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  1. During the week, it's not to bad but, Can get pretty busy with the Jet traffic at times. Nothing like you describe any more. There is a restaurant and such. The marine layer sucks! Sometimes i can't get out of there till about 11:00 in the a.m. Sometimes even then i feel like im Scud running, LOL. It is a good airport though, lots of good people around. Tower staff very professional and forgiving. Cant really get to know them because of restrictions. But since i'm based there, they pretty much know the regulars. Thanks again Ted! Ed
  2. Thanks everybody! Much appreciated.
  3. Topic says it all. Just seeing where the best online place to shop is. Thanks
  4. Ed_S_Pilot

    Orbx Flash Sale

    Sweet!!!! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Ed_S_Pilot

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Do you just remove all the AMD software and reboot? Windows 10 will then do the rest so to speak after it has rebooted? Thanks..... Ok, Figured it out. All i can say is, Im glad i came across this thread, Doing as suggested about removing the AMD software and drivers and letting windows update the driver sure turned my computer around as far as smoothness with P3D v4.3. on a scale of 1-10, went from a 4 to a 8 for sure. Thank you for that info Simbol......
  6. Ed_S_Pilot

    Uhhhh... We have sort of have a problem here...

    That just made my day! Too funny!
  7. Ed_S_Pilot

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    Siming since my first pc 1987. On and off PPL flight training since 84, Now have my sh_t together and am prepping for my check ride.
  8. Ed_S_Pilot

    A2A Cessna 172 Re-paint request

    You might want to also try the A2A forum, Do a search in the 172 Trainer thread and there is a paint request thread. Had my aircraft done that i fly in the real world and it came out beautiful. Good luck Ed
  9. Ed_S_Pilot

    A2A Announce Bonanza V-Tail

    Here also! Always loved the V-tailed Bonanza.
  10. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    LOL I just did not see the fine print. My cert says must wear corrective lenses, Maybe that was my down fall.... Traffic not to bad, I know a few short cuts to cut the time down a little but overall a good drive. Just wish the weather was more accommodating. below my minimums.Trying to get in the air this weekend but weather may let me down. Thanks for asking, Ed
  11. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Didn't snooze and definitely did not lose. Like mentioned above, Did not catch this part...... This sale runs until the 13th of March 2018 at 01:00:00 UTC Had the right day but the wrong time zone. Thanks though......
  12. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    No worries, My flight sim will survive with or without it.... Thanks.
  13. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Good idea! I'm giving it a shot! Thanks
  14. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Bummer,,,,,,, Thanks