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  1. Binford

    Easyjet Procedures

    I did two flights recently on EZY and both time # 1 was started first thereafter # 2 without single engine taxi. Greetings Michael
  2. Binford

    Easyjet Procedures

    I was wondering too but they do. Greetings Michael
  3. Hello All, as far as i know and observed on my recent flights, Easyjet is starting the #1 Engine first and then the # 2 Engine. Also they retract the landing light after Flaps Up due to passenger comfort (no vibration and less noise in the cabin). Here are my questions regarding this. - Does it matte which engine is started first during the Eng Start Challenge? Manual says # 2 and then # 1. Does it make any difference if i start # 1 first? - Maybe you could do an option to retract LDG Lights with flaps up? I'am expecting that when i retract them by my self the f/o will then extend them at 10.000ft again? Greetings Michael
  4. Binford

    Background boarding audio

    As far as i remember boarding sounds are provided by FSL and not FS2Crew. To hear them you have to commence boarding via the ATSU and then pull (activate) the reception knob on the ACP. Greetings Michael
  5. Binford

    Pitch Trim Setting

    No Ideas? Seems to be an issue just on my side as nobody else seems to have it. Greetings Michael
  6. Which OAT did you have when this happened? The PM will leave the Flaps at 1 when OAT is above 30° which is SOP on most Airlines to avoid Bleed Duct overheating. Greetings Michael
  7. Binford

    Pitch Trim Setting

    A320. Right now i'am flying with A319 with an MACTOW of 26.7 wich means UP1.2 but the PM only trims to UP0.4. Greetings Michael
  8. Hello Everybody, i have a MACTOW of 30.3 which would result in an Pitch Trim Setting of 0.3DN but the PM is trimming 0.2UP during the After Start Flow. And Idea? Greeting Michael
  9. Hello All, i'am using a Joystick for Airbus Flights and a Yoke for Boeing flights. Everytime i switch between both i have to reassign the Tilt Up/Down Pan Left/Right to the Hat Switch of the applicable device. Is there any chance two have those assignments linked to a preset profile? As i read in the manual it is not possible to assign buttons to two devices at the same time. Greetings Michael
  10. Binford

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    Hello All, i installed Groundhandling as stated in the readme. Modified the panel.cfg on PMDG 737 and FSLabs A320 bu i'am not able to bring it up because there is no entry in the "Views" Menu or wherever. Any Idea? Could it be because it's an 2D Gauge and i'am only using VC? Or because of Chase Plane? I'am using P3Dv4. Greetings Michael
  11. Binford

    Taxi Thrust P3Dv4

    Hello everybody, i just did my first flight in P3Dv4 and with the NGX. I noticed that i need significant higher thrust to let the aircraft roll compared to the FSX. Is that just with me or is that a normal behavior with P3Dv4? Greetings Michael
  12. Binford

    Cold Weather Issues

    Hello, using V3.0 with SOP1 and yes he is announcing that check. Greetings Michael
  13. Binford

    Cold Weather Issues

    Hello, i have "Flaps Movement Check" in the Config set to Off but the FO is still doing this check. Any Idea why? Greetings Michael
  14. Binford


    Not for me ... :(
  15. Binford

    Cold Weather Issues

    Thank You. Greetings Michael