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  1. Of course they exist. They exist for people who set their settings based on their expectations and they don't exist for people who set their settings based on the capabilites of their hardware.
  2. The traffic program itself doesn't kill fps, the models and paints does. You can have either low poly / low res and minor impact oder high poly / high res and high impact. See above. There is no magic wand to get AI traffic without impact to performance, in NONE sim that is at the moment or will come in the next years. I'm looking forward when people get full blown AI in MSFS. At some point the model and texture has to get injected in the 3D world.
  3. Bad because your CPU is doing hard work for nothing, it could use the processing time for other threads. It's a bit like driving on the highway full throttle in 2nd gear instead with low revs in Overdrive 😉
  4. Google can be your friend .... you can find infos about that registry settings here: https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/gpu-drivers-crash-with-long-computations-128745489.html
  5. The texture size on the P3D settings alters ALL textures in the sim, but with the MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=4096 in the prepar3d.cfg the texture in VC only (!) will be upscaled.
  6. THIS! Don't make the mistake to mix up texture size OUTSIDE with textures size VC! Thats what i've written in my last sentence, maybe it was unclear.
  7. Exactly. Because someone will never see the difference to 4096 textures, only when you are really looking for them or screenshots. During flying - never ever. For the VC they are important, but not for the outside.
  8. "Unlimited frames" can fill up your main thread with processing frames that will dropped later anyway because they arent't needed.
  9. May be the app you get this numbers from. Use advanced tools like GPU-Z and CPU-Z to monitor your hardware. I use AnVir TaskManger, very sophisticated.
  10. Setting an "creative" Nvidia Profile is just an example, you can make EVERY game to an graphic hog to bring a system to its knees. There are soo many hardware/driver problems that can cause DEVICE_HUNGS that it is just plain wrong to see the program as culprit. Simming isn't installing the sim, turning the settings up, adding addons to it and having a smooth running sim, thats not how it works. It works on consoles that way. You need an VERY well and fine tuned system. If you begin to build up an new software basis (read: install a new version of your favourite sim) the whole "dance" begins again.
  11. Reading too much of this "Device_Hung is a P3D bug!" malarkey let me loose a bit of temper. I can reproduce DEVICE_HUNGS pretty easy, just some fiddling with NVIDIA profiles and you get that in every damned game that uses 3D.
  12. Not to make this into an dick waving contest, but my first custom build was an 486 DX50, i built custom gaming pc for two years for a living (and do it still for fun), i'm an IT technican in our company including configuring custom workstations for CAD/CAM and measuring devices and in my life i was servicing, building and repairing hundreds of PCs in my life and still doing this as second job, including the networked PCs of an commercial 737 simulator. I know my stuff, too.
  13. DEVICE_HUNGS are old problems (introduced with Windows 7 IIRC) happening with all kind of games. Its nothing LM invented for V5. You can have it also with XP, MSFS etc. Heck, a few months ago i had one with "Cities: Skylines" because i had a word not allowed Nvidia Profile. Building your own PCs and making graphic work doesn't prove anything, sorry. Didn't have one in V4, and i also didn't have one in V5 so long, so either i have accidentially got an "bugfree" V5 version or you got accidentially a "bugfull" one. I'm pretty sure we both use the same V5, so ... what tells you that, logically?
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