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  1. Yes that's my exact problem after SU11 with FG. Sadly Riva Tuner doesn't work anymore. I had to use Riva Tuner before SU11 for smooth gameplay, because everytime when I activate Vsync in NCP, I get a 100% CTD or now with SU11 this "Your Graphics Device Has Encountered A Problem" fault. I tried several drivers without success, I cannot fly with vsync activated in NCP, so I have to go back to DX11 and activate vsync in the msfs control panel.
  2. Have bought AS for P3D and XP with more or less satisfacton, but in MSFS there's no need for this!
  3. sorry I have to update my signature. Meanwhile I have a 4090.
  4. After the last update I'm getting an absolute stutterfest with frame generation activated. This was supersmooth before at 60 fps capped. I already reinstalled the graphics driver, deactivated all sceneries but without success. That's definetively on Asobos side. Interesting fact: when I position a window of another programm (i.e. explorer) over msfs, the sim in background is smooth. When closing the explorer and msfs is in front, the stutterfest continuous. Now I have to revert back to DX11 and vsnyc with 50% monitor refresh rate with such an gpu.
  5. And the nightmare continues…after the update boarding of pmdg 738 does not work anymore. Doors don‘t open automatically as they did before the update. The program simply don‘t recognize the command because I also don‘t get any voice feedback.
  6. DX11 for the time being…there are too many glitches with airport ground textures with DX12.
  7. Maybe couatl64.exe will always be the culprit since GSX Pro is installed, but fact is, CTD's are common since the program was installed and disappeared since GSX was uninstalled.
  8. I had a rocksolid MSFS installation, since SU5 no CTD's, no matter if I fly the FBW, Fenix or a Cessna and suddenly after installing GSX the simulator isn't usable because of CTD's with a faulting module couatl64.exe? I have deleted the scenery indexes, I have deleted content.xml but nothing solved the problem, only deleting GSX Pro has brought the expected result.
  9. Deleted the crashing machine GSX Pro and everythings fine now. Some more bucks for the garbage bin but this seems fine these days... And if someone asks...yes faulting module is couatl64.exe ...although Umberto claims GSX has nothing to do with CTD's.
  10. For me this was the only way to get GSX running, but now other problems coming up. Although I disabled gsx jetways I get a mix of both in EDDM for example. In LDZA jetways now doesn‘t move anymore….list to be continued when I have time. I hope this addon does not have destroyed my rocksolid msfs installation.
  11. After the store update downloading 4,34 GB actually....
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