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  1. The worst part about these 11 pages is that it’s a completely testable hypothesis.
  2. I have seen two real world 737 pilots fly the PMDG 737 in my house and each have said the systems are realistic but will point out at least a half dozen things that aren’t quite right. They are impressed. However, when hand flying and manually landing they both said the exact same thing. This is not like the real plane at all. Its a simulator. It’s always going to need a tweak. More importantly there is zero chance you can recreate the flight model and feel with cheap plastic yokes. It’s fun. You can learn a lot. You can experience some very real procedures. You can simulate flight. You can’t recreate it 1:1.
  3. Yep, I figured out there are profile files in one of the brunner folders. Another thing they don’t mention. I built a new PC and had to figure out how to transfer my profiles. I’ll message you a Dropbox link when I get back to my PC later today.
  4. So, yeah, I will never understand the poor support on their forums and lack of overall communication. It’s frustrating, especially considering they are well engineered products. I asked a few questions in the forums and relied on the online profiles for quite awhile, but finally I took a weekend during quarantine to figure out exactly how this thing works. Essentially there are three main features. Force Feedback is number one. Then you have it’s ability to position with trim and finally autopilot movement. That’s really it. There are a few small options like ground vibrations, engine vibrations, stick shaker. Okay, maybe stick shaker is a cool feature bc you feel that stall. What I have learned is mostly around making the force feedback system work to my liking. Trim functions and autopilot functions don’t work in MSFS right now. I turn them all off. It’s not worth the headache. The force feedback function will still make things like trimming feel more realistic. In fact most of the things people complain about with the flight model feeling erratic aren’t present with the Bruner yoke and force feedback. Sebastian eluded to this in a video. When you use a yoko, saitek, or honeycomb yoke, you can simply pull back on the stick and boom 4,000 VFPM even if you are going 300kts. Everyone blames the sim but in real life you’d tear your arms or the yoke out doing that. Now, the Brunner seems overly complicated bc every plane is different. They advertise the idea that you can make this thing feel and act like any GA aircraft in existence. Great, but it would be helpful if they catered to the market a little better and made some profiles based on sim products to deliver that and update them over time. They don’t. For most people you are left downloading the few, often old, profiles they have and just going with it. The software is capable but what do I know about the CJ4 force feedback or TBM900? However, it’s actually not difficult to come up with your own profiles and have a good time. Basically, the yoke will increase tension as IAS increases. For example the WT CJ4. It has a top IAS of 300kts (please don’t hold me to these I am guessing as I type on the phone). I can go into the CLS2Sim software and adjust the tension curve to my hearts desire to get the yoke to feel exactly as the CJ4 would at different speeds up to 300kts. You can plot it with points or use a simple exponential curve. I did a couple flights and balanced the curve to my liking. Needless to say hand flying is brilliant and feels awesome now. As I trim I can feel the tension come out of the yoke. I can also make reasonable movements and feel the aircraft. The profile makes landing or flying a departure feel so much better. Is it accurate to the real CJ4? Doubtful, bc I have never flown one, nor do I have specs. Is it more accurate to real world flying than a cheaper yoke, I think so. There is a good TBM profile and a good c172 profile that look as if some flight schools have put a lot of thought into the curve. If you take the FFB curve and turn off the options not working in MSFS they are very useful. The other thing with FFB is hydraulics. In some aircraft you have hydraulics so FFB isn’t as big of a deal. I am sure these systems are complicated and a 737 yoke won’t feel like a honeycomb bc the hydraulics take the tension out. There is an option to turn on the hydraulics and adjust the affect. As in real life the tension is different for every aircraft. I fly the a320 with the yoke, which is terrible, awful I know, but I turn on hydraulics and adjust the force on a simple percentage scale and it flies wonderfully but doesn’t feel like a c172. It feels like an aircraft with hydraulic controls. That was long but that’s my summary of getting to a place in MSFS where I am getting some great use of this. Was it worth the cost? Well the money is already spent for me, and I don’t think I can ever go back to no FFB.
  5. Anyone having bounce problems on RWY 02? I landed here last night in the FBW A320 Mod and got space rocket launched off the runway as I landed. On take off this morning I also got bounced. On the take off roll as soon as I let the side stick back to neutral at 100kts it bounced and took off. Barely avoided a stall back to earth. Also noticed the SLIDD 2 ARR STAR wasn’t in the navigraph data. Finally, the ILS 02 seemed a bit off center. My crosswind was 12kts, I don’t know could be in my head, but didn’t seem quite right on approach. I will say it looks great overall! Beautiful approach with the ships and love the terminal.
  6. https://tweakers.net/reviews/8356/4/microsoft-flight-simulator-op-reis-met-ryzen-5000-en-geforce-3000-cpu-benchmarks.html German site but translates well. Interesting results at 4k, shows about a 10% difference with the 5900x over the 10900k. One problem is this was tested before the November update.
  7. I walked into a MicroCenter this morning and they had dozens of 3080's and plenty of 3090s. I couldn't help myself and bought a 3090. At MSRP it felt like a deal, although, yeah, it was quite expensive either way. I guess I'll build a top of the line system around it, but I have no idea whether to go with a 10900k or a 5900x.
  8. Yeah, I agree. I can't speak for everyone but, whatever worry or opinions that sided with them struggling to find a place in the MSFS landscape seem to be wrong as of today. This is great. I love seeing dynamic companies in the hobby. They are also positioning themselves as an alternative marketplace for products. I came in thinking, I am only purchasing from the built-in marketplace, but that's quickly pivoted to Orbx, or the in-game marketplace. I think it's brilliant and much needed. Now, if Simmmarket would fix their 2007 website, we would have three modern options! As for the plane add-on market, it seems like Aerosoft is the only one taking a leap of faith, and they will be the test animal for the rest of the Titans. I don't see how everyone missed the fact that you can release a high-level product, make a ton of money off it and bring it up to your traditional standards over the next 18 months. There is no single flight simmer, new or old, who wouldn't accept the storyline that it's Asobo's fault this isn't the pinnacle of study level achievement day one. You could even argue the influx of new simmers will love a complex plane that they can grow with over the next year or two. If PMDG dropped a 737 that's six months ahead of where FBW is today and put an asterisk on the sale that they are limited by Asobo and kept chipping away over 18 months, I think they would have been just fine. Especially since PMDG knew a year ago, the default aircraft were kind of bad.
  9. I remember working for a smaller record label in early 2000s when piracy was the boogey man that was going to ruin everything. The labels who steered into the skid, avoided DRM and made their music the most accessible, were the most successful. No one ever went out of business because of piracy. No one. Wasting money on the opportunist who sold you DRM options out of fear and limiting consumer options was what destroyed profits more than anything. PMDG and FSLabs have operated small monopolies for the past 7-10 years. They have convinced the enthusiasts that a study level plane is the work of gods, and mere mortals don't stand a chance. When they say the SDK isn't ready, we accept, no questions asked. It's refreshing that WT and FBW are coming out and saying, no, that's not exactly true. I hope all developers find away and we see new exciting developers challenge the status quo. That seems be happening on some level. Also, it's funny that the initial belief was MSFS will quickly kill off Orbx. Yet, they seem to be stronger than ever.
  10. Why in the world did the guy say at 21:32 that MSFS is 'single threaded' and '32-bit'. Neither of those two statements seem true. Then he ranted that it 'flies like it's on rails'. What?
  11. Yeah this is a simmarket issue. They will let you sell anything and put your product right next to the premium work. That’s fair and all to quality scenery developers It amazes me that as a community flight simmers will demand, demand, demand from people who attempt to produce good products, yet, throw their money at simmarkets dumpster fire of a website.
  12. Curious with all the new AMD and NVIDIA hardware is there a clear winner for top performer? It seems like the 3090 is the top GPU, however combined with what processor? 5950x, 5900x, 10900?
  13. I could never get it to work to be honest. I have a 55” OLED that I use for simming and looking up or looking down could never get it quite right. Would always lose one of the other. In the end I went with head track on the iPhone and open track on the PC. That works better than TrackIR ever did for me.
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