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  1. Hello Bryan, sorry to come back to that again. Even after a Windows Reinstall and a full retrain of my voice Profile FS2Crew (777 in this case) keeps to understand "APU Off" multiple times even when there is no background noise and i'am not saying anything. A small throat seems to be enough to let FS2Crew think that i have said "APU Off". On other Version like FSLabs it's just keeps saying "Check" every now and then but on the 777 Version the switch off of the APU ist very annoying 😉 I'am now out of ideas to get rid of it. Do you have any further advice or workaround for me maybe? Greetings Michael
  2. I was on an older on (approx 2 month old) when i encountered this problem. As part of my trouble shooting i installed the second last one as i already read about problems with the newest one. So this could not be the problem... But thanks anyway. Greetings Michael
  3. Hello Everybody, i encountered a very strange behavior recently. I don't know if there is an correlation between all this things. During my last flights i noticed that ground textures becoming blurry during the flight. I tried to do a scenery reload via a FSUIPC Key command which normally works fine but in this case leads my P3D to crash to desktop. I did some trouble shooting to figure out whats wrong and during this i noticed that when i change my Mesh Resolution i got a CTD almost immediately after hitting Ok (loading screen appears at 0% and thereafter P3D crashed within seconds) I rebuild my Prepar3D.cfg to default with all settings at default and tried to change the Mesh Resolution which works just fine. So i did all my Settings again and thereafter i got again CTDs while changing Mesh Resolution. I traced everything back to the Autogen and Scenery Draw Distance Value to the Setting which causes the CTD. When i set this to anything higher than "Medium" my P3D crashes when i tried to change Mesh Resolution. With "Medium" everything works fine. I have no Idea whats going on here ... Maybe anybody? Greetings Michael
  4. Hello All, is anybody here using Riva Tuner Statistic Server to limit the fps externally? I do so but recently it is randomly not working anymore. I changed nothing on my setup. RTSS is starting together with Windows and yesterday it was working just fine limiting my fps but today it is doing nothing despite i haven't changed anything. I tried reinstalling RTSS but without help. Sometime it's working, sometimes not. Is there anybody maybe having the same issue or even better an solution for that? Greetings Michael
  5. Good Morning to all, is there any way to have the voice recognition more accuracy? Does it makes sense to run the Windows Voice Recognition Setup again when FS2Crews is having a hard time to understand? My particular problem is, that FS2Crew sometime needs 4 or 5 attempts to understand what i say. Also even if i just clear my throat FS2Crew responds with "checked". That is very annoying. In the PMDG 777 i no have the big problem, that my FO turns off the APU frequently because he/she reacts to some noises i do. Very annoying when you just switched off the GPU 😉 Greetings Michael
  6. Hi Guys, thanks for your help. As i tried every possible Setting without any change i was already in the doubt that this is normal behavior of P3D. But i will try the P3D.cfg Settings to see if it makes any difference. Thanks for the Heads up. Greetings Michael
  7. Hello All, i'am fighting against black textures from Add-On Sceneries in the Sim for quite a while. I tried many different settings without help. Buildings are loading very late and slow. See flyTampa YSSY as an example : Everything fine : Zooming out a little bit more. Textures turning black. Zooming In again and everything looks fine. Has anybody an idea on how to solve this? Greetings Michael
  8. Any news on this issue? I'am scared every time the F/O is pushing the T/O Button with the Flaps not set 😉 Greetings Michael
  9. Hi Bryan, thanks for the heads up regarding the external ac cart. That could be the point. Will try it next time. Thx and Happy new Year, Michael
  10. Good Morning, is there any reason why the f/o is switching of the Packs during its Preflight Flow? It's quite annoying when you are on a freezing cold airport and wondering why the aircraft not geting warm 😉 Greetings Michael
  11. Hello @ All, so you can move the files to another drive but is there any chance to do a backup of those files in case you need to reinstall Windows or changing Hardware or whatever? Or do i need to Download the 100+GB again in this case? Would be nice to have a option for an offline Installation as soon as you have Downloaded all required files. Greetings Michael
  12. Would be a nice addition to the addon also it takes not much afford to do it by myself 👍
  13. Hello Everybody, when i manually overriding the pitch trim setting from the PM during the before taxi flow it is always trimming back to that initial setting automatically until a certain point within the taxi flow. As the trim setting from the PM is not always matching the trim setting from the performance calculation this behavior could be a little bit irritating. Could you advise until which point the PM has "Authority" over the pitch trim setting? Greetings Michael
  14. Hello, first of all thanks for implementing this feature but there is still some fine tuning to do ;) The PM seems to push the TO Config Button within the Taxi Flow which leads to an Red Master Warning because the Flaps are not in Take-Off Position. Don't know if that is easy to fix but maybe you can have a look into this for the next builds. Thanks and Greetings Michael
  15. Sounds great. Thank you 🙂
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