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  1. Hello @ All, so you can move the files to another drive but is there any chance to do a backup of those files in case you need to reinstall Windows or changing Hardware or whatever? Or do i need to Download the 100+GB again in this case? Would be nice to have a option for an offline Installation as soon as you have Downloaded all required files. Greetings Michael
  2. Would be a nice addition to the addon also it takes not much afford to do it by myself 👍
  3. Hello Everybody, when i manually overriding the pitch trim setting from the PM during the before taxi flow it is always trimming back to that initial setting automatically until a certain point within the taxi flow. As the trim setting from the PM is not always matching the trim setting from the performance calculation this behavior could be a little bit irritating. Could you advise until which point the PM has "Authority" over the pitch trim setting? Greetings Michael
  4. Hello, first of all thanks for implementing this feature but there is still some fine tuning to do ;) The PM seems to push the TO Config Button within the Taxi Flow which leads to an Red Master Warning because the Flaps are not in Take-Off Position. Don't know if that is easy to fix but maybe you can have a look into this for the next builds. Thanks and Greetings Michael
  5. Merry X-Mas to everybody, could somebody please advise which Approach Type in the APP Briefing i have to select to perform an RNAV/RNP Approach? Thx and Greetings Michael
  6. Hello Everybody and merry X-Mas. May i ask if there are there any news on my issue/question? Greetings Michael
  7. I don't want to open a new thread so i think my question will fit in also here. Which Option in the APR Briefing "Approach Type" do i have to select for an RNAV Aprooach? Greetings Michael
  8. Hello everybody, i didn't find any option for (Remote) De-Icing. Do i miss something or is it just not simulated? I'am looking for an option to leave the Flaps Up for taxi in the After Start Flow and to do the Flight Controls check after De-Icing is completed. Greetings Michael
  9. I did two flights recently on EZY and both time # 1 was started first thereafter # 2 without single engine taxi. Greetings Michael
  10. I was wondering too but they do. Greetings Michael
  11. Hello All, as far as i know and observed on my recent flights, Easyjet is starting the #1 Engine first and then the # 2 Engine. Also they retract the landing light after Flaps Up due to passenger comfort (no vibration and less noise in the cabin). Here are my questions regarding this. - Does it matte which engine is started first during the Eng Start Challenge? Manual says # 2 and then # 1. Does it make any difference if i start # 1 first? - Maybe you could do an option to retract LDG Lights with flaps up? I'am expecting that when i retract them by my self the f/o will then extend them at 10.000ft again? Greetings Michael
  12. As far as i remember boarding sounds are provided by FSL and not FS2Crew. To hear them you have to commence boarding via the ATSU and then pull (activate) the reception knob on the ACP. Greetings Michael
  13. No Ideas? Seems to be an issue just on my side as nobody else seems to have it. Greetings Michael
  14. Which OAT did you have when this happened? The PM will leave the Flaps at 1 when OAT is above 30° which is SOP on most Airlines to avoid Bleed Duct overheating. Greetings Michael
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