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  1. Gartro

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Shaun I am assuming that the problem remains with KAMA. After my post, I had a couple of more tries with the same outcome and then put the download to one side and have not revisited it in the past two months, especially as I have not experienced a similar problem with installing about ten other airports which I have purchased in that intervening period. Gary
  2. Gartro

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Sue In fairness to smoothchat's post, the FSS site was down and it was not a Firefox problem. I visited there three times yesterday -the first before smoothchat's post and the second after I read that post and the site was down both times. I was using Google Chrome. Some hours later, I tried for the third time and the site was up and working. Gary
  3. Gartro

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Ray Which of the PCA stores are you talking about - the US one or the Australian one? Although my understanding is that they have a common ownership, they have different product ranges, different managers and, from what I have experienced, different administrative and customer relations styles - not so much a Tweedledum and Tweedledee comparative experience as a chalk and cheese one. I have consistently had a very good customer experience with Dean at the Australian store. Gary
  4. Gartro

    Scenery contents missing

    Bill Thanks for your response. Prior to posting, I did an Avsim search but could not find anything of relevance. In fact, there was something there because after I posted I tried a general internet search and found others had experienced this problem : I now have to think through what to do. Gary
  5. Gartro

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    I have all SXAD airports except Exeter, Lydd and Block Island. My two most recent purchases were KAMA and Aeroflex-Andover. I bought KAMA from the US store of PC Aviator and the other one from Simmarket and tried to install them on the same day. I have never had a problem with installing SXAD scenery but whilst Aeroflex installed without a hitch, my AV, Avast, kept telling me KAMA had Win 32:L Malware-gen and kept deleting oitfrom the download before I could install it. Although I have occasionally experienced this type of problem when installing an aircraft, I have not experienced it with an airport. It seemed to me that if it is an essential component of KAMA which is causing this, why has there not been the same component in my other SXAD products to also cause a problem? Has anyone else experienced this with KAMA and is it a false positive? Gary
  6. Until about two weeks ago, I had not used my flight sim for about six months although, during that time, I had continued to purchase products. When I got back my enthusiasm a couple of weeks ago, I installed and tried most of those purchases. Most of them were airports and, therefore, I was checking that they had gone automatically into Scenery Library and I had to do the "Add Scenery" exercise with those which had not. They all found there way there. Everything went okay for a couple of days and then FSX closed down with an Out of Memory message. The next time I checked the Scenery Library via Settings, everything in the Scenery Area column was blank - there were no entries. Yet, the other two columns were complete, the Enabled column having most products ticked as I had intended and the the Priority column showing priorities from 1 to 1045. In Free Flight, the Select Airport feature works without any problem. However, the problem with the Scenery Library means that I can't identify airports to enable/disenable or to move or delete. What might have caused this problem? How can I fix it? Gary
  7. Gartro

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Historically, I have bought a lot of products from FSS. I had always regarded FSS as having a good up-to-date product range at competitive prices. However, I have not bought anything from there this year. I agree with Michael about the pace of the product range etc currently. FSS Twitter provides a good indication of the rate of listing new products. The five most recent "Latest Products in Store" on the website are shown on the Twitter posts as having been listed in May for four of them and one in April (beyond that were products listed in March). The store's computer problems would have been a big distraction which may explain the limited new listings in recent months but the scenario with Specials appears to be consistent with that of the new listings. There are 33 Specials. From recollection, I believe that the majority of them have been Specials for about the past year. Last week, I needed to download the latest version of the Aerosoft CRJ which I had originally purchased last Septermber. With the problems of recent months, I was not overly confident that the most recent version would be there and that I would be able to download it. Happily, it all went without a hitch. Gary
  8. Part of the product description for Richer Simulations' GrenadaX reads: "This is Caribsky: GrenadaX; a complete photorealistic representation of the island, complete with custom vegetation, reefs, buildings, vehicles and a highly detailed airport. Product Features: 344 square km of photoreal covereage....." That area is only 4.5 square kilometres less than what Wikipedia says is the area of the island. As it is a FSX product and not limited to the airport, why does it not suffice (but a word of caution - reviews of the product on the Simmarket site suggest that an available patch must be used to avoid the product breaking your autogen)? Gary
  9. TonyD's suggestion about going directly to the developer is a good practical one. I had to do that for a FlighrSim Store matter in the past couple of days. Four years ago, I had bought from FSS the Virtualcol SAAB Regional Pack. Recently, version 2.0 was released and is available at a 40% discount to owners of the earlier version if bought from the same store. My problem was that FSS does not have v2.0 shown on its website but, even if it had been there, the current problem discussed above would appear to prevent me downloading it. I emailed Virtualcol and got a quick response from Luis who made arrangements for me to get the updated product directly from the Virtualcol Store at the discounted price. He told me that of the ten external retail stores which have historically stocked the Virtualcol products, only Simmarket, FS Pilot Shop and the Australian and US stores of PC Aviator have listed for sale the supplied v2.0. FSS is in the list of the six other stores which Luis mentioned and he said that people who bought the earlier version from stores other than the four which are currently selling v2.0 can contact Virtualcol via the Contact page on its website (indicating where the product was purchased) and they will be sent a coupon code to purchase the upgraded version at the reduced price from the Virtualcol Store, much like what I did. Gary
  10. Gartro

    Simmarket False Identify Purchase Please Help!

    Ted and Luke Thanks for the suggestion about the Simmarket website address. I did the suggested addition at the beginning of the address and it worked. Like Henning, I also was lulled into what now seems to be a false sense of security by seeing "secure.simmarket" as part of the address, especially when compared with the "not secure" messages I had seen with some of the other retail sites I have used for flight sim purchases. Ever since Jim Young's post about a year ago explaining the green lock and "secure" in relation to the Avsim Forums, I have been conscious of the security aspect when making flight sim purchases and I have been surprised that on a few sites the green lock and "secure" do not appear and the "not secure" message does not disappear until after the log in with details of user name and password has taken place. What's stopping someone hacking my log in details there and then using them to download products I have historically purchased? After the suggestion worked for me on the Simmarket site, I then tried it on two other flight sim retail sites and it worked on one but not the other. I want to see the comfort factor of the green lock when I first visit a site. Why don't all sites provide that, either via Luke's suggestion or otherwise? Gary
  11. Gartro

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    Over the past three or so days, the following notice has appeared on the home page of the Australian store of PC Aviator: I have not yet seen anything similar on the home page of the US store. However, judging from Carlo's comments, it looks like the improvements are progressing. Gary
  12. Gartro

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    Carlo As you will recall from the locked January thread which both of us posted in, my understanding is that the US and Australian stores of PCA both use the same server. If I am preaching heresy here, Dean from the Australian store will soon correct me. The two stores are related. My recollection is that Robert Ferraro set up PCA in a suburb of my hometown in Melbourne Australia before he moved to the US and set up the store there and before the Australian store shifted base to Queensland. By way of a bit of historical trivia, I still have a box containing one of his early products published via that Melbourne store, the 1997 MegaScenery Melbourne Victoria/Australia. Gary
  13. Gartro

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    Today, I received a newsletter email from Dean at the Australian store of PCA saying: Gary
  14. Some months back, enticed by this $5 airport, I bought the rest of their airports (including the legacy ones). The later ones are better than the earlier ones and there is a good freeware airport. I had a query after my first purchase. Their customer support couldn't be faulted by me, either in timing or substance.
  15. Gartro

    PC Aviator US download speed?

    I spoke too soon with the first paragraph of my previous post. After posting, I did my daily or so visit to some of the flight sim retail sites I have historically used and which were ones mentioned in posts above. Today, I found the Australian and US stores of PCA were slow loading, Flight Sim Store was super fast for me and Simmarket was marginally slower than FSS. Gary