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  1. jime59

    PBR VC MadDogX First Look

    WOW nuff said JimE
  2. jime59

    Hi everyone

    Hello, Silvio JimE
  3. jime59

    P3d - Terrain Bug I guess?

    Possibly snow ? Don't know where you're flying. I get similar graphics sometimes in Northern Illinois after a storm but it's depicted a little better. Not as sharp cornered. Fly south of the city and it's gone. Just like the real world. I use ORBX Global / Vector. ASP3D4. JimE
  4. jime59

    Just one

    Excellent shot. JimE
  5. jime59

    Seasons Greetings From Avsim

    Have a safe and enjoyable holiday everyone. JimE
  6. jime59

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    How about the first Academy Award for Best Picture winner, Wings ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wings_(1927_film) The fight scenes are not CGI, that 's for sure. Incredible, actually. Rise of Flight fans will drool. JimE
  7. jime59

    :( what Happen?

    Empty your Shader Cache if enabled and let it rebuild a new one. C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 I used to get this from an occasional scenery change or add-on and emptying the cache worked.. Hope it works JimE
  8. The lighting that plane and the background scenery = sweet combo JimE
  9. jime59

    Switch of SLI 970 for GTX1080TI (driver)

    The newest is 399.07 so try that one. https://www.geforce.com/drivers JimE
  10. Nice set there. JimE
  11. There's an EASY MODE button in the Options panel. So yes. It does. JimE
  12. I'm able to install the yoke/throttle quadrant and my X-52 joystick but my rudder pedals won't install. I can't get the NEXT button to highlight after plugging in pedals during install. I've tried the installs from Logitech which again installs yoke and joystick but no pedals. Am I sol here ? Thanks Jim E
  13. jime59

    An Old Man's Lament..

    As I sit here reading this, I'm relating to every one of those verses as in, been there, did that. and I mean, every, one. Very nice (and depressing), Jim E
  14. " Also just big enough to be taken seriously" That, is one amazingly accurate description. I own the wheel and know exactly what that means. It struck me enough to comment on it. Well put, gb jime
  15. jime59

    Xplane11 over Southern Oregon

    Looking good. jime