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  1. Download is available now. https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=206448
  2. Hi, I just uploaded the Continental MD-82 to the library, but it seems it takes some time to be enabled by the library manager.
  3. No, but still it is an annoying bug since the 737NG was updated to P3Dv4 and I think it was reported several times in the past. Maybe the development thinks this is a minor problem, but the 737NG is such a great simulation, it is worth to be fixed.
  4. FSC190

    New Sounds LINDA 306 QW788B02

    Ah great thx Andrew
  5. How can I disable the new sounds? They are very loud.
  6. FSC190

    QW-787 module beta

    Its very hard to set the altitude. with the MCP1. Even when I delete the alt incfast and alt decfast, I am unable to catch the required Altitude, It jumps by thousand then by hundred and vice versa. And so it does with every other AP knob.
  7. Hi, thanks for that find, I wonder that this causes a crash. Sorry for this. I updated the upload and changed the aircraft.txt, so the atc_parking_code is changed to "atc_parking_code=".
  8. The files are all OK, sorry to say, If you would do what I told to do, you could see that there isn't any problem. Just rename one of the default texture folder and rename the alliant folder to the default name and you will see that there is no problem. Sorry to say, but I could not do any other then I have done. Bye
  9. Try to edit the title entry and remove one space in front of allegiant. Maybe it conflicts with another entry starting with al.
  10. Looks like you have two times fltsim.33 in your aircraft.cfg
  11. Hi, I've done several test now, but I could not find any failure since I updated to the new version 1.1. With the older version I get some crashes with paints with a higher [fltsim.#]-entry like fltsim.11 or fltsim.12 in the aircraft.cfg. In fact there are no differences between the files of different paints, except the color of the pixel inside :-) So I think it is a good Idea to update our beauty.
  12. Just finished, Available at avsim soon.
  13. MD-82 Edelweiss from Switzerland https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204081
  14. Here is another one for inselair ARUBA https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204068
  15. It's available now via AVSIM LIbrary https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204051