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  1. Some shots from last nights short hop..... Enjoy.... Ed
  2. Nor can I find a trim indicator. MY optomitrist appointment is next friday, LOL
  3. it in fact works........ Just tried it and no Co-Pilot
  4. Was wondering the same, Someone stated that "In order to remove the copilot it must be done in the toolbar's weight menu (not the preflight aircraft menu) and the value must be input at "0.0" and not just "0". Not sure if it works... Ill give it a go.
  5. Picked up the RV 10, RV 14 also KPSP. Could'nt beat the prices. So far so good with the RV 10 mods.
  6. Never have landed at Sedona. Catalina is a nice airport and impressive, But, Fallbrook is a slight challenge. Thanks for the work. Appreciated.
  7. Does this work along side FSTL or by itself? Thanks Disregard.... Re-read the posts.......
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