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  1. Looked like Skywalker on Tatooine and yes, looks like fun.
  2. Make sure you're signed in and double-check that your system is updated to the latest and greatest. Must have latest Windows 10 update before it will show up in your MS Store account.
  3. None so far, for me. Taking off has never been so smooth. Definitely an improvement. JimE
  4. Have you updated ORBX Central ? v4.1.6 ? Re-install Chase Plane to a library separate from v4 ? JimE
  5. jime59


    3 airports and no problems here. jime
  6. Thanks for the post. I do have to disagree on one item. At the end it states time becomes meaningless after million trillion trillion trillion trillion years. Every summer for one week in Wisconsin time becomes meaningless.😉 again thanks for posting. jime
  7. Same dust where I'm at. Thanks for posting. jime
  8. Some shots show a startling difference between the 2 sims but also, it shows that FSX wasn't half bad. Jime
  9. One of those planes that looks fast just sitting there. Nice shots. I remember them being very loud when taking off out of Ohare. jime
  10. Very enjoyable. Thank you. JimE
  11. Welcome back. Excellent shots. Great overcast look. JimE
  12. Outstanding shots. Nice blend between scenery & weather. JimE
  13. Those are some nice shots there. JimE
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