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  1. For all of my ProATC users, I cannot figure out how to give my AI traffic proper call signs with this ATC program. Almost every other AI transmission, ProATC refers to the traffic as just “one”. An example would be: “One requesting engine start up” “One engine start approved”. Even though it’s a Southwest 73W. I have UTL installed for my traffic but even before when I was using the default ATC with P3D my airline traffic has real call signs. So I know it has nothing to do with UTL. This only happened once I made the switch to this third party ATC program. So is this just happening to me or is this just normal for ProATC?
  2. I actually ditched RXP for F1 because the RXP GTN screen was really notchy and not smooth at all. When I would zoom in and out it was like 5 fps on the screen I hated that. With my F1 GTN it’s as smooth as butter... when it works 🙃
  3. Need some help. I am experiencing frequent crashes with my Flight1 GTN 750. Right before it crashes or freezes, I usually get a “TAWS Not Available” Audible warning then it just freezes up usually making my sim very slow as well. Sometimes the Garmin system just freezes and I’m able to recycle my avionics and it’ll come back to life like normal. Sometimes I can fly all day and no freezes or crashes occur it’s totally random. But the issue is, it’s happening more frequently now. Almost every flight I try and make. What’s odd is, it’s only the 750. My 650 which sits right beside it never acts up. I went into the F1 forums and was suggested that it could be my computer system is running out of resources. I have an i7-6700K with a RTX 2070, as well as 32 gigs of RAM. So I was kinda skeptical but thought I’d check into it. I cleaned my HDD With a program that wipes Old files and such off the disk so it’s not as bogged down, and I also applied an Affinity Mask so my first two usable cores were free and P3D used the last 10. So I then put my GTN products on core 0 since my sim wasn’t using that core but I still got a crash so I have run out of ideas lol. It’s such a nice product but I can’t even make it work on my computer and it’s frustrating because I actually have a decent rig that should be able to run this thing with no issues. While simming, I do run ASP4, Rex SF, Rex EF, and ProATC/X in the background but I’m sure lots of folks are doing the same with no issues. So any advice would be appreciated as to what’s going on with my F1 product! Thanks!
  4. Yes SUPER easy took all of 5 minutes. The only thing I want to tackle next is updating these UTL airline liveries they’re god awful. I thought I could wait on the “power pack” or whatever they told us back in 2017, buuuuuut I think it’s safe to say at this point it’s not coming I think UTL was DOA when it first came out.
  5. This is the route I took and it worked perfectly! Thank you! I just used ORBX NA and injected the airplanes using the UTL configuration tool. My skies are now filled with a variety of GA and corporate aircraft I’m really happy it worked!
  6. I would literally PayPal someone $100 to take over my computer and download all this for me idk the first thing about what you’re talking about 😂
  7. I seriously wish my sim was like this. I’m not even sure where to begin I’ve really never done anything like that before. I did register with AIG to see about getting those P3D packages though I’m just waiting on approval from the admin.
  8. Hello all, I need some assistance to be pointed in the right direction. I currently use UTL for my traffic program, but the program seems to be lacking with GA as well as corporate traffic. So far in the past three years of using this program, I’ve only seen KingAir 350’s, and Falcon 50’s (sometimes) flying around which they claim is “large GA traffic”. This is rather annoying since I myself soley fly Corporate in my sim so whenever I pull up to an FBO, there’s nothing there but KingAirs. I thought downloading the free GA traffic from ORBX would fix my issue but it hasn’t seemed to help since I’m still not seeing any more corporate airplanes buzzing around. To my understanding, WOAI is not compatible with P3Dv4 so I can’t use their corporate aviation package... so my does anyone out there know a good way to get some good corporate models into my sim and where to find them? I’m not very savvy when it comes to installing things manually but I could learn if I knew where to even start looking for models in the first place. Thanks
  9. Hello, I am a current ProATC/X user. I have been using that program for about a year now and it’s a nice ATC program for what it’s worth. Recently I heard the news that updates for it have gone cold with no info from the developer and he hasn’t been in contact with any of the moderators on the forums over there. This has prompted me to start looking for another ATC program that I know will still be active with updates for the foreseeable future. One thing I loved about the default ATC was VFR flying which I truly miss and ProATC doesn’t have it at all... I hear this program has VFR? Also before I purchase I want to know if this program requires you to speak to it or can it be set up like the default ATC where you can just press numbers to communicate. That’s a big one for me because I don’t really like the whole talking features I’d rather do without. Thanks
  10. So I installed 442.19 and so far it seems to be a solid driver. I installed using the clean option when downloading. I have vsync enabled in the Nvidia driver settings which caps my frames to 60fps. Last night flying I had one or two little hiccups as far as stuttering but overall it seems to be stable. With ASN, SF, EF, ProATCX, and FS Force all working in the shadows when I’m simming I don’t expect to have a completely smooth experience with so many programs open at once but I’m happy with this driver and will probably dig my heels in with this one.
  11. Ok just making sure it wasn’t just me lol. You know they say it’s always sunny above the clouds but in the sim world this is not the case sometimes it’s overcast 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
  12. Does anyone else have their cloud shadows going in and out in the VC like they’re below the clouds even if they’re well above them? It’s weird but I’ve always experienced this with P3D and I’m wondering if others are seeing the same thing I do....
  13. Hello, I have recently uninstalled the RXP GTN because I was working out issues that have now been resolved with F1. Though I will note that with the RXP GTN, I did try using all cores, several single cores, and a few other things and still no luck.
  14. Hello all, working with F1 on my map issue, they sent over a patch that fixed the problem. The issue stemmed from my wind settings within the simulator. Anytime I had winds over 10kts, my map on the GTN units would shake. The patch will be integrated into the next major update is what I was told.
  15. Is the frame rate limiter the same as vsync? I use the one in the Nvidia settings instead of the one in P3D though they have the same performance that I can tell
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