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  1. There is a scenery by Carlyle Sharpe file name FS9_St_Helena_Island.zip also an update and mesh for the island,south atlantic1.zip.
  2. Well it`s happening we FS9 types are slowly being disregarded by some this FSP fellow won`t do the the B787-900 model for FS9 but may do a payware base model sad news for many,but i believe UTT are on to it,here`s hoping!
  3. Thanks for the info Carlyle much appreciated.
  4. I cannot seem to find the scenery for FHSH can any one point me in that direction,and is it FS2004 friendly?the B738 ZS-ZWG BA/Comair is the first Scimitar equipped ng 737 in the Comair fleet!
  5. Although iv`e never had this type of message after a CTD always it appears to be texture related i may be wrong but that`s my opinion, good luck finding the culprit!
  6. It looks very good on my sim iv`e not bought it but start the sim at for eg 10:00:00 and all the buildings show up!
  7. Robin if you hit the proverbial nail please let me know. Cheers,John
  8. Hi Robin!iv`e tried all sorts of ways but the scenery stays as is,the boffins at the worx site choose not to answer e mails so i don`t have a clue for now. Thanks for answering. Cheers,John.
  9. Hi all,Help,has anyone got the AeroWorx South African scenery to work correctly i have trouble with their Worx 22 and 22 update,the coastlines are not filed completely there,the others seem ok.
  10. That`s amazing,no one has uploaded "SUPER" in Edit Voice Pack Aircraft`s it`s need now with all the A380`s around!
  11. Well BA/Comair are due to start their service around that opening time,and i`m sure SAA and FlySafair will follow it`s a great place as a an angling destination and i`m sure the Islanders will benefit from Tourism there`s even talk of a B757 Service from Blighty!
  12. Does anyone know if this new airport which is due to open May 2016 IATA HLE : ICAO FHSH. Direction Length Surface m ft 18/36 1,500 4,921 Concrete (under construction) Airport type Public Owner Saint Helena Government Operator Lanseria Airport Location Saint Helena Elevation AMSL 1,017 ft / 310 m Coordinates 15°57′29″S005°38′42″W
  13. Have seen some weird texture changes,i kicked mine into touch!
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