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  1. I am having the exact same issue. Bought it two days ago, but in P3Dv4.5 the VC disappears after a few seconds, and the outside view has a black square over the top wing. From the rear you can see everything between the two wings, but when you move your view towards the front side, there appears a black field between the two wings on the front. I am installing this plane in P3Dv4.5 though. One weird thing I did notice, is that the installer created a ATsimulatins folder in the main P3D/Content folder which holds a texture and sounds sub folder with files. Normally the developer folder holds files like manuals, but there is no manual to be found. I just reached out to ATsimulations for a resolution. We will see what happens.,
  2. Yes, I was finally able to activate PTA Tool. There must have been a server issue. Would have been nice if someone at SimTweaks had responded to my thread here and/or my reported issue through "contact us". This is the second time I contacted SimTweaks regarding an issue (first one was not being able to complete a purchase). No matter how good a product is, customer service is certainly the decisive factor on future purchases for me. Not a good customer service experience at all.
  3. I purchased PTA the other day. When I try to activate it, the log shows a server error. I use the serial# provided in the email from SimTweaks. Installed PTA version 2.61 Sim: P3Dv4.2 OS: Windows 10
  4. Thank you Andrew, That saves me a lot of work. I will go ahead and copy the modules over.
  5. Okay, I have been looking all over for the answer to this question, so I will just post it here. I am a long time Linda user on Linda with FSX. I just purchased and installed P3Dv4.1 and FSUIPC5. Can I use/copy my Linda assignments from FSX straight in to P3Dv4, or do I have to configure all my assignments from scratch? Any constructive response will be highly appreciated.
  6. I think he is unhappy with the latter
  7. This a great addition to the FSX tutorials I created years ago, and still use. I did find some contradictions, unless I read it wrong: Texture_Bandwidth_Mult=40. we recommend a setting no higher than 40. We do not recommend anything higher than 120. So is 40 or 120 the highest recommended? Upper_Framerate_Limit=30. We do not recommend anything lower than 20. If you have a very modern overclocked system (an Intel i7 or AMD comparable), we recommend setting this parameter to 0 (unlimited). So, if 20 is the lowest setting recommended, then why recommend a setting of "0" a few sentences further? I hope you understand my confusion. Again, I really appreciate the effort put in to providing the updated guide.
  8. I don't think what is left behind will be "dead". Look at how many simmers are still enjoying FS2004!! I do understand the decision made, and am pleased to see it being made by multiple developers in one statement. We will all be going through similar experiences when FS2004 was followed up by FSX. So I am sure FSX will still be used for years to come, (not everyone has the funds to purchase P3Dv4 or update their hardware to be able to run this new simulator. Now I need to look in to finding funds to get P3Dv4 myself. (and FSUIPC to program my switches)
  9. Well, looking at the recommended specs I will have to bail out. Graphics card GTX970 is what it says. My GTX770, which runs FSX as well as X-plane 11 just fine, does not seem to fit the bill. And I have no budget for a graphics card upgrade. So FSX and X-Plane it is.
  10. Man, these "teasers" are driving me nuts. Can't wait to get my hands on this beauty
  11. Been waiting a long time for this news. Can not wait to join it with the A2A 377, L049 and the C-47 by Manfred Jahn and Jan Visser, What a quartet that is going to be. The Magestic4
  12. ISSUE RESOLVED !!! ---------------------------- ScottFlieger, Your earlier remark if I have any other PMDG 747's loaded got me to think. Even though I no longer have the previous version of the PMDG 747 installed, I did still have the module in Linda. Despite the fact that the names for both modules were different, I decided to remove the old module and gave it another try. And voila, now the switches are moving in the sim. I do see a red linda message when a flight loads, but then it changes to "Linda is ready". As the red message only shows for a few seconds I have not been able to identify what it states. But most important is that me assignments in Linda now result in actions in the sim. Now it is time to start assigning some more switches Thank you for a great product and ditto support. Manfred
  13. I am using the version I downloaded 2/25. I will upload the one from yesterday and give that a try. I will send you a screen shot of the edit module dialog and logging on both GUI and LUA (even though I think that is what I am already doing). Will get back with you asap.
  14. It is correct that not all buttons I pressed have actions assigned, I assigned several, and then noticed nothing was happening in the sim, so I focused on the landing and taxi lights before I even bother with the other assignments. But if you need me to, I can certainly get you a log file with more assigned switches tested. . And I do remember seeing the red error message in the Lua Console regarding line 331 for LNAV. Not sure if that is in any way related to the main issue. I will check back in tomorrow afternoon
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