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  1. Hi, Just to announce our version of Houston Hobby Airport has been updated and now includes a Prepar3D v5 installer with dynamic lighting in Prepar3D v4 and 5 at the terminal. Also a bug with the afcad has been fixed and runway 17-35 is now permanently closed as per NOTAM. These are available from simMarket now and other vendors soon! https://secure.simmarket.com/sxairportdesign-william-p.-hobby-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml Thank you! Shaun.
  2. Hi, Yes I just logged on to announce this! I hope you like it, it runs a fair bit smoother now! Kind regards, Shaun.
  3. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. GSX is finickyregarding the gate name labels, they have to be the same as those in the airport.bgl, but sometimes it doesn't seem to work. I'm working on the P3Dv5 installer, I'll see if I can fix this while at it. Additionally, could anyone check with only the default airport at PNS how the performance is. I have quite bad frame rates around that area, it goes from stable 45 fps at my CRP and on approach to PNS it maintains 45fps mostly but every couple of seconds or so drops to mid 20's for half a second, and then goes back up, and results in a lot of stuttering. Reloading with just the default airport showed the same issues around that area.
  4. Thanks Jesse, KSAT and KHOU should have Prepar3D native installers by early next week!
  5. Hi all, Just a quick announcement we have released KCRP. It's available at simMarket now, and should follow with Just Flight and PCAviator soon. Note: 95% of support goes via emails. I've been terrible at checking here but will do so more regularly now on! Thank you. https://secure.simmarket.com/sxairportdesign-corpus-christi-international-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml
  6. Hi, I think you emailed me a while ago, did you resolve this? Kind regards, Shaun.
  7. Sorry for the ridiculously late reply. It's at the bottom of my website page. Link is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hO1fzUeBLEhpGQ71XT0dAFyK6Zpn0FVi/viewhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1hO1fzUeBLEhpGQ71XT0dAFyK6Zpn0FVi/view
  8. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. did you get this fixed? Could I possibly see a screenshot? Kind regards, Shaun.
  9. Hi Jay, Sorry for the late reply. I've nearly finished a KAMA update and it's been about 3 times more work than anticipated. I did update the terminal textures a while ago for BNA. I'll update the photoscenery for FTX global compatibility and perhaps ground polygons native to Prepar3d v4, but the way I made them for FSX back then isn't compatible with P3D v4 native material settings regarding night lighting. It'd take a lot of work, but I'll see. Kind regards, Shaun.
  10. Hi, The update has been released. You should be able to download v1.04 now. Kind regards, Shaun,
  11. Hi, I replied to your email Jesse, FAO other's I will have a fix for the floating lights in the morning, no idea how I missed them! Kind regards, Shaun.
  12. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. v1.01 was sent to distributors. If you download the airport and run the installer again, it should update it. Kind regards. Shaun.
  13. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, did you get this sorted? I checked gate 45 and everything seems to be in order. There might be a bug somewhere else in the xml, GSX seems overly sensitive to them. If there is still an issue I can check, but haven't had anyone else mention this issue. King regards. Shaun.
  14. Hi, Really sorry for the late reply. Runway 13/31 is active as far as I can see. I did wonder that while checking the airport. I'll have a look at the afcad file. Kind regards, Shaun.
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