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  1. :smile: :smile: :smile:Shez; This is a simply AMAZING piece of work !!! I have only 1 payware airport (KIAD) and it is very well done. Comparing your freeware which I have just installed to it.....I'm astonished !!! The amazing detail at KRIC just reaches out and grabs you. The detail is as good as the 34 dollar KIAD. It (default rendition) was my home drome since I placed FSX on my machine in '07. FINALLY, I can look at an airport that is alive and breathing !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! I'll be looking for more work by you with eager anticipation... Skip D
  2. skip d

    pc aviator

    Hi Gary......All of my orders show a So. Carolina address for PC Aviator. Dave.......that's what I'm hoping also......curious that 1 of 5 orders would have the link though ?? I'll keep watching the mail box !! Thanx all for the info
  3. skip d

    pc aviator

    Has anybody had problems re-downloading products purchased from PC Aviator ? The reason I ask is that I have made 5 purchases over the last 3 yrs from my complete satisfaction.Here's the problem. After setting up my new computer(ADDED cpu;hdd;mb) I proceeded to my order history section on PC Aviator. Only 1 of the 5 orders showed a "download link".In their FAQ it say to re-download by clicking on the link in your order....good for 10 yrs. I've sent an e-mail to PC Aviator's Customer Support concerning this a week ago...havn't heard a thing from them ??....just wondering. Skip D
  4. skip d

    Landing and taxi lights

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I solved the problem using the spotlight.bmp from my REX textures. Skip d
  5. Hiya all: Is there any way to increase the intensity of the lights on the default aircraft ?? I've searched and tried the "Xenon Lights" addon here in the Library,but it still is extremely dark. Thanks Skip d
  6. WOW !!! Perfect Bert !! That's eggzakly what I was hoping for...nice/neat clean bezel now.. Thanks ever so much !! Skip d
  7. Thanks Bert; What I had in mind was placing the gps (after removing the bezel) in the open area on the panel in front of the passenger side of the default 172. Am I dreaming....or is this possible ?? I have it as a pop-up now near the bottom left of the pilot. Can you explain how to go about removing the bezel.?? Thanks Skip d
  8. Hi Guys; Hope this is the right forum to ask this. I recently bought FSDT "KIAD" and installed it with the included self installer. It seems to work just fine. However,when I open a new session of FSX,I get the following message; "Scenery.cfg file error.Invalid Remote Scenery path in Scenery area 134. I checked my Scenery Library in the Settings area and find Area 134 is "Default Scenery" Clicking on the message removes it,and the Sim seems unaffected,but the pesky thing just keeps re-appearing before every session. Is there anything I can do ?? Thanks for any help ! Skip D (I have Googled it....but all the answers refer to other scenery areas and have different solutions...some of which I have tried with no success)
  9. Hi guys; I was wondering if it is possible to remove the section around the GPS500 that contains the buttons. I have the buttons all keyed on my keyboard,and would like just the map to show. Is this possible ??? Thanks Skip D
  10. skip d

    Thanks Joe........thought I'd lost a good site !!
  11. skip d

    Hiya guys; Can somebody verify that has either moved or REmoved their wonderful section on downloadable "approach plates". I relied on them for any flight plans,and to download the info. into my .pdf Kneeboard. I hope they've just moved the location somewhere else. Skip D
  12. I think I've solved least temp.bypass. I'm exiting the MAP by using the "Cancel" button instead of the "OK" button. Seems to work just fine.
  13. OK...Thanks Jim. the funny thing about just recently started,and I've been doing this the same way since owning FSX,going on from 2008. Forgot to enter I'm running Win 7 64
  14. Strange thing just started happening. I'm on the runway sitting behind the 2d cockpit in the C172.Everything looks fine. The runway is directly out the window to the front. I check the MAP to get a VOR heading to fly to. Coming back from the map,the 2d panel is visible and ok,but the view out the window is totally black. Switching to the "spot view" shows ok,but there is a black square over the tail that is flashing. The only way to cure this I have found is a restart of FSX. Happens with ALL aircraft..... I have no new add-ons. Running Rex Ess;UTX;GEX; any help would be grateful. Skip D
  15. skip d

    ctd...kneeboard/nav log

    One more small request........can you please point me to that tool you mentioned in the Library ???.....I searched there,but didn't know what to search for....pretty klutzy !! Merry Christmas to you also !!