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  1. Can someone mention VRAM OOMs, please?
  2. There is none. ANY AI traffic will affect performance. If you use stock UTL you have slightly better performance because of lower traffic level and low res models/repaints.
  3. I don't understand that drama that you have just to take a little more personal effort when installing AIG. As reward you get an AI traffic that is WAY above anything you have to pay for! I've used UTL for years and spent many hours to get better schedules, paints and models into it. Now i use AIG and i look back with a smirk what it is saving me many hours i don't have to spend anymore.
  4. Yeah, because its pretty easy for a two guys project liek Taxi2Gate to test every small tiny thing of an huge airport like LFPG or paying a whole BETA team which still won't find all problems.
  5. That may apply to 99,864% of the people updating their drivers when they are released. A conservative estimate.
  6. Yep, that would mean i could get rid of an other subscription. i already decided to switch from PFPX to Simbrief now.
  7. If you had read the article you wouldn't have to wonder 😉
  8. I may sound like a broken record, but guys ... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  9. If you rip out stuff from P3D that you don't have in MSFS (like for example hundreds of AI traffic, higher LOD radius etc.) you will have also less VRAM usage in P3D. MSFS blinds you with the streamed pretty scenery, thats all.
  10. Thats why someone REALLY smart made the famous "If it ain't broke - don't fu**ing fix it!" quote. And some are talking like DEVICE_HUNG are an P3D exclusive error. You can literally have it in ANY game/sim.
  11. I always searched for an idiots guide to set orthos with autogen for v5, do you know a good source where i can find one?
  12. Good if you can use high res 2D clouds. Some can't so they will see pixelated clouds much sooner.
  13. Because they are just 2.5D cardboard clouds with textures. The closer you are the uglier they get.
  14. Thats normal. P3D is dropping textures to far away. Thats a automatic thing to save you from VRAM crashes.
  15. A proper cooling is crucial, especially with bad designed cooling like Gerard mentioned resp. with that stupid factory OC some brands are doing. And, gentleman: don't forget your M.2 NVMe! That fast little word not alloweds get REALLY hot.
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