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  1. Hello Andrew and a happy new year, I'm just wondering what the parameter (p) in all MSFS functions is, and where the value comes from?
  2. Hi Günther, hi Andrew, The 21 drivers are currently available free of charge from IRIS.http://www.irissimulations.com.au/ols/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=55 This is a wonderful turboprop trainer, unfortunately you cannot control the map with the standard commands. It would be nice if there was a module there, since the plane also runs in the P3Dv5.
  3. @marcM That is one thing Andrew can do. Not me or you.
  4. Hi Andrew, I installed FSUIPC6 not with the Add-On-XML option, but into the Modules-Folder. First I copied my Prepar3dv4 Modules into Prepar3dv5, then made the install of FSUIPC6. Made a copie of FSUIPC5.ini and named it FSUIPC6.ini LINDA works this way, but you have to leave the old FSUIPC5.dll and the old FSUIPC5.ini. Thats it, works perfekt now again. You just have to "tell" LINDA the new naming FSUIPC6 Unfortunately I have no Idea, how this could work if you install FSUIPC6 with the Add-On.xml Option.
  5. Hi, I'm missing the notification sounds when switching the Modes in LINDA on my fresh WIN10 System. Is there a solution? Soundfiles are there where they should be. EDIT: Disregard, Sounds are back
  6. OK Thomas I tested your config in my sim and could not find any faulty function with the shortcuts. So I think it is nor LINDA who makes this problem. But I have no chase plane, maybe you should investigate in that direction.
  7. Are there any other assignments active, e.g. FSUIPC or P3D? Do the keys work when the yoke is disconnected? You can log any key press or button via FSUIPC (non axis events) And can you explain the P-Key thing?
  8. Thomas, I will have a look at later this evening. I wonder what buttons are this one: JSTKrp["294B19000"][301]="FSX:_INCREASE_THROTTLE:0" JSTK["294B19000"][303]="FSX:_PROP_PITCH_INCR:0" JSTK["294B19000"][305]="FSX:_THROTTLE_DECR:0" JSTKrp["294B19000"][305]="FSX:_DECREASE_THROTTLE:0" JSTK["294B19000"][307]="FSX:_PROP_PITCH_DECR:0"
  9. Hi Thomas, did you assign any keybort press via LINDA? Can you post your config-hid.lua from Linda-cfg of any of your A2A folder? "I have the same yoke and program it via LINDA with no problem
  10. Hi, if this works for you, maybe you couldt edit your workaround in the download section (NGXu Modul 1.3)
  11. Hallo Günter, ich hatte dir eine Lösung des Problems per PM geschickt, Du musst die Ident.lua der alten NGX editieren und den Suchstring auf "NGX " ändern. Das Leerzeichen macht den Unterschied. Funktioniert einwandfrei in meiner LINDA
  12. Update, es geht noch einfacher.

    Im Ident den Suchstring für die alte NGX auf "NGX " setzen.

    Funktioniert bei mir einwandfrei.



  13. Hallo Günter,

    um die verschiedenen NGXe zu unterscheiden, müsste im Ident ein * als Platzhalter erkannt werden.

    Dann könnte man den Suchstring "PMDG 737*NGXu" oder PMDG 737*NGX "(mit Leerzeichen) einsetzen.

    Wäre das eine Möglichkeit?





  14. Hi, it's still at AVSIM https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=allegiant&CatID=p3dacrp&Go=Search
  15. Das war eher eine Feststellung. Aber wer ließt schon ReadMe's 😉
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