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  1. Try sending all of the information including the e-mail address used when ordering as well as your current address, ordering name and user name, product code including any "-" if present, etc. to Attach a screenshot if possible of the registration screen if it comes up.
  2. ronzie

    new key

    Send the current e-mail address and the one you originally registered under along with information in the screen, windows version, etc to Have you read the if you need help topic? Only RC version 3.845 will work. You will need to seek out the various dlls that Windows no longer supplies once you get your key. You will get a download link to the current (last) version.
  3. ronzie

    Majestic Dash 8 Q300 Crashes FS9

    The latest versions of FSUIPC are here: Be sure to read the descriptions to be sure you get the correct version.
  4. ronzie

    IPC Timed Out All Retries

    Be sure you have installed the latest FSUIPC in the FSX folder under steam. Get the correct version of FSUIPC from: Read the notes and pick the correct version. Be sure any older versions of FSUIPC have been reoved by changing the .dll extensdion to .dlh in case you need to roll back. FSUIPC runs its built in window display. You can also try Showtext from here: Read its instructions. Be sure it is set to run as admin in the program advanced properties. is the general forum for discussing errors in FSUIPC applications.
  5. RC will stall if you have not acknowledged a communication or completed the ordered procedure. Check the status window and see if anything is out standing. You possibly missed a crosspoint. Since this is plan dependent see if there is a crosspoint too close to another one or too close to your take off point for you to navigate across such as an on-field VOR usually placed as a guide.
  6. Send information including the e-mail address you ordered from and your user name to plus the code number from the registration dialog to Include a screenshot of the registration form. This is a manual registration so it might take awhile. BTW. This IS the volunteer help forum so you found it.
  7. ronzie

    Ai Charter

    Prerecorded Chatter is an option in RC. It's on the RC general tab with two options. AI Chatter is contextual with the AI aircraft you have installed with their plans. Pre-recorded is somewhat random and does not pay attention to your aircraft status and can talk to "fictitious" random AI. We do not recommend choosing it because the amount of chatter can slow RC's performance. As an example the random Prerecorded chatter will not pay attention to your altitude for controller-pilot-comms and if you are at 30,000 feet you might comms with a low altitude aircraft. Recorded chatter will occur with only occur with the controllers in the window of your altitude such as high level, low level, etc altitude windows as defined by ATC. You can use both. RC assigns your com frequency by the ATC assignment controllers for your altiitude window and function.
  8. Be sure your mailer is sending plain text, not html, for the auto system to work.
  9. ronzie

    Crashing mid-air and on the ground

    Investigate ai smooth and ai separation which I can't find at the moment. These can be set to increase space between ai in the landing zone so queued aircraft can be sandwhiched between arrivals in approach. This can reduce the time and number of aircraft in the queue. They include registration for FSUIPC. There is a post somewhere about combining them. aismooth v1.2 works with both FSX and FS9, not sure about ai separation.
  10. ronzie

    Run time error 48 has a link to add to the registry DAO360 key only or try this for either installing or just getting the .dll. Search on Google and there is another version for 64 bit. " Back up your registry before modifying.
  11. ronzie

    Run time error 48

    See if this older error list helps gives a clue: " Error in loading DLL (Error 48) The specified dynamic-link library (DLL) can't be loaded. This is usually because the file specified with the Lib clause in the Declare statement is not a valid DLL. Possible causes for this error are: The file is not DLL-executable. The file is not a Microsoft Windows DLL. The file is an old Microsoft Windows DLL that is incompatible with Microsoft Windows protect mode. The DLL references another DLL that is not present. The DLL or one of the referenced DLLs is not in a directory specified by your path." Is this dll present and registered?
  12. ronzie

    Runway allocation?

    AI are generated in a clump when FS is first loaded. They need to be refreshed after the weather is applied. I do this after setting up the aircraft while parked. FS will also allow a small tail wind component if the direction of runway or other runway factors are more suitable. Another complication occurs if FS requires the use of global weather mode where in the FS universe the weather applied is referenced to the area surrounding the user aircraft. As that weather changes with user aircraft movement then the ai will be constantly changing between the time RC samples the weather to determine the runway and the time the approach is executed. If P3D acts similarly then the best solution is to apply a destination weather lock (if possible) so winds become stable during the last few miles of the approach. Please see the locked post "Attention ASE FSX Users". If a refresh AI command is not available then advance the FS time one minute and the AI should refresh.
  13. The f4.csv in the the root folder for FS apps was written upon my request by Pete Dowson (FSUIPC) when makerwys is executed as part of the scenery rebuild, The file is not transferred to rcv4/data replacing the old fixed one. This file extracts data from the installed scenery during a scenery rebuild. This gives the user the option of transferring single airport lines to the existing original f4.csv (from the rc install process) or replacing the entire file. It is a way of handling new airports added to scenery. Warning! Do not start rc without an f4.csv in its data folder. It will cause a corruption requiring a reinstall of rc. This is an optional custom procedure.
  14. The only thing I can suggest to save lots of inspection work is to install the free Traffic Look by Pete Dowson from here: The program can be installed in any folder. You don't have to have RC running. FSUIPC must be installed (including the "free" version that will start with FS. Just bring up FS with a parked flight at at a busy airport of interest. It will open its own window displaying a table with a row for each active and parked ai aircraft (choose ground or flight table) with the status of each. When incoming flights get close enough it will show the FS/P3D runway assigned. If Traffic Look sees the aircraft, RC should be getting the information.
  15. ronzie

    Installing RC4 into P3D4?

    The rc4 rebuild process copies r5.csv created by make runways in your P#D folder to r4/data as r4.csv when you do it all automatically. I don't know why makerwys is creating the fstar file unless it now does all possibilities. If you are not getting the r5.csv file in your p#D folder then you are either not using the current makerwys file or another problem. The r4.csv file in your P#d folder is no longer used. When Radar Contact was upgraded some time ago it required more runway data and makerwys was modified to create r5.csv but radar contact was not recoded to look for r5.csv so in the transfer process during rebuild r5.csv was renamed r4.csv. in rcv4/data. Please read the descriptions when you download the current makerwys from: and to insure you are using the correct version. You should not be running fstar exporter as described on that same page. f5.csv will be created but it is not used by rc.