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  1. I swear Asobo could release a patch that says, removed bold font from settings menu option and the thread will without hesitation include… Did anyone notice a reduction in cloud quality? DLSS seems worse! Noticing new stutters on final at <insert ICAO>. Followed by four pages of people not seeing it, another two pages of bickering over how to be happy and another four pages of people making statements about how their opinion matters. Anyway, update seems the same to me. No noticeable changes on PC for me.
  2. Seat movers aren’t bad. I used the NLR seat mover in VR for awhile and it adds to the immersion for sure. The downside is that your controls don’t move so it was always a little weird to bank right and be reaching left for your controls. However, you don’t need a lot of actual travel in the motion so once it’s dialed in you can trick your brain well enough. The other problem with the NLR seat mover was the price tag and that constant clicking and unclicking as you move around. Motion shouldn’t be as loud as that thing is for $3k USD.
  3. I haven’t tried the beta yet, and Matt was pretty clear that there is no change to aircraft like the PMDG737, however, I read this section above as a more accurate ground contact model was implemented and there is an additional soft ground collision model for tires that can be implemented. It seems like bullet point 1 is what people are seeing in the 737 and other aircraft and bullet point 2 is a level up from that. At least that’s how it reads to me.
  4. Yes, it is a little long, but I like to use scripts to automate some of the simple checklist items. When I land, or arrive at the gate, or before taxi, I like to focus on the big ticket items and have the little things automatically done for me. In general it works even if that's not what the script function is fully intended to do. Cockpit lights are a big one especially in VR. Most planes have quite a few light switches, so I use a script to dial in the exact settings I like. Simple push of a button and I have perfect cockpit lighting. Additionally, is there a way to suppress an axis based on a variable? This would be great for autothrottle in planes like the Maddog. I would love the ability to have the throttle axis only working when the autothrottle is turned off.
  5. I am trying to figure out the best way to complete multiple actions in a script before the next action happens. There are variable lengths for how long each action takes depending on the switch position. For example in the Leonardo MD82 I cannot simply set the light switches for instruments and flood lights to an LVAR and have the brightness level I want. The MD82 requires you send a number to a specific LVAR and a mouse click or wheel scroll happens in the cockpit. What I do is read the light switch LVAR. That tells me the position, say it reads 20. I then know the number of clicks in which direction I need to set the lights to the position I want, let's say 10 is the correct brightness. I have the script do some math and the LVAR moves by 2 for each click, so I know I need 5 clicks to the left. I use iterate in the script and it works perfectly. However, I don't know how many clicks I will need each time I run the script. The problem is that there are about 10 light switches in the cockpit. I run the calculation and if statement for each switch. However, the switches start iterating on top of each other. This eventually floods the cockpit and some of the clicks get lost. Is it possible to have the script wait until the iterations are done before moving to the next script? I can use (WAIT:xxx) and guess the number of ms but it's dynamic how long each switch takes. I tried the loop function but that is very slow. See below for how I have it set up now. Each one on their own works great. However, they start to flood and work over the top of each other. 10·(L:CM1_panel_light_knob1,·Number)·-·2·div·sp0· l0·0·<=·if{·l0·-1·*·iterate{·8192·10·+·(>L:CM1_lateral_event,number)·(WAIT:250)·}next·}· els{·l0·iterate{·16384·10·+·(>L:CM1_lateral_event,number)·(WAIT:250)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 4·(L:CM1_panel_flood_knob2,·number)·-·2·div·sp1· l1·0·<=·if{·l1·-1·*·iterate{·8192·13·+·(>L:CM1_lateral_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l1·iterate{·16384·13·+·(>L:CM1_lateral_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 2·(L:CM1_panel_flood_knob1,·number)·-·2·div·sp2· l2·0·<=·if{·l2·-1·*·iterate{·8192·12·+·(>L:CM1_lateral_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l2·iterate{·16384·12·+·(>L:CM1_lateral_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 10·(L:center_panel_light_knob1,·number)·-·2·div·sp3· l3·0·<=·if{·l3·-1·*·iterate{·8192·34·+·(>L:radio_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l3·iterate{·16384·34·+·(>L:radio_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 6·(L:center_panel_light_knob2,·number)·-·2·div·sp4· l4·0·<=·if{·l4·-1·*·iterate{·8192·35·+·(>L:radio_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l4·iterate{·16384·35·+·(>L:radio_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 4·(L:center_flood_light_knob1,·number)·-·2·div·sp5· l5·0·<=·if{·l5·-1·*·iterate{·8192·37·+·(>L:radio_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l5·iterate{·16384·37·+·(>L:radio_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 90·(L:fgcp_light_knob1,·number)·-·2·div·sp6· l6·0·<=·if{·l6·-1·*·iterate{·16384·20·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l6·iterate{·8192·20·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 40·(L:fgcp_light_knob2,·number)·-·2·div·sp7· l7·0·<=·if{·l7·-1·*·iterate{·16384·21·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l7·iterate{·8192·21·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 10·(L:ovhd_panel_light_knob1,·number)·-·2·div·sp8· l8·0·<=·if{·l8·-1·*·iterate{·8192·78·+·(>L:overhead_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l8·iterate{·16384·78·+·(>L:overhead_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· 4·(L:ovhd_flood_light_knob1,·number)·-·2·div·sp9· l9·0·<=·if{·l9·-1·*·iterate{·8192·79·+·(>L:overhead_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· els{·l9·iterate{·16384·79·+·(>L:overhead_event,number)·(WAIT:200)·}next·}· (WAIT:250)· (L:ovhd_pull_dim_switch1,·number)·0·==·if{·536870912·66·+·(>L:overhead_event,number)·}
  6. This is awesome. As someone who switches back and forth in VR I love it. 1. Each time I want to use a different plane, i.e. profile, do I need to go in and generate new buttons? Or can I have a different webFIP for each? And have it load with the specific plane? 2. Trying to get it to a decent size in VR required me to about scroll my finger off. Is there a way to set the size easier? 3. Adding one more thing…the images don’t seem to appear after I exit, come back and restart the computer. The gauges seem to work but the buttons don’t. I have to exit everything and generate again for it all to appear. Again…I think this is great.
  7. Axis and Ohs scripting is amazing. I took some time to learn RPN and once you get past the word/number order hang up it’s surprisingly simple. Additionally, with the new in game panel the direct access to B variables makes configuring any cockpit a breeze. What I love the most is setting up the bravo switches 1-3 as night lights (the maddog is like a 20 second script). I also set up a script for runway turn on where it sets lights and other misc switches so I can focus on the important TO details. Finally at landing I have a clean up script so I can press a button and be on my way with taxi. Another when I park at the gate and a final one for shutting down the aircraft. Basically I’ll start things up super manually but can’t be bothered at the end of the flight to checklist anything.
  8. Your CPU time didn’t change between settings so it’s likely what ever is bottle necking is bottle necking on a single core or thread and holding everything up. Whatever hang up, object LOD or process that’s doing that doesn’t change between ultra/low end, so it could be the aircraft, a MOD, maybe the airport or the terrain LOD. These are guesses but historically it’s quite common for something in MSFS to snag the CPU cycle and plummet FPS. It’s usually a mod, setting, app, something like that.
  9. Anyone have a good guess on what the July surprise is going to be? Likely: Some famous flyer related to 4th of July. Hopeful: A new terrain rendering engine.
  10. Increasing sim rate works great in any WT aircraft. I use 4x all the time with the CJ4 and Longitude even in VR. I am sure you could get away with 8x, just don’t let it try and do a 90 degree turn. I flew from the bay area to Hawaii the other day. 6.5 hour flight in RT but I did it smoothly in my usual 2 hour block.
  11. I think the reasoning behind empty your community folder comes from the chance that an add on can cause a performance issue. People leave items in there and swear they can have nothing to do with stutters and performance changes right after a sim update. Then the Asobo broke the sim, look at my FPS it’s now 10 FPS posts start littering the forums. No community item that I am aware of will straight up break the sim and cause full reinstall, but there are plenty of examples of add ons causing performance issues after updates. World Updates are a little different but someone probably has some half baked Hawaii mesh installed and will complain that WU ruined the Hawaii coast or something. I think the message should be after an update empty your community folder first and test if you have performance issues.
  12. It’s my understanding that frame generation does not work well without a Gsync monitor. I personally couldn’t get good results, but I haven’t tried since December. Lots of tearing, artifacts and stutters. Once I got it set up on my widescreen Gsync monitor I was impressed. Again, don’t know if some work arounds since then have been found.
  13. I am trying to work though this and I promise I am searching as much as I feasibly can to find answers. I know this isn't the "traditional" way, but I am also trying to learn through experimentation, so apologies if these questions are misguided. With the Kodiak 100 the BVar for the throttle is ENGINE_Throttle_1_Set. If I create a script and run such as 0.9 (>B:ENGINE_Throttle_1_Set) it will set the throttle to exactly 90%. I don't know how to translate this to an axis that passes values from 0 to 1.00 and all the percentages in between. If I scale the axis from 0 to 1 and use the script as the variable nothing happens. Also, on my Bravo Throttle I have the mixture axis set with ranges for Low and High. They are specific values so once it cross the blue arrow it triggers the event and moves the lever. The problem is the axis constantly resets to the middle. When I load Axis and Ohs the axis is always at 50% even if the throttle is at 0. It also seems to reset once I trigger the "reverser" which is a button press. When I pull the lever all the way back and activate that button, Axis and Ohs is back to showing the black bar right in the middle. Thanks for the help.
  14. Thanks I assumed it was simple. I don't know what I was doing that I didn't see the categories.
  15. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have imported a set of scripts and I have also made a few of my own. When I select the Key Down Event and it sends me to the Select Simulator Event there is no heading for Scripts and when I do a search none of my named scripts are available. How do I assign a script to a button? The documentation shows that there should be a Scripts tree item but it's not appearing for me. Thanks.
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