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    Hi Guys... Has any one been able to download the original ISG1 Gauge set using P3Dv4,5. Sim Market is the sole source for the piece. They offer ISG1 for fs9; ISG1 for fsx; !SG 186 and ISG 186 x64. I thought the right one to go with would be ISG 186 x64. All it gave me after extraction was "isg.gau" plus there are no "Read me" files..nor ANY documentation. The fsx one gave me an installer,but it would not accept the serial number on my receipt. I've posted several messages on the ISG1 Support Forum....but haven't heard from anybody since 9/26. I thought this would be the next best place to seek advice. Hope I can get this figured out with your help !! Thanks Skip D
  2. Jim....Thanks for the info.... Sorry it took so long to reply...my wife made me go with her to see Yellowstone Nat'l Park....just now getting back to Va. and getting rid of jet and bus lag !!! I was able to contact Ernie and he sent me a revision to my panel.cfg file. I put his revision in....but nothing happened. No change to the A321 PFD. I sent him this info....but he has not responded since Mon. (I think he must be really busy) I read the tutorial he offers on the forum...but got no positive result there either... Any suggestions....(or just be patient and hope Ernie can help??) Skip d
  3. Hi guys... I figured that if I wanted to get a correct answer to my question,the this forum would be the logical choice since there is a huge wealth of helpful info available. And just about every problem I've had since FS9 thru P3Dv4.5 I've been able to pick from among all the helpful suggestions....with one or more being the correct solution. Anyway....I just bought Ernie Alston's ISG1 set of gauges;dowloaded the ISG.64zip. Extracting it reveals isg187_x64. when this is opened I get isg1.gau. Now I'm scratching my head...Where the heck does this go??? There's no "Read Me" file....and I'm stumped !!! So I figure if I register at the ISG Forum....surely I'll get on the right track.....UH HUH !!! I did all the primary personal stuff they required....and got a quick E-Mail saying they had received my application, and an Administrator would be previewing it ,and send me an E-Mail. Well a week has gone by and haven't heard a peep. So if any body can help me either to get onto their forum....or better yet...explain how I get these new gauges up and running....I'd be EXTREMELY appreciative !! Thanks for reading a somewhat boring tale of dead ends. Skip d
  4. Ah...ok Bert...I just download and install the 4.5 Client...and that's it !! Easier than I thought !! But I will backup the "Airplanes" folder. Thanks.. Skip
  5. I have 3 payware; Saab 340;Dornier 328;EMB-120...plus the 2 Beechcraft b58 and King air that were once Default Orbx Global and NA Landclass….plus a few payware airports. I guess the Gauges folder will need to go also?? Would it just be a "Copy/Paste" type matter to Add or Replace the affected folders in V4.5 ?? Thanks Skip d
  6. Is it possible for me to download V4.5....and then use it but with aircraft that I have now on V4.3 ?? Thanks for any advice...Skip d
  7. A big THANK YOU for all your suggestions !!! And I see ORBX is having a May sale. I think I'm gonna go with it after I return from my week of paying homage to the fallen at Normandy. appreciate the input !! Skip D
  8. I prefer to fly low and slow....5-7k altitude,and like realistic scenery.I just added an EVGA 1080Ti to my hardware in the hopes of boosting reality.For the 500 dollar investment, it didn't seem to make as huge an impact as I was hoping for. I have been using UTX/USA for my scenery and was wondering if anybody has switched from UTX to ORBX and if it made a significant difference. ORBX seems to be rather costly.Does it ever go "on sale"? Thanks for any input... Skip D
  9. Yeah !!! Thanks John....I'm finding out now what a mess the NEW Logitech drivers are.....whew !!!
  10. Thanks guys.....I'll give both suggestions a go. I forgot to mention that I have my OS on C drive with a 260GB SSD And P3Dv4.3 on D drive with a 111GB SSD If that makes any difference ??
  11. I'm using P3Dv4.3 with my Saitek yoke brought over from FSX where it worked nicely with the Saitek programming software. I tried to understand the FSUIPC software,but was overwhelmed and gave up. After setting up a profile ...I save it...and it is found in C\users\public\public documents\Logitech\flight yoke system. "Type" Pro file "Size" 26kb. When I click on the 'Profiler Icon' and open the profile for the aircraft I've chosen I get no response to the button presses. The drivers for the yoke and software are all current and shown as working in the 'Device Manager' Does anyone know if this is the right location where the file is stored ? My OS is Win10 Home. Thanks for any help. Skip D
  12. Thanks for the advice....I guess I'm outa luck with my favorite B58 !!!
  13. Hey Guys..... I know I'll get some answers here...you guys always do have great suggestions !! Seems like it should be a simple process.....but I can't get anybody to answer on the Official P3d Forum. I recently upgraded my machine to Win 10 (ugh) after being with 7 for ever.....I'm still wallowing around trying to figure it out !!! I installed a new I7 8400: Asus H370 board; and doubled my RAM to 16GB. I had been using P3dv4.4.....but don't particularly like it.....cause it took away a lot of planes I liked to fly. Unfortunately....I wiped my SSD with V4.3 on it before realizing LM was not bringing along my Favs. So now I'd like to be able to download Ver 4.3 !!! Is this possible ??? I can't find ANY info on any of P3d's Forums using their search...and for a week my question on their Forum has gone unanswered !! Thanks for any advice.. Skip d
  14. This GPU stuff is getting rapidly 'out of control' !!! I've been watching the 1080 ti's go from 500.00 on the 6th of Nov..........to 600.00 for the same card today. I don't know whether to jump now or wait !!! Skip d
  15. Thanks Scott for all that info. I REALLY liked the realistic views in that video.Do you know what GPU was used ?? I'm about to go to a GTX 1080 ti from a GTX 980.....
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