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  1. Edetroit! I take it your mods go into the panel xml? ie <Gauge Name="vortex" Build="1.0"> <Element> <Select> <Value> (P:UNITs OF MEASURE,enum) 2 == if{ (A:SEA LEVEL PRESSURE,millibar) 1020 < } els{ (A:SEA LEVEL PRESSURE,inHg) 30.12 < } (A:AMBIENT TEMPERATURE,celsius) 0 > && (A:FLAPS HANDLE INDEX,number) 5 > && if{ (A:LIGHT CABIN,bool) ! (A:Radio height, feet) 20 > (A:AIRSPEED INDICATED,knot) 175 < && == if{ 0 (>K:TOGGLE_CABIN_LIGHTS) } 1 (>G:Var1) 0 (>G:Var2) } els{ 0 (>G:Var1) } </Value> </Select> </Element> <Element> <Select> <Value> (G:Var1) ! (G:Var2) ! && if{ 1 (>G:Var2) (A:LIGHT CABIN,bool) if{ 0 (>K:TOGGLE_CABIN_LIGHTS) } </Value> </Select> </Element> </Gauge> Please correct me if i`m wrong. heers.Alcan
  2. Well if any one`s interested iv`e cracked the three aircraft with slight mods to the fx.vortices effects file,and the various landing speeds etc,all work quite nicely,on landing.the B777 versions vary a bit but thanks to 3 Green the whole exercise is now functional, thank you Mr Green have a 'Bells". All the best Alcan.
  3. Hi all, got the mod`s right all vortices are in the right places,now to adapt to my other aircraft,ie b747,777,787,see you later. Cheers.Alcan!
  4. Thanks "3Green" iv`e already moved the numbers sideways now to tackle the other changes,this topic will really aid all who want a more realistic landing scenario. Will keep all posted on developments. Cheers Alcan at FAPE.
  5. Good news the Wing Vortices on the B738W work :rolleyes: ,however they seem a little below the wing tip see pic, will changing the following do it? gauge82=Vortices!WingVortices, 0, 0, 1 :excl:
  6. My apologies to TDS my BA 787-8 is fine,sorry about that!
  7. Hi all two things,firstly are there any Contrails and Wing Vortices to download to replace the default? Secondly has anyone noticed the TDS B787 RR i have the BA paint installed,this aircraft at altitude has a queer puffy ball like contrail way below the aircraft,i haven`t checked the GE version yet. Cheers,J.
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