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  1. It amazes my why this urban legend is still circulating in some heads.
  2. I hate that unrealistic fuzzy EA clouds in the first video. Lets use the sharp billboard clouds instead.
  3. It can be factory overclocked, most of the cards actually are.
  4. DEVICE_HUNG is not a "bug", it points mostly to driver/hardware problems P3D is triggering.
  5. In few words, GameReady driver gives you the maximum performance, StudioDriver gives you maximum stability. I use the later for two years now because i want a stable system and give a sh*t about the last .0001 % more performance.
  6. Looks like your GPU is overloaded (Factory OC?) or the driver goes FUBAR. Stop Netflixing during flight.
  7. And he already started a thread about his problem 12 hours before this one, and back then he used an reasonable thread title.
  8. Like i wrote, you can't just move processing between CPU and GPU. These are two VERY different animals.
  9. Guys ... its not the case that processor power just can be shifted between CPU and GPU. Thats not how this works. If there is higher CPU load than it may have to do with the VRAM optimization all had cried for. Now the CPU must shove more data from and to the VRAM. There is no graphic processing that has shifted by magic to CPU on 5.2.
  10. Porked install i bet. First, deleted Shaders, then let prepar3d.cfg rebuild and make your settings new.
  11. I feel offended by that. Why? See location on the left 😉
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