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  1. Hi I am trying to connect my Stream deck to the FS2020. I have installed Vjoy and UCR and up to there everything is active. i have installed LINDA. it gives me all green.... On FS 2020, I can see the VJOY in control and I see a text saying LINDA IS UPDATING COMMANDS. BUT.... it doesnt work... any advices? hints? something?? thanks alot!
  2. Hi I'm new on this forum. I have : -- P3D v3.4. -- LINDA 2.8.8. -- saitek radio panel -- saitek multi panel 1. I have a message error in P3d when I "reload LUA engine" --> "Saitek Multi panel is DETECTED but couldn't be opended. I don't know how to resolve this error. 2. When LINDA is open, the radio panel always show the "COM1" frenquency and erase information on the multi panel. Thanks for your help. Noel :smile:
  3. Hi all: I have a problem with the combo 1 (first version) and any version of the LINDA higher than 1.13. It always blocked the CH Yoke. It starts working well, but at the moment, just 5 or 10 seconds after.... it blocks the joke and it does not work anymore. I have the throttle quadrant also, but only the yoke is blocked. It seems that it blocks the windows driver, although I do not know if it is motivated by the fsuipc or LINDA itself. Thank you, in advance. José M. Plasencia Fuentes.
  4. Users who have purchased or are thinking of purchasing the new Steam Edition of FSX (FSX-SE) will want to know that LINDA can be used with this latest version of Microsoft FSX. FSX-SE is installed using the Steam downloading service (priced £20 in UK). It is a big download at 10GB and took over 12 hours to download using my slow broadband internet connection. The main Steam directory is normally be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\ but can be installed in the root directory as I did. When FSX-SE is installed it is buried deep in the Steam directory at \steam\steamapps\common\fsx. You will note that the folder has the same name as the boxed version of FSX. LINDA needs to be installed as normal in this FSX folder by copying both the \modules and \sound folders from the download and saying Yes to all overwrites. The main LINDA codes resides in the \Modules folder within FSX alongside the latest full (paid) version of FSUIPC (4.939). A shortcut should be created to LINDA.exe and placed in a convenient place on your Desktop. Remember this LINDA shortcut will be different from that used with your old FSX or Prepar3D. If you use all 3 flight simulators you will have 3 installation of LINDA. You will save yourself time by copying any configuration and aircraft files from your old FSX to FSX-SE. This will include files from \linda-cfg\aircrafts and \linda\aircrafts (just those aircraft you use and FSX Default)). If you FSX-SE on start reports that a copy of the program is already running, you probably find that LINDA is open and needs be closed before FSX-SE can be started.
  5. Several users have reported various errors with devices not connecting to LINDA. Some of these errors are related to newer USB devices such as touch screens and the wireless mice/keyboards. To help you to get LINDA working, it is useful to know what device is causing the problem. Please follow the following guidelines when reporting the error: 1. Unplug the USB for all your devices (joysticks, throttles, touch screen), reboot your system and open LINDA. 2. Plug in each device one-at-a-time and ensure that LINDA shows the device on the Summary and Setup Joysticks pages and that buttons are highlighted on the Joysticks page. 3. If an error message is displayed, either as a pop up dialog or on the LINDA Console, note or take a screen shot of the full error message. 4. Find and note the Vendor and Product IDs (VID and PID) as described below. 5. Report your problem on the Support forum quoting the LINDA version you are using. I will do my best answer your problem. PID & VID The PID and VID can be viewed by opening the Device Manager and looking under Human Interface Devices. Find the device that is not being recognised by LINDA and open the properties (double click or right click and select properties). Then under Details, select Hardware Ids from the Property dropdown. The Vendor and Product IDs (VID/PID) appear in the first and second line as a 4 character hexadecimal number. The VID and PID are used by LINDA to work out the type of device and whether it should be included in the list of devices. UPDATE Further investigation and testing by affected users has identified that the ‘Device cannot be opened’ errors are being generated by the third-party library routines used by LINDA to interface with HID devices. Even updating to the latest version of the library has not resolved the problem with certain devices. There is nothing more I can do a this time with the LINDA code until the library is updated. The only way forward I can suggest is for affected users to isolate the USB device that is stopping the others working and leave it disconnected. Not a satisfactory situation I know.
  6. Hi there, I know Windows ans FSUIPC are limited to recognise more than 32 buttons per device. How is it with LINDA? Are there any limitations? Could I use a Leo Bodnar BBI-64 Button Box Interface and would LINDA recognise all buttons? Thanks 🙂
  7. Hi all With the work I have been doing with LINDA to produce version 2.0 offering full compatibility with the Boeing MCP and Airbus FCU, I have discovered some anomalies with the way LINDA responds to Joystick button presses. I am seeking feedback from other users so that I can identified where further improvements can be made. For the joystick functions to work it is necessary to have LINDA running. However, I have found one example that requires that the Joystick Tab must be selected. In my example, on my Saitek throttle quadrant I have reverse thrust set up on one of the lever microswitches as follows: On Press = FSX: THROTTLE DECR:0 On Repeat: FSX: THROTTLE DECR:0 On Release: FSX: THROTTLE CUT:0. I find that if the Joystick Tab is not selected, 2 things happen: first the reverse thrust does not always operate when needed and second after cancellation the throttle is repeatedly jumping from normal to reverse and back again making taxying to the stand difficult. Another example passed to me is that the LOCAL and GLOBAL SHIFT, in some situations, tends to latch on and won't cancel on release. If you have anymore examples, please reply with as much detail as you can. This will assist my analysis. Many thanks.
  8. I am a newcomer to the VRInsight MCP Combo product only discovering it a couple of few weeks ago. As a dedicated Airbus flight simulator flyer (X-Plane JAR Design A320neo and FSX Aerosoft Extended X Airbus A320/A321), after some research, I ordered the MCP Combo Airbus FCU version. The design and build quality is excellent but I immediately found the software support limited. The VRISim driver replicates the Airbus functionality but I found the key mapper flaky and impossible to master. Further research on the internet revealed the brilliant LINDA (Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning) freeware which provides an easy and highly flexible interface for programming all the functions on the VRInsight Combo II MCP and other controller buttons (joysticks, yokes, throttle quadrant). However, the LINDA developers have (at present) decided not to support the Airbus FCU variant. I was not going to let that stop me with my real-world airborne software maintenance background. Hence, Project Linda2Airbus. In the past week I have reworked the Lau code behind LINDA to program all the functions for reading and actioning all the buttons, switches and rotary knobs on the Airbus FCU and am in the progress of defining the display functions to replicate the Airbus displays. The only problem is that modifications will be required to the LINDA user interface. My aim will be to present the developers of LINDA (Guenter Steiner and his colleagues) with a full set of code and data to upgrade LINDA to support all the VRInsight Combo variants. There will be a short delay due to a hardware failure with my Airbus FCU (with a horrible electrical burning smell) but my replacement is on its way. Watch this space.
  9. Hi guys, I got to the point when I really need your help After fighting with LINDA for a couples of days, I still cannot make it work, unfortunately (most probably it's my own stupidity, but anyway) I have FSUIPC 4.853, last version of LINDA, and a couple of planes addons (now favorite one PDMG 737 and A2A 51); none of them is working with LINDA, I make a set up on Warthog in LINDA, save it but in FSX there is nothing happening when i touch any button on my joystick neither on throttle when I use aircraft-specific commands, for ex Eng1 GeneratorSwitch o/off, Battery1Switch on/off etc. using WoP3_P51D set of commands. Any idea, please? Thank you in advance for you help Forgot to add: Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T. was never installed, newlly set up Windows
  10. I installed the unregistered version of FSUIPC4(Ver4.84), Linda v1.11 with module 1.7 for NGX and FSX with SP2. If I used the VRi software, the MCP Combo II(Boeing) works. If I use Linda(do not run the VRi software), the panel lights blink when FSX starts, but I never get past the "Select your Aircraft and FLY Now" on the MCP LCD. No buttons or knobs work. Everything is green on the Linda GUI. The PMDG737NGX choosen in the LINDA GUI when I press FSX sync. Clicking the "Reload Lua Engine" gives me a status line on the FS display, but nothing changes. OS: Win7 64bit In FSUIPC.ini, I can find these two lines [VRInsight] 1=com3 no [Luafiles] and [MacroFiles] sections in that file. Appreciate any suggestions.
  11. Hello. Will LINDA continue to work in the future? As a big fan and user of Linda, I ask myself exactly this question. Against the backdrop of a 64-bit version of the Flight Simulator Prepar3D, which is expected to be released in the future, discussions are constantly taking place that 32-bit programs such as Linda would no longer work with a 64-bit P3D version. Since it would be for me of immense importance to learn how this with LINDA and P3D 64-Bit behaves. Cheers Christian
  12. LINDA Problem and Fault Diagnosis - Guidance LINDA users reporting problems or faults with LINDA would greatly assist in the diagnosis of their problem by providing the following information: 1. LINDA application version (go to LINDA Settings/About). 2. LINDA aircraft module name and version (in LINDA header). 3. FSX, Prepar3D (P3D) or MSFS version. 4. Aircraft supplier, model and version. 5. What were you trying to do (ie. connecting, programming functions, operating panel, etc). 6. A detailed description of what the problem is. Comments like “It doesn’t work” are not very helpful. 7. When requested or when red errors reported or when requested please do the following: With LINDA 3.1.x and later Select Maintenance page. Click on Turn ON Fault Diagnosis Mode button. With previous versions Go to LINDA Setup page. Tick Developer Mode, GUI and LUA boxes. Select VERBOSE from the download menu. Open Console. IMPORTANT. You may need to remove a block on logging in FSUIPCx.ini. You need to open it in the editor and search for the line LogOptionProtect and change it to NO. You will need to restart FSX/P3D after doing this. Then Restart your Flt Sim and LINDA. Ensure that SYNC TO SIM is selected (aircraft outlined in orange). Run Flt Sim to reproduce error. Close down everything. Email FSUIPCx.LOG and LINDA2.LOG files (in /modules/ folder) together with the config-hid.lua or config-mcpX.lua for the aircraft you are using to LINDA @ awginfosys (dot) net (remove spaces). NOTE: If you are sending .LUA files it would speed my analysis if you renamed the file to add a new .TXT extension. With this information I will try to offer help to get users flying with LINDA.
  13. Translated by Google. Hi! Who set up the Mjoy16 to Linda, please help. Linda sees Mjoy16, but does not react when buttons are pressed. In the Win7 and FSX Mjoy16 works. What's the problem?
  14. LINDA 2.5 is now the recommended version! LINDA 2.0 FORMAL RELEASE (2.0.7) This new release is as a result of Project Linda2Airbus aimed at making the excellent LINDA utility compatible with the VRInsight Airbus FCU Combo. Thanks to the generosity of the original developers in giving me access to the source code I have developed LINDA 2.0 to provide full compatibility with both the Boeing MCPII and Airbus FCU; it has not be tested with the original MCP but should be compatible. This formal release provides full GUI programming for the FCU by expanding LINDA's existing functionality. It has been extensively tested with the Aerosoft Airbus X A320/A321 v1.16 and PMDG Boeing 737NGX along with other types. This release also includes an update to the Aerosoft Airbus Extended 2.4 configuration Lua files to ensure full functionality with the Airbus FCU (2.5b10). Instructions and details of the release can be downloaded here - PLEASE READ THEM FULLY: LINDA 2.0.7 Formal Release notes.pdf and the replacement LINDA installation files here: LINDA 2.0.7 Formal Release Installation Zip File REMEMBER TO BACKUP ALL YOUR EXISTING LINDA FILES BEFORE INSTALLING THIS RELEASE. NO RESPONSIBILITY CAN BE ACCEPTED FOR ADVERSE AFFECTS ON YOUR INSTALLATION. Post any queries and feedback on this thread. Please report all error messages in full so that I can diagnose where any problem lay. Please note that this version has been completed under a limited trial software development environment licence which has now expired. Therefore, no further changes can be made in the short term although changes to Aerosoft Airbus X files will be forthcoming. However, please report all problems on this thread. Andrew --------------------------------------------------- Edit by Guenseli: here is the post with the latest version 2.0.8 Note: we will work together on a new version (probably 2.1) and will clean after that the forum from all that different versions
  15. Hello together, I am new in this forum and I hope anybody can help me. I recently bought the MCP Combo II and installed the drivers coming wiht VRinsight. Erverything worked well, including the 737 NGX. But the functionallity LINDA is offering is great. So I installed LINDA Version 1.12 and then I had (and still have) some trouble: - FSX standard planes like Boeing 737-800 with the Project Magenta config workes well - PMDG 737 NGX with the newest config file does not work well. It seems that there is no reaction from the EFIS section and the MCP section. However, the radio section is working, Means, I can change the frequencies via MCP. When I push the CWS-B-Button, than I get also the right status of the aircraft. Any idea is wellcome. Winnie
  16. I am so pleased that I am absolutely beside myself ...at my weight that would Sink a pretty good sized troller...oops, We are flying here... okay sink a pretty good Sized Cessna 172... I now have flying, wonderfully well, my ???? 999??X, controlled by my Thrust Master HOTAS Warthog,hereafter simply referred to in the P3D vernacular as "hog", with bunches of Linda assigned switches, and twirlly thingamabobs on my MCP and center console, like my AP SPEED, ALT,thrust reversers, and fSUI PC governedy axes and calibration...quite a breakthrough for me, due to Robert McDonald's catalytic Tutorial on the HOG as set up through Linda for the ??x. So, kids, say Thank you Robert, thank you Mr. FSUIPC himself, Peter L. Dowson...and a grateful thanks and huge bow to , ARTEM CRUM, and GÜNTER STEINER...Programmer and Designer , Inspiration, Tester and Supporter of the wonderful interface called LINDA ....Yes, Sally there is a Santa Clause..more'en several of 'em...Christmas came early for me this year..and ALL P3Ders who didn't know all this stuff before . ...now on to a VRINSITE MCP II-Clone made outta Chicken O' the Sea tin cans, LEDs, some dpdt, tptt switches, a rotary encoder or two,a 4x80 character LCD display powered by a USB connected Arduino...here that ARTEM and GÜNTER...git ready to interface me!! Now y'all go 'way... I am in my brandy new Carenado king air c90 split throttle aero plane...(working via FSUIPC thankew very much), just gawkin' at the eye candy of Orbx's PNW. Chas
  17. Hello, i finished up my first LINDA module. It is for Cera Sims Bell 212/412. It has basic features for engine start, light control and door control. It is now possible to start the Bell 212/412 completely via joystick and/or switch controls. All necessary switches are working to get from cold and dark to ready to fly. No need for mouse clicks anymore. I did not hold on to the standard operating procedures discribed in the manual. v 1.2 Module features - Not available at this time - toggles now working - toggle standby attitude indicator - toggel anticolission light seperatly - toggle position light seperately - toggle fuel pumps seperately - toggle fuel pumps all on/off v 1.0 Module features - toggle rear doors open/close - toggle eject cockpit doors + rear seat rows - switch position lights + anti collision lights on/off - switch engine 1+2 start switch on/off - switch both battery switches on/off - switch inverter switches all on/off - switch generator 1+2 on/off - switch radios all on/off - switch pitot/static heater on/off Below is an dropbox link to download the module. CS Bell 212 CS Bell 412 Thanks Guenter for your help Greetz MJ
  18. All LINDA users are advised that no compatibility testing with Windows 10 has been carried out with the new Windows 10 release with any of the compatible flight simulators (FSX, FSX-SE or P3D). I have no intention to change my working or development systems until the new operating systems is proven to operate flawlessly with my setup and development tools. However, if LINDA users have or plan to cross to the dark side, please report your experience and success/failures here. There is nothing I will be able to assist but it will help others.
  19. As LINDA users will be aware I have let the real world get in the way of LINDA development and support. This busy period should come to an end towards the end of Oct 15. Please use this thread to lodge any suggestions for improvements and to raise any issues users are experiencing with LINDA 2.6.3. Even you have been in touch with me please post a detailed description of the problem and how to reproduce it. I cannot promise that everything will be included but it will allow me to assess the workload. Note: LINDA 2.6.4 has been issued to fix a problem with odd characters on the VRI Combo 2 (Boeing) panel and may fix some Range Check error reports.
  20. After 8 weeks of development, trial and error and false starts, I am pleased to offer the next version of LINDA 2.6.0 as a Beta release. This version introduces dynamic connection and disconnection of Joysticks/Devices (switchable) and the ability to connect directly to Saitek Multi and Radio Panels. I am indebted to user Cooly for his excellent work on the Saitek panels. Before installing please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR MODULES FOLDER. Please report any observations and issues on this thread. All comments are welcome especially from users with Saitek Multi and Radio panels. The beta 11 can be downloaded from here. New Features/Fixed issues: Re-introduced HotKeys for saving 2D panel positions and removing windows titles (FSX and P3D). Added ATC library for using FSX ATC functions. Fixed issue where HID device names were not permanent. Fixed scroll bar on News panel. Removed old style CH Pedals from devices. Added ability to generate list of MCP and HID assignments to text files. IMPORTANT - due to an error in the previous beta versions it is possible that the system hid configuration file has become corrupted. If you get an Access Violation error with opening the Joystick page, delete the following file: \linda-cfg\system\config-hid.lua. It will be automatically created correctly the next time you start LINDA. Known Issues: The footer HID icons may initially mismatch the selected type. A short video on the installation and setup LINDA is here.
  21. I'm as useful at coding as an eye dropper at a forest fire. I'm trying to perform a simple toggle: Toggle open/close the front door Note:the default FSX door toggle key command map does not work in this plane and I do not want to use a mouse for this Is anyone good at Lua coding FSUIPC that can help please? The LINDA code below works with a button within LINDA but I want to map a keyboard press within FSUIPC. function DC6_ExitFwd_open () ipc.writeLvar("dc6_446_obj", 1) DspShow ("Frnt", "open") end function DC6_ExitFwd_close () ipc.writeLvar("dc6_446_obj", 0) DspShow ("Frnt", "clse") end function DC6_ExitFwd_toggle () if _tl("dc6_446_obj", 0) then DC6_ExitFwd_open () else DC6_ExitFwd_close () end end
  22. This new module for the Milviz DHC3 Turbo Otter has been kindly provided by Graham McNicol. It is released on an 'as-is' basis for those keen to fly the aircraft with LINDA. No default VRi MCP Combo configuration files are provided. v1.2->v1.3 Module structure improvement so only "DHC-3T Otter" is required to sync to all variants. v1.1->v1.2 All function names changed to be user-friendly. (This will require updating your switch assignments.) Modules for all variants-- wheels, skis, floats, and amphibian added Instrument Light dimmer added combination T&S and Comp switch added Cabin fan Hi-Lo and toggle switch added Climate controls for Temperature selection and Fresh Air ventilation added Emergency Power controls added Emergency Fuel & Oil shutoff v1.0-->v1.1 Sound functions adjusted to avoid potential conflict with other lua files added MasterSwitch added Condition Lever Latch switch added StarterOff & P3 switch cover closed added DeiceBoth On/Off to handle Engine Deice & Icing Doors simultaneously Download: Milviz DHC3 Turbo Otter v1.3 To install the module: Download and expand the zip file into a suitable accessible location (ie. desktop). Open LINDA and ensure that the aircraft selector is not Sync-ed to Sim and --Aircrafts-- is displayed. Click on the Maintenance option. Under Import Aircraft Module click on Select Source Folder and locate the folder Milviz_DHC3_T_Otter_v1_2. Click on Select. Click on Install/Overwrite Module button. Open your Flt Sim and click on Sync To Sim (ensure DHC-3 Turbine Otter Milviz displayed and outlined in orange). Enjoy. Details of available functions are contained in the DHC-3T OTTER MILVIZ-Functions.txt file in the /module/linda/aircrafts/DHC-3T OTTER MILVIZ/. Standard default library functions may be used for many operations (eg. landing gear and flaps). Please report all issues and suggestion under LINDA Support.
  23. For those users thinking of upgrading to P3D v4.2 I can confirm that LINDA 3.0.5 works fine with it provided you revert FSUIPC5 back to v5.122. The latest FSLABS A320X v231 (requires P3Dv4.2) also works as before with the latest LINDA beta module.
  24. Several LINDA users have reported incompatibility problems with Device Cannot Be Opened and other errors. Unfortunately, despite detailed investigation and analysis of the source code, I have been unable to identify the source of the errors messages or the cause. Certain touch screens and pads seem to feature in the reports. The devices identified so far are: Synaptics Touch Pad (vid 1532/pid 002b) - part of Razer SWTOR game keyboard Touch Computer (vid 04b4/pid c001) Viewsonic TD2420 (vid 0408/pid 3008) Elo Touchsystems (04e7/pid 0050) If you have experienced any similar problems then please report them together with their device VID/PID numbers. See separate post on how to identify these details. Please state the version of Windows (7/8/8.1) you are using. With hands-on access to one of these devices I am unable to take the investigation forward. If you live in the UK and are prepared to loan me your problematic device, please PM me.
  25. I have only found Linda in the last few days and have a small query which I think is an easy answer but for the life of me I cannot figure out. I have the Saitek Yoke (and Throttle), Rudder, Multi Panel and Switch Panel and I'm using FSX Acceleration, FSUIPC 4.937 and SPAD 0.5.0. I have the PMDG 747 so thought I would simply have to download the module developed by Pero and voila! I would be able to assign actions to buttons to my hearts content. Unfortunately, whilst the PMDG 747 is listed there are no options to choose from. I get the choice of Edit Modules and System Functions but under System Functions only "InitVars" is displayed where I was expecting to see a whole list of Functions. None of the documentation I have read seems to say that I needed to do anything else to get this to work (or maybe I am doing a "man read" much like my partner accuses me of doing "man looks" when trying to find something) Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong? PS. I installed Linda (2.5.5) to the root of the FSX Modules folder i.e. the path to Linda is C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Modules\Linda.exe Cheers Harry
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