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  1. I turned off as suggested and made the same flight as earlier today. So far, No issue. Will do a longer flight tomorrow to be sure. Thanks
  2. First flights today after update. CTD after 15-20 min. Rolled back driver using DDU and installing 457.71. re-boot Pc, re-boot sim, fly, 25 min. into flight CTD.
  3. Always hit and miss when i fly MSFS. When it hits looks great compared to RW.
  4. Been back in P3D lately? Yep. Go back there regularly. Right now my flying is 75% P3D 5.1 and 25% MSFS.
  5. Just heard about him passing. Great man and did great things for aviation. God speed General Yeager. 🙁
  6. Watched it when i was a kid. Started my quest for flight............. Good stuff!
  7. I have Frontier and have No data Caps...... Frontier® Internet No Data Caps or Overage Charges No Annual Commitments
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