controversy, as I had not followed any of those threads. I am now all caught up, and while sad, am totally in support of the actions being taken by developers. Hope that the .to website does not devolve into .to.falling.down
  5. Thanks All. Strange how they quietly left fs.to. Got the latest update now!
  6. I was looking at Flightsim.to so I could update this great mod. On one day it showed unavailable for download. Now I am seeing nothing to indicate it even existed. Did I miss any news about a removal or take down?
  7. The Piper Cheyenne 400LS Twin Turboprop would be an awesome plane. First choice for builder would be from FSW. Of course A2A or Blackbird/Milviz would be great. Barring those, would be quite happy if Carendo took a shot at doing one!
  8. Well truth be told I was planning to buy unless I encountered a resounding thumbs down from purchasers of their airports. Will report back on my experience. Due to family schedule this will probably be in a couple of weeks.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I may get it since after all, it’s my hometown. I have a mid-range rig which does quite well overall. Cheers!
  10. Wondering if anyone has any experience with IniScene Airports? I see that they have released KSAT in San Antonio Texas (my home). Screen shots look exceptional on their website. Would love to purchase it, and it seems very reasonably priced. Details include interior modeling. I am concerned about how their sceneries affect performance. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Try golf as a hobby if you think Flight Simming is expensive! Just pace yourself with an occasional add-on, along with freeware. This is way less expensive than FSX or P3D. Really enjoying my hobby these days!
  12. Thank you all for the troubleshooting tips. What finally worked for me was launching the sim from within the MS Store. I guess they want to be sure the Marketplace is using your most current payment credentials. Would sure help if their problem prompts were more accurately descriptive. Looks like a fine jet to enjoy!
  13. I can download free content from the marketplace. Wondering if HJet is getting a lot of action. I will try tomorrow and keep your tips handy.Thanks!
  14. Can’t buy in the online store.Keep-getting a message that another transaction has not completed, try back again. Is this normal? My first in sim purchase!
  15. Just tried -still not fixed. The Flysimware website that comes up is not the correct one.
  16. Thanks for the additional reference Bad_T. That looks great!
  17. Thanks all. It was a UIE (user interface error) I have long been a forum reader but seldom ever posted. So I was not aware of the user icon for the last respondent being the one that showed!
  18. Thanks Adamski. I missed it since the icon changed from my “B” to your very innovative pilot face!
  19. I posted two topics referencing a guide for the 737 that is available on Avsim. Both mysteriously disappeared. Is it possible that the author no longer wants it available and Avsim is automatically deleting references to it???. It would be a really helpful addition for newbies to this great add on aircraft.
  20. In 2011 a very detailed tutorial was written for a flight from Houston to Los Angeles using the PMDG B737 for FSX. It is still in the AVSIM library and can be found by searching for the author Tom Risager. Not sure if every function covered is present in MSFS 2020 as I have just unarchived it. Some of you long timers (like me) may remember it. It is a pdf document and I highly recommend it, especially for those new to the 737!
  21. Some of you who had the early versions of the 737 may remember an excellent tutorial written by Tom Risager. It is in the Avsim library if you search by his name. The file name is ngxtutorialv1.zip and it’s a pdf file. I have archived from years ago and just pulled it out. Not sure if every function there is functional, but it is well written and sure to be helpful to those new to the PMDG 737!
  22. This was first time updating was easy. I got an update prompt upon starting, which did not require me to quit and go to the store to update. The way it should be! Then a couple of updates in content manager and done. Sim seems smoother and looks a little better. I was getting the trees starting to pop up problem again, even though there was the option to refresh scenery not in view. That is gone, and redraw distance seems to have increased. I am quite happy!
  23. Is a new FSW account required for purchase if you have an account from buying previous products? I own his Falcon, Lear, and MU2 aircraft for P3D. I will buy this over the weekend!
  24. As frequently as drivers get updated it would surely be nice if every couple of months NVidia could reward us faithful users with a version optimized for MSFS!
  25. Seems like the install dance is not usually the same for me, and never fails to frustrate. Why can’t Microsoft create an install prompt with three choices when an update is required. This would be invoked when the sim detects that a mandatory update Is required. One button would be labeled “Steam”, one “Store”, and one “Custom”. The last one being for those who prefer to control where they install their sim. The first two would use default install parameters. Pressing them would run scripts to update required mandatory changes. Upon completion the user would be reminded to start the sim and update any optional content manager file as desired. The third button would lead user to navigate to where their sim is - and yes, might be a little messy. I would think a skilled programmer could knock this task out easily!
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