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  1. Are you running the ops center as administrator? Try that if not.
  2. Is your cpu voltage set to Auto in the bios? I find that many motherboards are sending much higher voltage than is needed to the cpu, like over 1.4 and up to 1.5 in some cases! setting manually to no higher than 1.35 should help reduce the temps. P3D does use some AVX features which is why the temps are so high! Anyway, if you are comfortable in the bios then definitely set a manual voltage.
  3. Are you running p3d as administrator?
  4. We’ll if this thread is a vote, then I am on V6 and loving it. I have all my addons from V5 in there except for FSL buses as they are locked. Only reason I will go back to V5 is for the upcoming Concorde from FSL.
  5. In V6 we have the Tone Mapping which lets you change the shaders on the fly. You can use this to adjust the darkness in the cockpit.
  6. Maybe not so critical now with SSD’s, but certainly with HHD’s. If you had P3D on the windows drive, you will have Windows accessing that drive in the background while P3D is trying to use it, so you are sharing the drive speed with Windows. When it’s on a separate drive it will have all the drive speed to itself. Also installing into Program Files x86 can lead to issues because Windows now kind of locks that folder down.
  7. I haven’t tried accu feel yet, but all the other A2A p3d planes work for me. I haven’t thoroughly tested but they load. I have a feeling the accu feel may not work correctly with the need atmospherics model so have not activated that one yet.
  8. I see the brown smog sometimes, but not everywhere. It is very noticeable when it is there though. A
  9. Ok, so the planar reflections slider controls the reflections in the water and the shadows slider now controls all the shadows. I turned planar reflections off and I have shadow slider on medium. Seems to work quite well for me.
  10. A2A have been a successful developer long before MSFS (2020) was even conceived. They have been highly regarded as the best GA plane developer for years. Sure they have probably made more money from MSFS but that doesn’t mean they weren’t successful before.
  11. Good news for CP users. I am not one of them but I know this was a major sticking point for many. Hopefully this the start of a wave of devs seeing the light!
  12. The new atmospherics seem to affect the flight model now. I noticed a lot more turbulence when flying now. That’s with no AS or Accusim running. So it has changed and for the better IMO.
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