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  1. All of them. commutAir, Southwest, Delta Connection, American Eagle, etc. I have P3Dv5 btw
  2. Hello all. I just bought a new GSync compatible monitor (not to be confused with a true high end GSync monitor). I am still trying to tweak my settings to make sure I am getting the best performance. My question is, with GSync enabled in the Nvidia Display settings, do those of you with GSync and FreeSync have VSync on or off in the P3D settings? Right now I have it off and we’ll as triple buffering off and VRR on.
  3. IDK fellas. I just think it’s trifling in a way. ESPECIALLY with how much money we are shelling out for payware products. They should at least give us updates to their work. Just like orbx KBZN. The airport looks so much different now than when orbx developed it. They added a runway and a taxiway. How hard would it be for a major developer like them to just update the airport to modern standards? I hate to beat up on orbx but another example is KACK. One of the ILS’ isn’t even functional. And to add insult to injury, a guy on YouTube actually figured out what the issue was and fixed it! I’m not saying I’m lazy and can’t do the same fix, but for $25, why couldn’t they have fixed the ILS themselves? They just leave it broken and move on. Idk
  4. So this is a question mostly directed at developers for all of the flight sim platforms. How hard is it to go back and revise runway or taxiway markings at airports you have already published? I remember I inquired about getting KIDA fixed from orbx and apparently because of licensing reasons they could not go back and change the runway heading. I was confused because I thought since the technical side of the runway was already taken care of, a simple “painting over” the runway markings to the correct heading would take all of 5 minutes to do and release an update. Another airport is Imaginesim’s KAUS. As airports become older this is going to start happening more frequently. So is it really licensing that’s the hold up? I can’t imagine anyone is paying that close attention to a developer correcting paint on the ground. Sounds a little silly to me. So is it?
  5. With a full moon or bright moon the coiled should at least be grey at night not pitch black. In my sim even with a full moon I can’t see the clouds. Something isn’t right. It’s like they did away with that feature but I don’t have my v4.5 anymore so I can’t prove it but I remember it just being different
  6. So I just noticed something while flying just now with a somewhat full moon. My P3Dv5 is dark as heck! I remember in v4.5 the moon would actually illuminate the clouds and ground. Did they do away with this in v5??
  7. Hello, I am a long time PATCX user but I am currently searching for something better. At the moment, PATCX is getting on my last nerve because the actual traffic program is missing a lot of real world features that I think makes flying IFR difficult. The major one being an option to deviate due to weather. Is this something that is implemented in P2ATC? I do like that with PATCX I can initiate my descent by myself, and they have most approaches correct, but I live in the South, and with that comes lots of thunderstorms. I can’t deviate my course without PATCX screeching at me and it’s annoying. Thanks!
  8. I’m still unsure what’s different about SR than X. They have not fully explained the new features OTHER THAN Voice recognition which I don’t care about anyways. Is there a full list somewhere of differences between the old and new version? It’s not even on their website
  9. Since it’s release I haven’t heard a peep on this new program that rolled out. Any users? I’m just going to assume it’s trash if nobody is talking about it. As soon as I saw voice recognition I was already turned away by it but I’m not sure if it’s just voice recognition or if you can use it the traditional way. Either way it doesn’t appear that the sim community is excited about it lol
  10. Hello all, in V5.3, I am having an issue to where anytime a window pops up, like ATC for instance my sim momentarily pauses for a split second. My frames are awesome on my sim I can maintain a constant 60fps In most situations so it’s not a hardware issue. When I had P3Dv4 I wasn’t having this issue tbh. I am in full screen mode. Does anyone else experience this? I am running the latest Nvidia driver but it’s been several drivers since V5 came out so I doubt it’s a driver issue. It’s more of an annoyance if im just being completely honest so I don’t care if it ever gets resolved but im hoping that someone maybe knows how to get rid of it!
  11. Exactly. There’s no reason why a payware airport should be missing parking spots
  12. So I thought I’d ask here since AIG never responds to my questions on their forums but I have AIG for my traffic so all of the airlines and GA are accurate. The only thing that bugs the heck out of me is incorrect parking. I have loads of payware airports from SXAD to orbx, and LatinVFR etc. at least 40 separate airports. AT LEAST. So I only fly in and out of payware airports. You would think that you get what you pay for, and some of these add-ons aren’t cheap. So I can’t for the life of my figure out what is the issue with incorrect parking. Is it the airport or the AI program? And it’s mainly my turboprop traffic. The Dash 8’s never park at the gates! They always find themselves parked next to me in the GA area. A couple of other aircraft types that should be at the gates are parked at the private FBO’s. Is anyone else having these issues? It can’t be just me.
  13. That’s what I’m trying to figure out haha nobody on here has given a clear answer 😂
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