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  1. Yes, sadly it‘s all a blurry mess from higher flightlevels. I think with SU5 it‘s even more downgraded.
  2. Yesterday on a testflight with FBW, wind changed more often from 9kts to 60kts within a second and temperature of 30 degrees in FL330. 😂 Unflyable for airliner pilots. Asobo what‘s up with Meteoblue?
  3. One of the next stupid and unrealistic things LM introduced with 5.2.
  4. Is the missing flashing light between QNH and STD fixed in the meantime?
  5. Also colour banding is way more noticeable with EA enabled compared to non EA mode. You can clearly see the graduation of skycolour in higher flightlevel when flying airliners. Good to be seen in the third foto from SAS443.
  6. Regarding EA it needs to be a full patch...
  7. Back to EzyDok because CP can‘t handle two Joysticks.
  8. Do you know if the broken antialiasing of aircraft with pbr material like PMDG , Maddog, 787, ect. will also get fixed?
  9. Next time I*m gonna read the bug reports first before updating....
  10. I'm still on V4.3 and also got that black flashing. After I had some network problems, I decided to upgrade Win 10 to the latest build (1806). Suddenly I got black flashing in P3D and vsync also doesn't work correctly anymore. I had to force it ON in the driver whereas normally I "let decide the 3D app" and activate vsync in P3D itself. After testing several nvidia drivers, changing all kind of Nvidia settings I decided to switch back to build 1803 and bingo....no flashing anymore and vsync is working as always. Thanks Microsoft AGAIN for this upgrade ### und wasting my time.
  11. As always… for vfr flyers clouds look great but for ifr really ugly. Call it cartoonish or popcorn whatsoever…
  12. When one will be waiting further month and month for this update then the answer is...yes :D
  13. That's my hope too, especially in view of the fact that for PMDG planes illuminating the ground you must activate dynamic lighting. At 4K that brings my GTX1080 to it's knees even at 4xMSAA., so I considered in upgrading to a 1080ti but when you mention your Ti still can run into trouble at 4K with higher AA ,that will be a waste of money and LM should optimise DL.
  14. Usually I get solid 30 fps in P3D V4 on my 4K TV running at 30 Hz.. At great Hubs with heavy weather fps drop to 20 sometimes BUT when I put another programm in the foreground of the screen, i.e. AS16, P3D is way more solid and fluid without these huge drops down to 20. Frames doesn't stay at 30 in this moment, but the drops are not as big as without the AS16 window in the foreground. Same behavoiur when panning around in the cockpit: more stutters and greater fps drops without a window from a different application in the foreground. You can also put the task manager or file explorer in the foreground...it doesn't matter, it's only important P3D is running "in the background". This has nothing to do with too much GPU load because in my test scenario it stays between 60 -70%.
  15. Same here After the update from OC I always get an appcrash of P3D with faulting module PMDG_747QOTSII_2.dll when closing the sim. In addition I deinstalled the 747, loaded the last version from my account and installed it as admin and without virus scanner but without sucess. P3D is always running as admin.
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