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  1. Will not have any problems !! as it's not a Win32 application
  2. So .. OK problem solved ! But this is weird ...
  3. Try this (if not already done !) Save your FS9.cfg somewhere Delete your FS9.CFG Start FS9 and this will make a new FS9.CFG (normally your new graphic card will be detected and will be in the new FS9.cfg) After you can edit your new FS9.cfg for put your specials settings (if any)
  4. 25 October 2016 Another legend of the sim world trepassed .... http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/frontpage.htm http://www.gjsmith.net RIP
  5. Sad new ... Lost of a great community contributor It's not a vacant place as nobody can replace him RIP
  6. So .. it was some bad entry in the scenery.cfg Now Belgrade work fine :smile:
  7. Belgrade I have problem with this scenery :mad: Airport buildings not showing I suspect missing textures as the folder texture of folder photoground is empty !!! Tivat run perfectly :smile:
  8. The installer check the path of FS2004 in the registry base So it will point to your FS2004 installation even if an "exotic one" :smile: (declared in the windows registry) And the scenery.cfg is automatically updated ... but verify as it was a error in mine (number !!!)
  9. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/323469-freeware-mig-21 And contrary of what tell someone .. it will not work in FS2004 But you can use this one from same author: Simviation: http://simviation.com//simviation/download.php?ID=5476
  10. @Joseph29 I send you a private message Maybe this will help you to override your problems with the c-130 Hope it's help
  11. Thank you for the hard work ! May I suggest to upload your files on a Mediafire free account The max file size is 200 MB As Mediafire allow parts files you can split your file in parts (with EG Winrar) and upload on Mediafire User friendly as the files can be downloaded simultaneously (no waiting time between downloads) It's no time limit .. provided you log regularly on you account Methink it's better than your very limited time host ... IMHO
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