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  1. Sorry mate nothing beats AIG lol. I need accurate traffic I’m picky lol. That’s why I could never get into vatsim
  2. Do they hold for your aircraft even though you are parked at the gate? Mine does this and it’s so annoying. I’m not even active and they still hold for my aircraft
  3. I posed this question in the PATCX forums but as we all know it’s hit or miss with them and sometimes you get a response and sometimes you don’t so I thought I’d ask here as well. To all of my PATCX users, I need to know if you all are having the same issue I am with my AI. So at any airport I am at, my aircraft will be parked on the ramp, far away from any taxiing AI traffic but ATC will instruct them to hold position for my aircraft even though there is no conflict. And I am again nowhere near the AI traffic. They will just sit in the same spot and back up other traffic coming or going.At least with the default ATC, the traffic will disappear after a certain amount of time so it doesn’t back up the airport. I just want to see if I’m crazy or not because I can’t be the only one with this issue… I remember reading that PATCX does not control AI on the ground but this can’t be true because when using the program it actually tells my AI to stop for no reason at all.
  4. Honestly, I used to use UTL but ever since AIG came out you can forget it. That paired with AIGround accurately simulates takeoff and landing rolls. You can’t beat it. Ditch UTL you won’t regret it.
  5. I found him! I sent him a PM and commented on a post he was on hopefully he gets back to me. He hasn’t been on Avsim since April 😂
  6. Hey all! I see this thread has been quite dead since the beginning of the year, so I apologize for digging the grave up but I am having some issues… well… rather annoyances with AI Flow and AI Ground. With Flow, I am experiencing aircraft suddenly climbing straight up in the air as I pass by them or if I get too close and they just go straight up, stall, and then fall down to the ground. In real life, flight levels are separated by 1000ft in RVSM airspace. To me, this program does not accurately simulate this like in real life. I’ll be at FL390 and a aircraft at FL380 going in the opposite direction will just randomly go straight up in the air. I went into the settings and even put 1 mile separation between AI and user aircraft but nothing works. with AI ground, I am experiencing AI traffic coming to a complete stop even though I am nowhere near them whether taxing or parked on the apron. AI traffic will still hold in position for my aircraft even when I’m parked and engines off and everything. The program doesn’t take into account that once your aircraft is off, you don’t need for AI to take your aircraft into consideration. Is it possible to put into a future update that anytime your parking brake is set that the AI aircraft disregards your plane? That would help out so much! Also it says that flashing your landing lights will tell AI to continue taxiing but this does not work all the time. Only about 20% of the time for me. I’ll flash my lights on and off and still won’t get them to move. So my AI just sit there literally for hours and do not move. sorry for the lengthy message but hopefully this gets to the developer. BTW, I am using P3Dv4.5 with AIG for my AI traffic, and ProATC/X for my ATC.
  7. Hey guys, does anyone know how I can get in contact with the author of the AI Flow and AI Ground program? I know his name as it is listed on AVSIM but I do not know his user name in the forums. Any help would be appreciated. Or maybe he’ll see this post idk haha
  8. I am a user of V4.5 and previously had UTL. With UTL I was able to use the updated PrecipitFX contrails features for my AI. I made the switch over to AIG a few days ago but can’t seem to get PrecipitFX to work with this AI program. Has anyone using AIG gotten it to work? I’m in both the AIG, and //42 forums but no luck with any real help so far. Thanks
  9. Hello, has anyone gotten this program to work with AIG AI traffic at all? I have P3Dv4.5 and downloaded this program from //42 via ORBX but I can’t seem to get it to work with AIG. I had it working beautifully with UTL but ever since I made the switch I don’t have the updated contrails. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Thanks! I forgot what it was called
  11. Question! What is that program called that allows you to alter your library and move the greyed out check marks around?
  12. Hello, I recently noticed an issue when flying in V4.5. I run UT Live with ProATC/X for my traffic and ATC needs. Whenever I am flying at cruising altitude, and a AI aircraft is passing me at another altitude going in the other direction, sometimes that AI aircraft will start to ascend very rapidly until it stalls, and then it nose dives back down. I have seen this happen at least 10 times now just randomly. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. Sometimes it happens 2-3 times in a single flight. Has anyone else seen this? With the programs I mentioned, I thought that maybe one of them had some type of coding to where AI traffic tries to “avoid a collision” and will take “evasive action” even though it’s not necessary... but I haven’t read anything with either program stating this is fact. Unfortunately support for both programs is pretty much dead so I’m hoping that maybe anyone on here has seen this issue and has maybe solved it. Thanks.
  13. Okay I’ll try your suggestions and see what I come up with, thanks!
  14. Hello, I just purchased a TM rudder pedal and I went to their website and installed the most current driver. For some reason P3Dv4.5 has it listed in the controls drop down but I can’t actually calibrate the pedals to work properly. In the sim whenever I move the pedals either forward or back or press the toe brakes, it actually moves all of the controls but the rudders. I can still move my MSFFB2 Joystick normally as well but the pedals seem to have a life on their own. How can I properly assign them to just move the aircrafts rudder? Thanks for the assistance!
  15. Unfortunately that only changes the default airports. ORBX airports work differently
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