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  1. A lot of people give this guy grief, but knowing it’s a small community and knowing there might be some simmers out there who economically have to make a choice between the two, he still recommends you look at and possibly purchase a product that isn’t his out of respect for that developer. I think that’s a class move.
  2. Ultra clouds do put some load on the GPU. Here is a quick test I did over Denver a major photogrammetry airport in the US. You have mountains, PG city, large airport and an executive airport, which I took off from and flew toward the city. C173 with G1000. FPS Test
  3. I have uninstalled all 7. GOTY photogrammetry cities are all in the nordics I believe. The actual US photogrammetry visuals aren’t affected by any of the files. Hope it helps!
  4. For anyone interested here is the initial post where they started to figure it out over at MS Forums. This 'fix' has been working since November/December 2021. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/poor-performance-on-the-ground/450221/410
  5. Got it, and it makes sense what you are doing. You are manipulating Terrain LOD to fix your low FPS problem into big cities. That's certainly one way to go about it and it's your flight sim experience. Terrain LOD is a known and understood CPU hog. However, there is no reason to lower your terrain LOD to 120 to stay above 30 even landing a KJFK, especially with your specs. The photogrammetry cities small files are likely costing you a lot of performance that requires you to drop your terrain LOD to 120. Do you have a bunch of AIG? I don't know. That's another performance hog so you could easily keep your VSYNC at 30, delete all the files, ramp up your terrain LOD then land with a bunch of flightsim.to files and AIG traffic and say, see, I didn't hold a solid 30 FPS, it went up and down, so the fix does nothing. But that's certainly adding a lot of noise to the data. Nobody is saying it will fix every issue in the simulator as it relates to performance and your personal view of performance. What it will do, if you have all world updates installed, is drastically improve the performance on the ground at airports close to photogrammetry cities. This is well tested in the US. The "bug" of sorts, hammers the main thread in those situations and many people are lowering their terrain LOD to get that performance back and suspecting it's the CPU intensive terrain LOD. The fix will take load off the CPU. A significant amount. That's it. It won't magically spawn a 60 FPS PMDG 777 at the gate for you to fly and it won't produce 90 FPS Ultra 400/200 on someone's 3700x/1080ti. It's not magic, nor claims to be.
  6. What issue do you not have? Do you have all world updates installed? Do you have a terrain LOD of 100? do you lock at 30? Or 20? With your specs you can get away with a lot and consider 7 small files that cost you 10-15 FPS a non issue. Fly out of KAPA, you have to know the airport, with VSync off and tell me your FPS. Fly out of there again after applying the fix and tell me your FPS. Assuming you have all your world updates installed. It will go from 32 FPS to like 50. For those on lower systems that’s a big difference and helpful fix.
  7. Hey that's my post too! I really went down the rabbit hole on this, but funny enough as soon as I started posting about it I was quickly sent to the thread where some guy figured it out from airports in Spain, but it's buried in another forum post. I originally thought the performance issue was SU9, and started posting in that forum, but this has been going on since the fall and I am willing to speculate 80%+ of all the "on the ground" performance issues are heavily affected by it. People really need to account for other things though. AI is still a hot mess and AIG has a lot of independent models. The chances of some bad models and too much AI tanking your performance is probable. The chances of a bunch of Flightsim.to landmarks that aren't optimized or have a LOD issue that was affected by SU9 seems probable as well. Additionally, I do think the updated clouds are eating some FPS and certain formations are putting a lot of pressure on the GPU. In VR where the GPU is king the clouds were giving me a lot of problems but I haven't seen many others complaining so I don't know. Clouds were improved/changed somewhat in SU9. Ultra/High clouds, could be eating 5-10 FPS, but this is conjecture on my low volume testing.
  8. You have to click the box highlighted with the arrow that says,”Click this first”. That removes the filter that groups the world updates into one package. You’ll then see the world updates broken out into their parts. One of those parts is the photogrammetry cities. Hope it helps!
  9. Uninstall what you are not using and restart the sim. There are 7 entries as shown in the pic. You don’t need to uninstall the entire world update, only those small files. For whatever reason over on the MSFS forums they figured out that those 7 files affect the entire worlds photogrammetry, especially US airports. All 7 installed at the same time destroys the global FPS but any one installed makes little difference. You can reinstall as needed. If you fly in France install it, but recommend keeping all others uninstalled. If you are flying France to Germany keep those two installed and uninstall the others. If you uninstall one restart the sim. If you are installing one you don’t need to restart. Just fly. It’s not ideal but the performance is more than worth it I think.
  10. If you are using photogrammetry try the fix in those links. That’s the biggest known issue. For some reason those little files even though they are in Europe mess up the rest of the worlds performance. Something else could be going on but it’s basically a double your FPS on the ground fix if you have those installed. AIG models and lots of AI traffics could be another issue but I don’t use any of that right now.
  11. I don’t think using the Nvidia CP frame limiter is a good idea. Especially if you are having mainthread issues. It seems to only work okay when you are clearly GPU bound. Even then in game is better I believe. You keep describing issues at US based airports near photogrammetry cities. There is a known issues with the world updates that destroys US city performance in these scenarios. The image I posted is the fix. It’s been described over at the MS forums. I would try that if you haven’t already.
  12. See if this helps: https://ibb.co/gyP8YbB
  13. All of the testing I did and listed was in 4k with a 3090. The Mainthread was on average 20ms for the 5900x in developer mode and with the 5800x3d it dropped to 14-15 ms. I saw 10+ FPS in pretty much every scenario on the ground. However, it doesn’t lock a perfect 60 so panning left and right will do the same drop and increase. If you lock it at 30 FPS it’s just straight green in that developer window with the occasional yellow from the GPU. If you plan on loading up track ir and having a Tom Cruise in a dog fight seizure of left to right movements with your head i doubt it will be perfectly smooth unlocked from a sync’d fps.
  14. In VR my GPU is 99% on the Varro Aero and I max out at 35 FPS usually with some help from open XR toolkit.
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