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  1. I use snapper for screen shots
  2. Lets just say, I thought it was smooth..... Had no idea what everybody was talking about so, did some research and followed the above. I am speechless! I can honestly say now that i have just takin a flight that it is now like glass! Thank you Stan! My Hero of the day!
  3. And Bingo was his name"o! Thanks Vic, I did the repair and had P3D build a new .cfg. Working back to its usual. Much appreciated... Ed
  4. Crash at startup..... Facilities.dll not found. Where would be located? Do i have to re-install all or just scenery content etc.... Thanks
  5. Im not to Pc savvy now a days., Where to find that info? More savvy then i thought... LOL Here's what it says...... + System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2020-05-17T15:33:09.520775200Z EventRecordID 5455 Channel Application Security - EventData Prepar3D.exe 5eab3677 VCRUNTIME140.dll 14.23.27820.0 5d0b2812 c0000005 000000000000137b 145c 01d62c5968837f0e C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Prepar3D.exe C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll be5b69fd-4f80-4156-aa8d-0d4712d0015a
  6. I have had this happen on 3 occasions within the last month. Working beautifully and then when the ATC window pops up and i select an option. Sim freezes and CTD.
  7. They do need a FTX Vector for V5. I fly RW out of KCRQ and the ground elevations are way off compared to what i see on final.
  8. So far, 2 flights with ASP3D and 2 CTD. Settings same as prior too.
  9. My issue was i had my info mixed up on receipts for AS when purchased. Once sorted, everything was butter!
  10. That what i used, but, no workie for me.... User error..... Sorry, I dropped the ball. Working now.... Nothing to see here, Move along....
  11. None of my key's or order numbers were accepted.
  12. Agreed. I am in the 60's , but as soon as i start getting into the area of LAX or close to from my starting area of KCRQ (Home field), it will gradually drop to the low 30's but still smooth and i can watch my Vram slowly increase to about the 5.7/6.6 from my initial 4.2/6.6, I also noticed that if i Lock my Frame rates to say 30, It becomes far less smooth. If i leave unlimited, Its smooth. No Idea, Computers inner working are not my fort'e. I just stick with what works and down the road will adjust accordingly to maintain my happy.
  13. Good assessment. I only use Orbx base, Open CL North America, So,cal, North cal. Orbx GA Traffic. No Large payware airports, No PMDG kind of stuff. Im a GA guy Low and slow (A2A aircraft) with an occasional Carenado TBM 900. I try to duplicate my real life experiences with flightsim, So in my real world, I would't fly into say KLAX, only over or around it (Never will get Class B Clearance thru it), GA airports only. I know that if i tried to run the that high end sophisticated scenery or Aircraft, I would definitely be dialing a lot of settings back to avoid a CTD. But, for my GA world, My settings are pretty solid. Thanks for posting your observations SolRayz.
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