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  1. I pre-ordered FS2020 from the Microsoft Store. Some of the SIM has installed to a drive on my machine. This is my first digital download from Microsoft. I was maybe a bit rash and the drive I installed to is a little on the small size capacity wise. How do I move the install directory to another drive without breaking the digital download? I noticed that one of the directories is not readable, So when I tried to copy it sideways, it failed. This is a new drive that I will eventually have FS on. So I will re-name the drive letter to be the same as the original one so that any registry links are not broken. Or is that a better way to do this? Thanks Peter
  2. this is by no means a jab at folks struggling with the 320, I am still learning more about it daily and its a joy to fly. Here is a very shallow guide on how I go about not crashing the 320 neo, its default so it should cover all bases minus a few extra clicks in the modded version. Also, please realize being a casual guide, it will clearly not follow real world operations, its more so to stabilize a few folks having issues with using the bird and allow them to learn more in depth once they get the grips of it all.
  3. Hi guys, I just started playing flight simulator 2020, could someone tell me how to finish a flight, in order to save everything? Thank
  4. Hi all, as in title, a friend of mine was wondering if a desktop pc with CPU i7 2600K, RAM 8GB and GPU Nvidia RTX 580 3GB would be enough to use FS2020 with minimum settings. Is there anyone who has experienced FS2020 with such low hardware? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am very new to FS2020 but lots of experience in Previous versions about to 2002, and some in FS9 and FSX. In FSX I had it set up so when it launched it would load a saved flight with me in my favourite airplane on the runway ready to go without having to click through menus. It is also set so that is FSX detects a crash it resets you back to the start of the flight. I've also set it up in the past so that it starts in mid air on approach to practice landings. Same idea just in the air rather than on the runway. Is there any way to do this in FS2020 either by default or with third party applications?
  6. Disclaimer: The Man from The Outside, Looking In here: I do not own FS2020 (a.k.a. MFS a.k.a MSFS2020), and do not plan to obtain it. I did spend a lot of time reading the fora, though* (this one and the official one). Depending on your personal preference and party affiliation (Whiners a.k.a. Negativity Spreaders, or White Knights a.k.a. word not allowed EDIT: Interesting: starts with F and ends with bois), you can thus freely choose to argue, with equal justification, ¤ either that therefore I do not know what I am talking about; ¤ or that as a non-partisan outsider with no horse in the race, I may have a more detached and objective view of things. Anyhow, I like Balance, and to restore it in the FS2020 context, I had an idea which I herewith present to the Community for their kind consideration. It goes like this: I buy FS2020, let's say the "Premium Deluxe" variant (purchased directly, not via Game Pass). So I now owe Microsoft/Asobo (MS/A) the sum of USD 120. The payment will be made as follows: I pay 60% (thus USD 72) up front. (Depending on your FS2020 experience, perhaps 50% or 70% may be more appropriate, but it's only about the principle here.) I make an honest commitment that in ten years from now (to be precise: on August 18, 2030) the full sum of USD 120 will have been paid. (With no interest or extra fees, though.) So I still have to pay USD 48. These will be paid according to the following scheme: I shall not pay directly in USD from my bank. Instead, I shall make available "credits" *) which MS/A can download from my website via a special downloader application called "SpecDow". These are small encrypted and securely authenticated files; my bank has my corresponding program which will convert them into equivalent real money which is then transferred to MS/A's account. *) Note: This is not to stoke the hornets' nest of discussion about the "credits" system! It's a mere technical ruse: I cannot control how the bank operates, but I can control how my website operates. When a new batch of credits is available, this will be announced. It will require an updated version of SpecDow (always to be downloaded first, from a different UI). But only a certain (variable and non-predictable) amount of credits will be available per (variable and non-predictable) time period (aiming for once per month, but no guarantees). Sometimes a batch of credits can be obtained and converted to USD without difficulty. Sometimes a batch can be downloaded only at the rate of 0.1 credit/hour. Sometimes the download of a credit will fail completely and/or "loop" (occasionally many times). It may be necessary from time to time to completely uninstall and then re-install the SpecDow application (it's quite big because of my 1.4 GB logo). (It may occasionally seem that even re-installing Windows 10 from scratch is necessary, but that's a bit of a myth.) When attempting to convert downloaded credits to real dollars, quite a few of those credits may turn out to be broken in various (variable and non-predictable) ways, e.g. mis-coded encryption, or a faulty authentication part. Some credits may work, but cause the SpecDow application to slow down, sometimes considerably so (e.g. no more than .001 credit/h). Any of the above may depend on which specific computer with what specific hardware/software configuration MS/A is using to obtain credits. Some machines may work flawlessly while others, working on the same batch, may not. In the case of difficulties as above, I shall in due course (say after 4-6 weeks) offer an update to the SpecDow application to fix things. (Hotfixes, within 2-3 weeks, only in special cases.) These updates then may or may not fix the issue under consideration. They also may or may not revert, or indeed nullify, previous features and/or earlier update fixes. But, to re-iterate: On August 18, 2030, the full payment of USD 120 will have been made! (This is not a scheme designed to shirk or even to merely reduce the amount paid. Eventually.) What do you think? (I'm hoping to see opinions split along the same lines of Whiners ("Payment system doesn't work! Unusable!") vs. White Knights ("Be patient, it's a brand-new scheme! Give it a year or four, and almost all money will have been paid!") as mentioned above, but will myself refrain from any further comments. It would not do for an outsider.) Cheers!🙃 * Having flightsimmed since Bruce Artwick on the Apple ][, one does have an interest to see down which hole the rabbit is running these days.
  7. Hi: There's nothing to click on, no icon on the desktop. The program is not listed as an app. The 10 disks were simply sucked into Windows 10 and disappeared. Where did it go? How do I play it? All that happens is XBox starts and wants me to download it. I don't want to download it; I just installed it! Thanks, Steve Maine USA
  8. I've been fascinated by the Richat Structure for a while, also called The Eye of Sahara. It's a massive, 40 km wide volcanic land formation in Mauritania, in the West side of the Sahara desert. It has been known by astronauts for decades because it's so visible from the sky and easy to recognize. Lately it has caught the interest of alternative researchers hypothizing this could be the remains of Atlantis. I have my doubts about that personally, but the structure is extremely interesting and unique regardless. So today I decided to find out how it looked in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I loaded up my TBM 930 at GQPA Atar Airport and headed out North East towards the structure. The satellite / aerial imagry in this region is absolutely fantastic. The structure starts appearing under the cloud layer: Getting closer: Right next to the Eye of Sahara, looking north: My plan was to find a spot to land and launch the drone to have a better look. I was going to try the longer white salty area, but when I got closer it turned out to be very bumpy. I found a flatter surface on the larger circular white patch and landed my TBM 930. I launched the drone and had a greater look at the impressive structure. At the lower side of the image you can see a green pixel. That's the navigation light flashing on my aircraft. Looking East: Looking South West towards the coast. The area is full of old river beds. The Sahara desert used to be the sea floor. Whale fossils are regularly found in the Sahara desert: I would highly recommend this trip. Flight Simulator 2020 keeps giving me awesome experiences I'd never have the pleasure of experiencing otherwise. Thank you Asobo and Microsoft. The settings used were almost everything Ultra, LOD 200. Images were much sharper before uploading to Imgur. But still looks good!
  9. In development now for MSFS… FS Academy - VFR Following on from the popular FS Academy - IFR, Flight training missions return, all new and better than ever, with FS Academy - VFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator. VFR is an all-new, study-level package to coach you step-by-step into the varied and rewarding world of flying visually under Visual Flight Rules. Brought to you by a real airline captain, VFR gives you the authentic knowledge and teaches you how to fly like the professionals to get maximum realism and authenticity from your flight simulation, covering ATC, airspace, circuits, mountain flying, cross-country navigation and more. Mirroring a real flight training course, VFR harnesses the fantastic new world within MSFS, combining as a fully authentic training experience, covering a host of aircraft and locations. Use VFR Maps and Jeppesen charts to find your way as you travel cross-country with your instructor guiding you every step of the way through a series of 12 authentic missions. Culminating in taking your virtual Skills Test with an examiner. The skills you will learn are transferable to practically any light aircraft and environment, as we will conduct our lessons in varied locations across the globe, using the local flying rules and procedures to give you the broadest international skillset possible. Each mission has accompanying theory, found in the comprehensive ground school manual. Learn the theory before you take to the skies and practice it for yourself with the help of your instructor. Click here to learn more
  10. I have been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator since the 1990s. I have been flying in real life since I was 16, CFI at 20, and have been flying business jets for the last 15 years and have accumulated over 7,000 hours of flight time. I am a huge MS Flight Simulator fanatic. After seeing some tutorials by gamers on YouTube, I thought I can start my own channel and use my real world experience as a former flight instructor and professional pilot to the benefit of others. I do my best to make my tutorials easy to understand for the new flight simmer with zero experience or anyone who has flown in real life and plays FS for fun. My intent is to educate and simplify aviation procedures for flight simulator users while having fun. Here is a link to my YouTube channel: thecorporatepilotdad - YouTube Thank you to all and happy flying! TCPD
  11. I recently came across a FS2020 user who discussed this feature and uploaded a video displaying 4 minutes leading up to and including landing and taxiing. The user didn't detail how they did it - ergo, I had to conduct some research and discovered the methodology. I finally tried this feature out on the A320 Neo - and I must say, it worked pretty darn well overall. The only issue the co-pilot was causing, was a constant over-speed warning throughout the flight until setting up for landing. This overspeed was causing the aircraft to overshoot some waypoints on the flight plan. In this instance, 2 wp's were overshot and the co-pilot had to maneuvre/circle back to correct this. I opted to alternate passenger seats from internal Wing View and internal Engine View. It was an absolute blast. I can only imagine if a 3rd party dev (freeware or payware) jumps onto this - the possibilities are almost endless. Great immersion. And, the Co-Pilot landed qualitatively/safely and taxied to the gate. No injuries to passenger, or damage to aircraft. So if you weren't aware of this feature, or you were aware and haven't tried it yet - it's well worth it.
  12. Hi guys, my sim is crashing 100% of the time at trying to load onto an airfield. Does this happen for some of you too? Do you have an idea to fix this? My machine should be very capable of handling all of this: i7 7700K gtx 1070 16 gig ram drivers have been updated prior to starting game runs on medium graphic settings
  13. Just putting this out there........when will they open up the forums for tech support, general discussion, etc?
  14. Does anyone know whether or not Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) will be backwards-compatible with existing peripherals that were designed for Microsoft FSX? I have a large amount of Saitek peripherals (Cessna yoke/quadrant, Cessna rudder pedals, Cessna trim wheel, switch panel, radio panel, GPS panel). If I were to switch to FS2020 sometime in the future, would I have to buy all-new peripherals, or would my current ones work? Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. Hi Guys Just one shot of a (fictional) Qatar 748 out of Doha.
  16. Hello everyone, I have have a problem with the new addon scenery Berlin Tegel from Gaya. I purchased it today on the marketplace in fs2020 and tried it after downloading it. I recognized that a few Buildings are sunken in the ground and that the bridge on taxiway PW/PE isn't usable because of a buggy scenery so i reinstalled it several times but i can't fix it does someone has the same problem or a solution for this problem? My Theory is that this whole scenery is to high in the world some buildings standing on the original ground an som are standing on the new raised ground cousing these bugs. Greeting from Berlin B.B
  17. Hi I am trying to connect my Stream deck to the FS2020. I have installed Vjoy and UCR and up to there everything is active. i have installed LINDA. it gives me all green.... On FS 2020, I can see the VJOY in control and I see a text saying LINDA IS UPDATING COMMANDS. BUT.... it doesnt work... any advices? hints? something?? thanks alot!
  18. First attempt to create seasons in FS2020. (Fall so far) I have only done Conifer trees as of yet. Comments and suggestions welcome. Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yMZNSBJShhdA_gMNgifua-X6MR_Zt-pn/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yUsgW65DgioGgLyGzHkFJDIluwhvJ1Pt/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pcbs9SkMBBhBDpDushSfDLr2ugpiZhbK/view?usp=sharing
  19. Hi. I’m looking into virtual airlines and wondered if I need to find one specific to FS2020 content. Any recommendations would be really appreciated. Especially those that are happy to involve beginners. - I’m UK - A beginner, still having fun with Cessna and textrons - using FS2020 - would like to be able to fly Jet Airliners in the end when I’ve learned more Thanks, David
  20. Anyone who (Out there) who is a 3rd party dev out there who has succsesfully gotten a new aircraft to load and appear in MS2020? look at this horrible cessna in FS2020 ! .. Just a joking.. I made a lower LOD of it appear https://ibb.co/pwynkFn I can only get a default LOD 6 low poly cessna to appear.. It took some editing of it's GLTF file but that was all .. it loads in the hanger and on runway and somewhat flys around.. So far I cannot get a blender or a 3ds max 2018 GLTF exported model to appear in FS2020 no matter what you replace and edit.. Even the My simple aircraft in the SDK (samples) dous not appear.. and with carefully placing it into FS2020.. I think it is it's brother (bin) file is the culprit.. Who knows.. there is nothing much else to edit in the GLTF file or the cfg or xml files
  21. Tonight threw a dart and started in India. The 208 handled my selected arrival, transition and approach that I setup with Navigraph Desktop charts. The waypoints match including a 17nm DMe curve to final. The only problem was the terminal procedure chart Localizer freq was not recognized. Fun! Bob
  22. Hello, I have a problem with FS2020; keyboard shortcuts do not work.I used another keyboard, same story. Works perfectly on the old MSFS and on X-Plane 11. Anyone with a hint please?
  23. Hello Oliver, Just a question, is there a version in preparation for FS2020, are there projects already in progress maybe ? 🙂 Thank you in advance and always on top of the app, latest picture taken in France 2 days ago on the IVAO network. 😉
  24. Dear People! i reegistered to Alpha testing back in june, since that I did not got any emails regarding news for insiders and oher stuff! (I'm not complaining about that I am not being chosen, it is just wierd for me that I did not get any emails. I assume I messed something up at registration) Or if this is normal please let me know, because I think everyojne hwo signed up properly, got some news emals from the MSFS team. I only got an email about the first alpha round start and since then my letterbox is empty. is this normal, or is there a problem? Thanks in advance, Gabor from Budapest
  25. I have tried adding various sessions but I cannot get rid of the landing guides (large cages), they are unchecked in the settings. A bit of a pain as they obscore the view of the runway. I am a new user of 2020 so may have a setting wrong, any help much appreciated.
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