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  1. This makes sense to me but how do I send a 2k signal to my TV and have it upscale to 4k? I don't know if I have seen an upscale option even though it seems all TVs have one.
  2. I would try view groups if you are going that low on the resolution. My 1070 back in the day could handle 3x1080p at 30 FPS so the 2080ti should be fine for 25fps in viewgroups.
  3. TravelRunner404

    Will V5 Performance be still single thread dependent?

    LM has publically mentioned that a new rendering engine would be a next step. They didn’t confirm anything but they have referenced it. A modern rendering engine would put more on the GPU (probably see more autogen and ai being pushed there) and take some stress off the CPU but the newer faster processor will still always provide some advantages. Is it worth the cost would be the bigger question. Also the whole core thing has a limit. The main core still has to manage those cores and not everything can be threaded so at some point in real time the main core will limit the CPU to some extent. I am sure use of other cores will always get better but it’s not a magic fix.
  4. If you haven’t experienced P3D on an OLED you are really missing out. The Variable Refresh Rate coming out with the new models might be interesting, although I am not sure how it works compared to freesync and gysnc.
  5. TravelRunner404

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I love how performance is tied entirely to the little green counter in the corner and if it’s not fixed improvement in some guy named Bill’s YouTube scenario where he took side by side screen captures then it can’t be true. Think or performance like your heart rate 🙂. If you exercise everyday and improve performance you’ll see places where it’s better but it won’t always be a perfect apples to apples from the old you. But you will have a better performing heart muscle overall. Overall performance can be better without your one scenario being better!
  6. If you want the best there is absolutely no substitute for an OLED display. You have not seen anything until you have seen P3D at night with a true black.
  7. The shimmering is pretty bad overall and I can see why you’d want to get rid of that. I do notice less without SSAA but personally it’s not worth the performance drop even on my 1080ti but the perfectionist in me does notice it. Isn’t SSAA the most blunt technique for anti-aliasing? I have read a little bit on it and it seems it’s the most inefficient but in a way that makes it the best? Is it a P3D choice that it only allows MSAA and SSAA and not more of the modern techniques? But I also get the impression modern techniques all have issues right?
  8. Why do people use SSAA and 4K? Isn't that complete overkill? I can still read the full eye chart at my doctor's office and I don't feel there is any difference in everyday use. Is it just for the shimmering in the distance sometimes?
  9. TravelRunner404

    30Hz Options

    When I looked into G-sync I got the impression that it doesn’t work with P3D bc it doesn’t run in true full screen. A lot of the chat on it was pretty dated though.
  10. TravelRunner404

    30Hz Options

    Do the motion blur systems work or help with the low frame rate? I know most modern TVs use either some type of processing or black frame insertion to create the “120hz” but wouldn’t that help smooth things out possibly? When I sent a 24 FPS film to my TV, the TV basically adds frames right? Why can’t I send a 30 Hz signal from my computer to my TV have it do post processing magic and look more like 60 hz? just curious. I legitimately don’t understand how it all works.
  11. If anyone is interested the 2080ti Founders Edition is back in stock at with reasonable delivery times (about a week).
  12. If anyone is interested the 2080ti Founders Edition is back in stock at with reasonable delivery times (about a week).
  13. Anyone with a 2080ti willing to try multiple 4K monitors?
  14. I think it’s the general feeling that something seems off about the P3D performance. I have only been simming for about 18 months and that’s the general feeling I get when I sim. Especially since the buildings look like the same ones from 20 years ago. It has this dated early 2000’s look to its buildings. That combined with generally poor performance when rendering a large city gives the feeling that it could and should be a lot better. I know it’s complicated but why can’t we have the Aerofly New York in P3D and have other cities look like it’s 2018? More of a genuine question than a complaint when I ask that.
  15. Thanks Rob. Great details for the results. I would agree for the average simmer you can relax knowing you aren’t getting a lot from a single 2080ti. See how many 4K screens you can add with those 2080ti NVLinks!