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  1. The schedules of UTL are in xml format and they are on your system. The stock schedules are hardcoded but each airline can be deactivated one by one, so did i before i added a new schedule to UTL.
  2. Yes and no. No, there isn't an official sharing place for custom UTL schedules, but YES, there is more or less is as i have used UTT flightplans to convert them to UTL .xml schedules so you could call THAT an official "sharing place" 😉 And during i wrote this and had P3D in the background the A380 started taxing exact at 12:56 UTC.
  3. First a screenshot of EGCC Apron:!AnsdMXVae7ZhnHw6SjsqyyZtymUP Here a screenshot of UTL's status board showing all flights:!AnsdMXVae7ZhnH15OSrfatRw3E_k Something i have to add: these are nearly ALL flight from my custom added schedules with the most acutal flightplans i could find on AIG or UTT. Also the repaints are updated with new liveries and AI models so it does NOT reflect the stock schedules and look of UTL. These screenshots are made with 100% Commercial traffic density, normally i use 60%.
  4. Which day? Makes a difference, but only in UTL 😉
  5. JoeFackel

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    I can't compare as i don't use XP11 with any addons and that only VERY rarely.
  6. JoeFackel

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    Missed TrueEarth Netherlands for P3D?
  7. To be fair, which AI plane is parked on what stand is mostly a thing of the AFCAD of the airport. Only if the parking code in the aircraft.cfg is Foxtrott uniformed than you can blame the traffic program.
  8. JoeFackel


    When you parked in a proper way the Jetway connect automatically if the parking spot is right set up and the plane you're flying has the exit configured.
  9. Monarch and Air Berlin are still in UTL, but you can deactivate them with just a few clicks. The schedules are 1,5-2 years old, to replace single stock schedules with actual ones is not that complicated, if you want i can provide you an link to my cloud drive with around 160 updated schedules.
  10. JoeFackel


    You don't operate SODE Jetways with Ctrl+J
  11. JoeFackel

    Anything under unlimited or 60FPS Stutters

    Some points to check: Windows Game Mode activated (a crook)? Some energy saving things activated?
  12. JoeFackel

    Anything under unlimited or 60FPS Stutters

    My bet: some other apps blocking the main threads of P3D. I would try an AM of 60 with HT disabled
  13. JoeFackel

    Active Screen

    A normal behavior on windows desktop. You can switch with "Alt-TAB" between the open tasks.
  14. Hi guys, does anyone use CPflight hardware here? I've the problem that my rudder trim panel does not work as it should. When i turn the trim wheel the sim is making endless trim inputs to the same direction until i turn it to the opposite side, then it starts to input endless to the other side and never stops. That renders my rudder trim panel to be useless. In the CP Hardware check the panel works flawless so i guess its and CPflight simconnect driver problem, i already had some emails exchanged with CPflights support but now they've gone silent since a few weeks. Thx in advnace for help.
  15. JoeFackel

    Taxi2gate VHHH

    Flickering textures occurs sometimes cause the default scenery objects are still there. Had the same at Aerosofts Heathrow Pro. Check if there are still default .bgls in the folder and deactivate them by renaming to .off.