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  1. Just found this post. So sorry to hear about Roy's passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him many years ago at the FSWeekend at the Aviodrome in Lelystad, the Netherlands. We spoke about the B-25J he developed. I have had many years of joy out of that airplane. Rest In Peace. you will be missed.
  2. +1 Would love to be able to use AviaCDU with the ATR. Am already enjoying it for the currently supported FS2020 planes ;)
  3. The PMDG 737 for FS2020 v.06 has the functions for Fuel Flow "reset" and "used". but when assigned to any button or switch, the "reset" will "stick" and not return to "rate" when released. And the "used" function doesn't do anything. All other functions I programmed (and I have a LOT of them) are working fine. There is no "rate" function to be used for "On Release".
  4. If it was any of those the function of the buttons would also be affected, not just the display. The tablet is no more than 3 ft from the router.
  5. During a flight session with the PMDG737 in FS2020 I frequently see a message at the top of my tablet stating "Not Connecter, Retrying". At that same time the buttons for the CDU on the tablet still work, just the display doesn't update till 10-15 seconds later, when it catches up with what the CDU in the sim shows on the display. So, to explain: I see the message "Not Connecter, Retrying" on the tablet, I enter for example 370 in the scratch pad on the tablet: that shows on the CDU in the sim that I typed that value, and I can R1 press the button on the tablet to enter it in the cruise altitude field. The tablet CDU window still shows the "frozen" image from before entering anything, but the CDU in the sim shows the value 370 entered in the cruise alt field. My though: How can the tablet show the message that it is not connected to the sim (and the screen is frozen) but the buttons still work? If it was a connectivity issue through my network connection, then the buttons would not work either. I also use WebFMC with the Zibo in X-PLane 11 and don't have that issue there. Any ideas what could be the cause? I am open for suggestions
  6. Thanks Andrew, I'll add the lines to the Lua script till module v0.7 is released.
  7. Gear lever commands are not working properly. The gear UP command set's the lever to OFF. (as if it just goes one step up.) Gear OFF and Gear Down go to the correct position. I use the latest PMGD 737 module (downloaded a week ago.) UPDATE: and YES, I did check to make sure I don't have anything else linked to the gear lever positions in Linda as well as FS2020.
  8. Andrew, Thank you for your great work. Glad to read I can finally get most everything set up in MSFS again after the latest MSFS patch was released yesterday. Downloaded your latest release Gives me something to look forward to setting up again. Both FSUIPC as well as Linda are "must haves" for me.
  9. That is not a bad suggestion, but that was already a denominator for me, lol. I'd rather pay for a good aircraft representation, as I will end up buying that in the end anyways, and then ignoring the default, as those defaults will never get to the level of "payware" quality add-on's
  10. Going to purchase as well. I just look at what deluxe and premium deluxe add, and think by myself: will I be flying these additional airplanes frequently, and depart or land at those additional airport on a regular basis? In my case: Deluxe Premium Deluxe The additional aircraft: 1 - NO 1 - Maybe 2 - NO 2 - NO 3 - YES 3 - NO 4 - YES 4 - NO 5 - YES 5 - NO The additional airports: 1 - YES 1 - YES 2 - NO 2 - NO 3 - NO 3 - MAYBE 4 - YES 4 - MAYBE 5 - NO 5 - YES I will take possible payware add-on replacements in consideration (KDEN by FlightBeam at $14.99 as an example) What do you think I will be going with ???
  11. Well, I ended up contacting Microsoft support a few days ago to rest my mind. What I was told matches what @howevr stated above. If I cancel my Game Pass subscription, I will lose the access to the sim including Premium Deluxe. I will have to purchase at least the Standard version at $59.99. That would mean I would end up paying $59.99 for Standard PLUS the $84.99 I already paid for Premium Deluxe, which comes to a total of $144.98. A quick calculation....$144.98 - $119.99 = $24.99 that I paid more than when I just purchased Premium Deluxe right out. Since I was already looking at getting Deluxe at $89.99, I filed a refund request a few days ago, and they refunded the $84.99 today (may take another 5 business days to be back in my account) Once the Money is in the account, I will go ahead and purchase the Deluxe version, which covers my needs. Then I can just cancel the Game Pass subscription. End of story for me.
  12. Well, I did "purchase" the Premuim Deluxe" version through the market place, after going back and forth for a day, trying to wrap my head around the $35 price difference. I must have read all there was to read numerous times, and nowhere did it show it was for GamePass members only. Guess, will see in 3 weeks what happens, as that will be when I end my subscription.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Downloaded and will test it out later this evening.
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