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  1. I thought I had read that somewhere, but guess I was wrong.
  2. I thought sharklets was going to be a free update?
  3. Madagascar to La Reunion, ok most of the journey is over the ocean, but once you get to Reunion and see it rising out of the ocean, it’s pretty impressive! You need to catch it in the right weather conditions, not too cloudy! Using Orbx Open LC Africa.
  4. @Ray Proudfoot There was a post over on the Milviz support (Beaver) support forum with an attachment for a version that allows the Beaver to work on V5. I am using that version. That said, I don't know if this a newer version than the one for V4 on fsdeveloper site. Re reg info. It has no issue detecting V5 for me. So should not be a problem. Cheers, Bully.
  5. Another thing to bear in mind, you will need to have XMLtools64 installed. There is a version for v5 now I believe. Google for xml tools 64 it should come up, if you dont have it already.
  6. @Ray Proudfoot ahh yes, it’s only a v4 installer. I installed into V5 with the registry trick, see page 2 of this thread for a decent video howto. That should do the trick.
  7. Hi Ray, can you not uninstall from V4 and then re-install into V5? Would you lose your flight time in aircraft? I’m not sure what else that you might lose?
  8. Hi all, does this one support taking off at small airfields, with no towers? And VFR flights?
  9. It’s like they knew it was my payday today! 😎
  10. This is what happens when you oc and don’t test it thoroughly. You need to be certain its stable. 24 hrs of prime 95 or intel burn test for cpu oc. For memory you want use hci memtest and do at least 1500% run. Preferably 3000% but that can be 30 plus hours. If your system won’t do that, it’s not stable.
  11. @ha5mvo Google for CTR 2.0. Its a tool for OC'ing or optimising the CPU, made by 1usmus. It's on guru3d website. Have a read there. It's a lot easier than going through the BIOS, which what I have always done up till I found CTR. With CTR you can make it a lot more efficient. I have 2 CCX set to 4250mhz and the other 2 set to 4100mhz. Your 5800 should do much better 😎 You can set at what CPU usage it will kick in. I set that to 50%, So under 50% load will still give you the full boost from PBR then over 50% CTR kicks in. Any way check it out I find it to be good.
  12. Performance of 6900xt is stellar! I can’t speak for the 5800, but that should also be excellent. with 3900x and 6900xt I’m able to lock frames at 60 99% of the time. Only drops to 30-40 range in the usual areas around Heathrow or other heavy ai areas. if you haven’t already consider oc’ing the 6900xt I have mine running at 2700MHz. I used a tool called “More Power Tool” to adjust the watts up to 325. Also using the power limit in the driver adds 15% so it tops out 370-380 watts at full whack. I have Red Devil card with 3 8-pin power sockets. All this has added 10-15% of extra and free (minus the extra watts 😎) performance.
  13. Are you using EA mode? There are some shimmering issues with that and airports through the haze/clouds.
  14. Only use DDU when required i.e when the driver is totally borked. You certainly don’t want to be doing every update! Previous DDU versions have been a real headache and caused me to have to re-install windows. This was a while ago, but it’s just worth the risk. IMO Bully.
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