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  1. JoeFackel

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    Shader Addon or HDR settings?
  2. The flightsim software will have always more demands regarding power then the hardware can deliver. There will be never a point in the near future where you can push the sim to full settings with having enough overhead on hardwarepower. And regarding Level-D ... the one REAL simulator i flew so far had REALLY crappy graphics comparing to my home setup. Of course because you don't need that, you also don't need an complete world, you don't need AI planes etc.
  3. Sure, when you throw tens of thousands EUR into hardware (not to mention the serveral P3D Professional Plus Licences to connect them 😉 ) there is a chance. And of course the hardware will get faster in the next years, but i'm also sure the demands of the new sim versions will rise also ... a race where the hardware never will catch up i'm afraid. At least it was his way the nearly 30 years i'm in Flightsims now 😎
  4. Glider1 did more or less as he mentioned FlyInside as "benchmark" für an modern FlightSim with up-to-date multicore usage. FlyInside is in no way a benchmark here, if some would stripdown P3D to to FI's content it would also run as hell.
  5. The "outdated FSX engine" is an old myth. The ESP engine was more or less completley rewritten over the years. There will be NEVER Hardware which can run high-sophisticated Flightsims like P3D or XP on full settings with high fps, period.
  6. Something i also see sometimes. At EDDF for example there are around twenty parkings spots on the southeast apron but only three are used, not matter how high i set the AI settings. But thats a problem of the bgl and the AI logic of P3D, i didn't find a solution so far ...
  7. Thats a high number, personally i would suggest an setting between 60/70%. UTL doesn't spawn airplanes at special gates, this i made by the AI logic of P3D regarding to the airline codes of the aircraft.cfg and scenery.bgl. If there is no fitting gate free P3D will wait until a right parking spot is free and immediatly spawns an airplane there that UTL requested.
  8. You should ask this at TOGA forum. I use Envshade as well but i don't have the impression the shadows are too dark. Did you mess around with HDR settings, did you delete the shaders anytime?
  9. Which airport? 3rd party or default P3D? I see this also occasionally, especially at big hubs like EDDF. I also relies on your traffic settings, with high numbers above 60% it happens more often that a flight should be ready for takeoff but the plane which should make a turnaround is delayed so UTL spawns a new entity of it.
  10. JoeFackel

    Network PC for As4

    Vritually no fps gain with network setup. If the fps with AS acitvated its a problem with to high settings inside of AS.
  11. Do you mean spawning on the SAME spot or spawing in generall?
  12. JoeFackel

    Network PC for As4

    May i ask you about your sys specs? AS4 itself isn't too much load on your system, injected weather is but this is coming from P3D and not AS4.
  13. JoeFackel

    How to remove ai_global_ship_ship_traffic

    No. Thats why it is wise to take a look at the .xml way to install add-ons, i did that with my AIShips install.
  14. JoeFackel

    Dusk and Dawn performance problems...

    Longer shadows because of the low sun?