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  1. Hi. If the scenery doesn't require any registry changes (i. e. it ends up being no more than a Scenery and a Texture folder, and maybe a configuration tool) then you can install on a different, non-Win10, PC and port the folders to your machine with a USB stick. In case of ever needing to reinstall, just make a backup of what you ported and shelve the disc. D
  2. That's surely a problem with the carriers then. Even with default scenery, sea level presumably being the elevation datum, the surface will be at the same altitude and any alteration will still stand out. If you know what scenery layer they're in, it shouldn't be a huge task to narrow things down to the specific bgl. Disable a handful at a time by moving them into a temporary folder. I think you'll have to restart FS9 each time, which is a bit of a nuisance but it's a surefire way of finding the culprit. If you haven't identified the scenery layer you can do the same with them -- disable a few at a time. Looking again at your screenie, I wonder if they are oversized flatten polygons to allow you to land on the carriers' decks. If they have airport files as well then the simplest correction may be to delete the flattens (if possible...) and to add apron polygons instead. If they don't, someone else may have to suggest something. D
  3. I've just had a quick look now that I'm home and I have the Q400. If the 100 is the same then you can see the CRS setting. You have to change what the PFD displays: Shift+7 should open a panel called "ECU and EFIS". The second knob down from top left selects what is shown by the PFD. Switch it to "HSI" and your PFD should show a compass rose with CRS in the top left corner. Alternatively, in the virtual cockpit on the pedestal, next to the FMC, you should see the same knob. D
  4. Hi. For the floating approach, when you turn onto final, pull the condition levers back as far as they'll go without shutting the engines down, as well as throttles to flight idle. I shouldn't think it's at all realistic but it does work for me. (You could also add a bit of weight - some fat passengers might help!). Off the top of my head (lunch break at work), I think the course should appear on the PFD somewhere. If it doesn't then you're stuck with the 'needle' on the display. D
  5. I was going to suggest that they are at an airport but I see at least one relative vertical speed (and, I guess, different relative altitudes) so they must be in the air. I hadn't clocked the scale of the 'cloud'. Can you see any of the aircraft while you're flying? And isn't 56N 40W a bit of a strange place for so much traffic to spawn? Do you have bgls for a lot of north atlantic traffic? D
  6. What do you see if you disable the West Coast mesh?
  7. The bad spelling and other obvious pointers are usually done deliberately. If a phishing or scam email looks perfectly legitimate, the scammer will be swamped with replies, most of which will have been sent by people who very rapidly will realise what's going on. Scammers don't have time to waste on intelligent recipients. Spelling mistakes, bad grammar, absurd sums of money from third-world governments, off-kilter banners et c. are a very effective way of ensuring they only hook people who are likely to succumb.
  8. Hi Nish. Welcome to Avsim! Can you disable the mesh without also disabling the carrier? (should be easy if the two are in separate scenery layers) Does the sea then flatten out correctly and the carrier reappear? D
  9. There was a time when 150 was beyond my wildest dreams. I confess to practising some passive deceit here. I get absurd framerates out over the ocean, looking straight up at the stock C172 from about 8000' below it, so the PC only has to draw clear blue sky. I was curious about how fast the PC was capable of running FS9. I only really have to reduce the framerate when flying cross country. The most demanding scenario I can create is at UK2000 Extreme EGLL with some gentle weather and around 450 AI, where it drops to 35-40 fps. I dropped a fourth screenie into a reply in this thread in the screenshots forum. I probably wouldn't love FS9 nearly as much without that plane...
  10. Thank you. I'm glad others like this plane too. Not sure if I can post another screenie in a reply but I want to link to it in another thread.
  11. ... just because I'm really pleased at finally getting this up & running under Win 10. . .
  12. Too many words? The final question is the one I'd like answered 🙂 Three years ago my XP PC died. In it I had FS9 with Captain Sim's C-130. On the strength of the C-130 in P3d supposedly being the same plane, I felt it was time to upgrade. Many addons, pounds and frustrations later, and discovering a severely diminished switch and gauge functionality, I installed my last backup of FS9, only to find that the Capatin Sim installers don't seem work in Win 10. (Reinstall is necessary: copy protection makes crucial parts of their plane invisible, meaning an existing installation is not portable.) In January I obtained a replacement XP PC. I've spent several weeks trying every way I can imagine of installing Captain Sim's C-130 into my freshly installed FS9 -- online and offline installers, days of jumping through C S's hoops and weathering their uncooperation -- before remembering that I have a Just Flight DVD of the Captain Sim C-130E & K that required no authentication. It's in the sim, running sweetly under XP. I was nearly overjoyed but there was a small fly. The graphics card is relatively new for XP (GT 730) and Nvidia's newer (for XP) drivers don't handle lighting too well. Something specular. I think. Turning off Transform & Lighting in FS9's Display menu solves the horrible brushed-velvet appearance but at the cost of a 50% reduction in framerate. Last night I very nearly bought an older card on Ebay so that I could use an older driver, before finally making the connection between no-authentication DVD and portability of the installation. It copied successfully to Windows 10 and I spent last night refamiliarising myself with the plane around UK photoscenery, marvelling at the load times and clarity with all sliders at their max. For the last twenty hours I've been unusually happy, having come to the end of an expensive waste of three years. All I need now is to find an authentication-free J-variant for the Just Flight plane. it's not necessary as the cockpits can be made identical, and .air and .cfg files are interchangeable, but it was my preferred variant and it would ice the cake. Is there a J variant for Just Flight's C-130? Thanks very much, D
  13. Fast load times. Great freeware. Easy installation. A fully functional C-130. Offline everything (except multiplayer). Massive investment of time, money, effort and emotion. It's stable and it works so why subscribe to the play-and-discard upgrade ethos? The only issue I have under Win 10 is having to limit the framerate to less than about 150 fps to prevent the sound files from buzzing through being truncated. It amuses me that MS never expected more than 3 digit framerate so the Shift+Z FPS counter just picks the next ASCII character, so far up to about Frames/sec = E50 And after eleven years, I'm still only a quarter of the way through my RTW trip. It may outlast me. D
  14. Try this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-2004-Century/dp/B00009WAPR/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=fs2004&qid=1587647368&sr=8-1
  15. I have to confess to having a strong dislike of toy drones. I've had them buzzing round me while climbing. Once off the crux I lobbed a few stones and was gratified a few seconds later to hear a distant shout of outrage. For commercial operators they're fine, and even for anyone licensed (or trained) but I do think they should be withheld from the average ASBO. I found yesterday on one forum or another (possibly not Avsim) a comment re. social distancing and isolation along the lines of "and because the skies are empty I ignored the 400' limit and took it up to 1500". I don't object to that if the skies really are empty but I do object strongly to childish and word not allowed use leading to invasion of privacy. From my experience above, I can tell you the things are difficult to bring down. I find myself also wondering what the consensus is among pilots, rather than quad operators (quad operators are no more pilots than I am a F1 driver with my RC car). Edit: why has 'igno***t' been replaced with 'word not allowed'?
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