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  1. Ed_S_Pilot

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    Siming since my first pc 1987. On and off PPL flight training since 84, Now have my sh_t together and am prepping for my check ride.
  2. Ed_S_Pilot

    A2A Cessna 172 Re-paint request

    You might want to also try the A2A forum, Do a search in the 172 Trainer thread and there is a paint request thread. Had my aircraft done that i fly in the real world and it came out beautiful. Good luck Ed
  3. Ed_S_Pilot

    A2A Announce Bonanza V-Tail

    Here also! Always loved the V-tailed Bonanza.
  4. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    LOL I just did not see the fine print. My cert says must wear corrective lenses, Maybe that was my down fall.... Traffic not to bad, I know a few short cuts to cut the time down a little but overall a good drive. Just wish the weather was more accommodating. below my minimums.Trying to get in the air this weekend but weather may let me down. Thanks for asking, Ed
  5. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Didn't snooze and definitely did not lose. Like mentioned above, Did not catch this part...... This sale runs until the 13th of March 2018 at 01:00:00 UTC Had the right day but the wrong time zone. Thanks though......
  6. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    No worries, My flight sim will survive with or without it.... Thanks.
  7. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Good idea! I'm giving it a shot! Thanks
  8. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Bummer,,,,,,, Thanks
  9. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    Thats what im starting to think, Im in Cali and im sure that has something to do with it. Thanks
  10. Ed_S_Pilot

    ORBX sale over?

    I bought something yesterday but, went to purchase more today and the prices don't say 50% off but the main page says its still going on?
  11. Ed_S_Pilot

    Overloading the Orbx web site?

    It says on the website the sale is still going on but i was going to make another purchase after the one i made yesterday and all the prices are not 50% off. maybe ended today Australia time?
  12. Ed_S_Pilot

    WIP preview of my freeware Hondajet

    Im in! Looks great! Nice work
  13. Ed_S_Pilot

    Weird Lighting

    By all means, Let's do. In My Case, thats what had happened. Thanks though....
  14. Ed_S_Pilot

    Weird Lighting

    Just had this same experience, but in my case, it was an just updated video driver that was causing it. reverted back and it was ok. my 2c
  15. Ed_S_Pilot

    Sidewinder 2 setup

    Thanks for the link. I altered my camera config in P3D and it did the trick. Will give that a look though... Ed