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  1. djbully

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    Hi Ray, you should be fine with 16gb, I have32 myself, but i do run triple monitors. I use 7840x1440 resolution. My monitors will do 4k, but I have to tame it back. If I do run 3x 4k (11656x2160) resolution, then yes it will be using 16gb+ of RAM. So unless you are going to be running massive triple screen resolutions you should be fine! Cheers, Bully.
  2. djbully

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Nice! I have tried, 3200 is my limit. I think it’s more the IMC on the cpu holding me back, rather than the memory itself.
  3. djbully

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Well, mine (1st gen Ryzen) will run 3200 stable. A 2nd gen 2600, should easily do 3200, possibly more. I know that 2nd gen has slightly better RAM speeds and easier to get running.
  4. djbully

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Yes, good advice 🙂
  5. djbully

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Ryzen is different. It uses something called "Infinity Fabric" for inter CPU communication. The speed of "Infinity Fabric" Is tied to the memory bus speed, so the higher your memory clock, the faster your CPU. IT REALLY DOES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. Completely different to Intel.
  6. djbully

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Well, now there stock was around $30 per share, risen up from below $10 a couple of years ago. Reality seems to be the opposite of your opinion. TBH, I'm really kicking my self for not chucking a couple of grand into their shares, could have tripled it by now! 😞
  7. djbully

    New computer: Ryzen 5 + Rx580?

    Hi, I’ve been using AMD again since Ryzen came out. I have the 1700 @3.9ghz. 32gig of fast ddr4 3200 c14. And Vega 64 graphics. I’m running p3d with dynamic lighting on, most settings are maxed except autogen which I keep at dense. Resolution is at 7680x1440, basically 3 1440p screens in eyefinity (they will do 4K but that really does push it)! I can keep to 30fps in most instances, but around Heathrow type areas it’s more like 15-20fps. So for me, it works, sure if I had 5ghz intel cpu and 1080ti, it would be faster, but not that much I think. And I sure paid a lot less for my system. It is perfectly playable like this for me. The key is getting your RAM as fast as possible, with Ryzen it makes a massive difference. You really should aim for at least 3200 c14 (Samsung b die preferred). With fast ram you can get close to intel power, with 2400 c16 ram you are going to be noticeably slower than the intel equivalent. I’m running Orbx global, vector, open lc, regions, airports. Asp4, asca, rex SF, and complicated add on planes, it will take it all!
  8. djbully

    Red/orange city texture/lights at night

    Hi, There should be a control panel for ORBX lights, if you have that installed. It's part of their "Freeware" offerings. You can select different tones and size, brightness etc of the lights, you might be able to change things in there, have a look!
  9. djbully

    ORBX textures messing up

    Hi, in FTX Vector config, make sure the "Show Frozen Water in Winter" checkbox is UNCHECKED! Hope that helps!
  10. Ok, here is mine after some thought! Replace the autogen system. Preferably with something that does not “pop in” in front of you. It should be there all the time. Permanently! My tuppence worth 🤗
  11. This +1 Whether that's a new rendering engine or what I don't know, but performance is always an issue.
  12. Can’t go wrong with a2a stuff, their planes are beautiful! Also Milviz C310R and I also really like their Beechcraft Baron B or E55.
  13. djbully

    FS Global Ultimate NG FTX - How to remove???

    Hi, I'm not sure about running Orbx libraries, with no other Orbx installed! I would only install the libraries after I installed Orbx. I don't know what that might do, good or bad? The shots you are showing, will look much better if you run the AFM2 tool from pilots. It will flatten the surrounding area of the airport, so there are no plateau's or valleys! Just google for Pilots AFM2 and you should find it.
  14. djbully

    Odd texture problem - need advice

    Maybe could try deleting the prepar3d.cfg file and letting it rebuild? Make a backup first!
  15. djbully

    Locking Frame Rate

    Thanks Mike, I dont have process lasso, but you are correct that UTLclient.exe is called upon to start via the exe.xml. UTLclient.exe when it shows up, is using the same affinity mask as P3D. So that would be (0000111101010101). I have been just changing affinity for UTLclient.exe after P3D starts it via the task manager. That does seem to work, I read there maybe some issues using this method, but it's working well as far as I can tell. Ahh, ok I think I see what you are saying. Remove the current call for UTLclient.exe from exe.xml files and replace that with a call for a BAT file. Then create a BAT file for UTLclient.exe like you would any other? Cheers, Bully.