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  1. Shaun Slade

    KHOU GSX Level 2 Issue

    Hello, Very sorry for the late reply. Is this just GSX or does it happen with the SODE overlay also? I'll have a look. Kind regards, Shaun.
  2. Shaun Slade


    Hi, Very sorry for the late reply! I keep forgetting to check here and work has been hectic. The additional photoscenery installer is the same photoscenery that comes with the airport, just matched to the FTX global color palette. They both contain a significant area outside the airport. Kind regards, Shaun.
  3. Shaun Slade

    KORF Shadows?

    Hi Don, I have figured out what the issue is. I'm going through all my airports and making prepar3d v4 native versions, which will fix this issue and have specular etc. Hopefully I'll get round to ORF in the next couple of weeks, depending on how long BNA and BHM take first, as I'm working backwards! Thanks for your patience! Kind regards, Shaun,
  4. Shaun Slade

    KORF Shadows?

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I did try to figure out why this was happening to no avail. It's something to do with them being FSX native ground polys although it doesn't seem to happen with my other airports! I've been meaning to update all the products with P3D native ground polys, which necessitates a separate version for each. However for some reason when I compile them with the P3D SDK they were plagued with artifacts. I still intend to fix this and hopefully will with an update including FTX-G compatible photoscenery (and I'd love to do the whole of Norfolk and the naval base if there's any demand for it as a seperate product) once KHOU is finally finished! In the mean time I will check again to see if I can provide a quick fix using the current Thank you for your patience. Kind regards. Shaun.
  5. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Hi, I'm sorry this is the case. If I get a false positive from kapersky or windows, usually can override it. Perhaps you protection's updated definitions might have fixed this flag also. Kind regards, Shaun.
  6. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Hi, Apologies for the late reply! Have you managed to resolve this? AFAIK there is nothing different in KAMA than in my other Airports. Scanning with Kapersky gives a clear result for me. Kind regards, Shaun
  7. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    I'm really sorry for not replying sooner! Support is best sent to SXAD at Could you post a screen shot of what you mean? I can't see any issues with the markings.
  8. Shaun Slade

    RWY 22 ILS Issue

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. The ILS for 22 is built into the stock scenery, and has an offset. The only way to delete this would be for ADE to generate a dummy runway and assign it to that. But IMHO having another runway at the airport is worse than just leaving and not using the ILS. I always fly using charts on AIRNAV, so you can simply fly the RNAV approach if you need to. Kind regards, Shaun.
  9. Shaun Slade

    KORF Shadows?

    Hi Don, Yeah I know this is a problem with p3d. I am trying to fix it currently and make P3D material ground polygons, will keep you posted!
  10. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Sorry I should have put a readme with it. You can just run the new installer, it'll overwrite the old files with the new ones! Thanks!
  11. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Yes,the aerial imagery wasn't green at all. But a lot of people who use FTX Global want the PS to blend into the green landclass they have. If anyone wants the brown looking photoscenery version, I will make that available on my website.
  12. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    We will be sending updated installer to the vendors tomorrow. The v1.01 change log: Color corrected photoscenery to green Changed surrounding landclasses Corrected runway markings Gate Numbers Corrected Additional Gate/parking spot 8 Added. Runway Dirt Textures improved Runway Lights Improved IMHO it looks a lot better greener!
  13. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Thanks very much!
  14. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    KSMY... Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is having a new terminal soon, the others are potentials. But, I'm working on one ATM which I will announce soon! After that, I will have to see, these others are on my shortlist btw. Thanks for the suggestions though. Kind regards, Shaun.
  15. Shaun Slade

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Hi, glad you like it! It's only got SODE jetways. You have to download SODE from If the jetways show, you have SODE installed. You have to press TAB+S to open the SODE menu! Thanks!