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  1. There must be a prerequisite that all developers are terrible business people. Getting more money out of v5 is the right thing to do. Getting money for updating compatibility only is not the way to do it. I think Leonardo is the only one who did this right.
  2. Back on the scenery install topic. I created two partitions on my HD. One very basic with nothing on it but a web browser. I install on that drive into a fake P3D folder and track down all the scenery files and create an add-on.xml Some or those installs put a lot of files in the base sim folder.
  3. Maybe MS can ELI5 Xbox game pass for everyone. I am not sure what’s confusing about it. There are movies on Netflix that you can stream as part of their subscription but you can also purchase those movies for a higher onetime price and “own” them. The original Frozen and Moana in the hands of children have shown me that you are not charged a subscription even if you stream the movies for 14 hours a day once you buy them digitally. The $19.99 purchase price is all that is charged. EA insider has been doing this with games for a few years as well.
  4. The basic premises that people will improve on the product in some way isn’t wrong. The problem is the business model is going to change. Take for example everyone’s favorite add-on ActiveSky. It injects real time weather and costs $40. I can produce a half dozen apps in the apple and android stores that do this for free and present it in an app format (Windy is cool). The data is readily available and provided by tax payer money. Any other modern game that had a modifier with the ability to inject something like this would be free and available on a one click install. You can only get away with this business model in P3D bc it takes a complex memory injection and a weak base product entrenched in a decade old business model. Modifying the sim isn’t going anywhere, what is going to change is the business of how it’s done. The business model is broken, old and ripe for disruption. It’s not about what will be changed in the sim with shaders and how clouds are texturized with fluff and saturation tones. All that will still happen, but the sim world as of today is just not going to be able to sustain the fractured, develop for a couple weeks charge $29.99, install, reinstall, CTD, stutter, beta test, sim starter, file directory, cmd prompt, switch apps, post a forum question, alter config files, uninstall, fresh install, what’s an affinity mask, change your refresh rate, why is my mouse slow, another stutter, buy a new cpu, learn to water cool, adjust the sliders, post again, okay take off, why do the graphics look like it’s 2003 when I fly over a city with a 9900k/2080ti? It has to change. P3D needs people to feel like this is the only way to simulate professional flight for it to survive. Yet, a good product leads with innovation, not force this is how it is and always will be.
  5. Like everything else you just need to buy some add-ons and it will be fine. I love P3D and all the things I have learned about the world of aviation but I can’t help but think of the Seinfeld where Jerry buys a car... KEYS?!? How you gonna start it?
  6. I'll bet you a pint that Asobo can figure it out 🙃 Let's be honest the day people stop complaining about performance (or something) is probably well past our lifetimes, but we all wish we had the modern flight sim and P3D simply isn't that. It's frustrating that sports, first person shooters, open world games, etc all get their modern AAA games but we don't really get that with flight sim right now. Hence the huge response to MSFS2020. I am actually all for developers charging for updating and improving their products. I am not entirely against charging to simply port a product, but not sure I like it. I'd be okay paying for an annual flight simulator installment at $79.99 like I do for Fifa every year on the console. And man is there plenty of rage in the world at those annual products! But having to buy base textures, regions, weather, shaders, and installing airports in elaborate file structures is kind of insane. Modernizing the ecosystem I believe is the single biggest thing missing. I think in a perfect world we all just wish we only had to pay for planes, or at the very least there was some cohesive environment where this all fit together. I play Civilization VI and they change the product and break the mods all the time. They are free, sometimes they come back, sometimes new ones show up but at worst I click the install button on Steam and I have it. If it doesn't work I click the uninstall button. I have never had to reinstall the whole game because I tried to improve it with add-ons. Even with the MSFS2020 updates are going to break add-ons. There will be V2 and V3 in the store where you have to pay $29.99 to upgrade. Think Apple App store. People will complain or ask if it's worth it, such is consumerism, but there is no denying, in my mind, that something modern would vastly enrich our experience.
  7. What?! Now a bunch of you all are the “no critic” police of L&Ms PR department? The core 0 getting hammered kind of sucks in 2020. It requires doing things like reducing your whole computer to half it’s visual output even in 1080p so you don’t have stuttering. Really? All you guys using bad sarcasm can’t see that as a valid complaint? Or an area to express reasonable dissatisfaction? I am using P3D, spending cash on those add-ons, and enjoy learning and flying as much as the next guy, but some of the stuff in this simulator is amateur or 2007 at best. It’s not a big deal people complain about that.
  8. I have seen all 6 cores of my 8700k being used in almost perfect balance on flight simulators before. Never P3D though.
  9. Not all simulators are bound by a core 0 bottleneck.
  10. Saying P3D doesn’t care about Joe Flight Simmer and his money is just something people say and assume without any true evidence. In fact, the evidence is quiet the opposite. Their lead software engineer made the release announcement on FSElite as exclusive. That’s not something professional products who generate 90% of their revenue from “serious military training” do. I could list many other things but you don’t have to look hard to find more evidence. Flight sim community is not a novelty to them. Has anyone noticed the response of v5 overall is quiet deflated? Sure you have critics and opinions but the lead up and launch to v4 was much more robust. There are like 3 half baked threads with maybe 4 pages each. Developers aren’t making big announcements either. It’s crazy what MSFS2020 speculation has done in less than a year. I believe the idea of the product alone has delivered a borderline knock out punch to P3d and the v5 response so far could be a canary in the coal mine. Next year at this time will be super interesting.
  11. I think it’s going to be interesting, but I still think the visuals in MSFS2020 are going to make it the dominant sim. But I don’t think it’s going to happen day 1. I just don’t think they can deliver ATC, study level complexity, fully functional g1000s & g3000s, control compatibility And big addons by summers end. People will get over the visual novelty after a couple weeks and get stuck in a place where they want the complex addons but love the beauty and potential of MSFS2020
  12. I have questions! Autogen - Can you speak to it's improvements in loading? Do I still have to fix the simulator at 35 FPS for it to keep it loading all flight? Long Pauses - Are there still long pauses when an airport loads? Is Core 0 still blasted at 100% on an 8700k if I lock the sim at 35 FPS while my 2080ti hangs out at 43%? Does the GPU still get crushed in the clouds for some odd reason? Autogen again, seriously, I get it still has to load so it can't ever NOT pop in some way but has this improved? If you were on high before, is very high an option? Did you try to take off from EGLL in an FSLABS airbus and do better than 30 FPS with a 9900k/2080ti? (With the standard high end addons like ORBX Region England South) Is locking your monitor to 30hz and doing triple buffering VSYNC still the "best way" to fly in the sim? Even with top of the line hardware.
  13. It was just showing April 14th as the release date.
  14. I had the same problem. What fixed it for me was switching out of auto mode, going into profile and entering my registration info again. The registration info was missing from my profile even after entering at start up, but once I did it that "second time" under the profile it stopped requesting on start up and seemed to save it okay.
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