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  1. Watched Fate is the Hunter last night. Enjoyed it. Thanks for the link.
  2. Some shots of my return trip from KEGE - KCRQ P3D V4.4, A2A C182, Active Sky, Orbx Global Base, Orbx LC North America, Orbx Vector. Thanks for looking
  3. Climbing out of KPSP Somewhere over Arizona Somewhere over Utah Almost there! Long flight but, With a good lean and prop strategy, It was worth it, with plenty for reserve. Good evening KEGE! Brrr! Thanks for looking...
  4. Nice flight for the day.... Fly when you can!
  5. Ed_S_Pilot

    She's fast but......

    Big Steve'o fan myself. Great shots!
  6. Loving this A2A Cessna 182! http://offbigbear by Ed Sokol, on Flickr
  7. Climbing out of KCRQ heading to KLAS. http://182a2a by Ed Sokol, on Flickr
  8. Impressive to say the least..... Nice video
  9. Ed_S_Pilot

    Quest Kodiak

    I don't have the F1 GTN. Going to check out the plane. Thanks for the heads up Bert!
  10. Ed_S_Pilot

    Quest Kodiak

    Unaware of that. Will have to check it out. Thanks
  11. Ed_S_Pilot

    Quest Kodiak

    I would be in on that.....
  12. During the week, it's not to bad but, Can get pretty busy with the Jet traffic at times. Nothing like you describe any more. There is a restaurant and such. The marine layer sucks! Sometimes i can't get out of there till about 11:00 in the a.m. Sometimes even then i feel like im Scud running, LOL. It is a good airport though, lots of good people around. Tower staff very professional and forgiving. Cant really get to know them because of restrictions. But since i'm based there, they pretty much know the regulars. Thanks again Ted! Ed
  13. Thanks everybody! Much appreciated.