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  1. Dave Morgan

    Add on scenery question

    I just tried one of my JF discs and had a similar message. I think in my case Win 10 is refusing to run anything on a DVD: 'Rempte Procedure Call failed' and event viewer lists a couple of system files blocked from running... I've sent you a PM. D
  2. Dave Morgan

    Add on scenery question

    Hi Brian, and welcome to Avsim. I have FS9 with UK photoscenery installed on an XP machine and again on a Win 10 machine. In both cases the installation is in a non-default location and I've not had any problems with it. Can you tell us more about the failure to install? In the meantime, here are some thoughts about VFR scenery for the UK in FS9: Yes, FS Genesis is only mesh -- elevation enhancement. I use FS Global 2008, which you can find on ebay. As landclass depends partly on the gradient of the terrain, a higher resolution of mesh will improve its appearance by adding detail to the mosaic. If you do opt for UT Europe, be aware that the textures are only landclass, which is to say not photoscenery. That means you won't necessarily have hedges, or even fields, and you definitely won't find your home. You may prefer its appearance if you replace the stock landclass textures with the FScene set: https://www.justflight.com/product/fscene-x-download I have UT Europe and FScene X installed and they make a big difference. I also have almost all of Italy and some of the Alps in photoscenery (search the library here for author Fulvio Mazzokan in the FS2004 Scenery section) and that makes a bigger difference... Why not search the same section for 'photoscenery' or 'photoreal'? Choose an Extended Search, type the keyword into the 'Name and/or Description' box, set the category and click Search. I originally used Just Flight's VFR photoscenery but in the distant past I changed to Horizon aka Playsims. I don't recall what prompted the change but I was pleasantly surprised to find the Playsims photoscenery discs also had a high res mesh, a bunch of (basic) airfields and the necessary coastline adjustments as well as the photoscenery itself. Playsims folded before finishing the series so the Central Scotland disc was never released but all the rest of the UK should be available. Probably ebay again... I did receive privately an unfinished Central Scotland set, for a donation to a charity of my choice, but I'm ashamed to admit I can't recall who offered it. It was a big bonus for me as I fly specific areas in FS9 when planning walking or climbing trips. It's more fun than Google's 3D maps. Gary Summons (UK2000) has recently made his legacy VFR airfields into freeware. They're just as good as Just Flight's British Airports series, though as they were made between 2001 & 2005 recent changes to airfields aren't incorporated. They look best with photoscenery but go well enough with landclass. You can get them here: http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page22.html D
  3. Dave Morgan

    Offline weather engine

    Hi.. As I sim entirely offline, I have no useful access to real-time weather. In FS9 I use FSMetar by Ivan Alvarez, with a year's worth of downloaded metar text files from which I choose the most appropriate for the day & time. Since the particular metar is loaded manually I don't have dynamic weather changes, but the weather does vary from location to location when the engine detects that I'm now within range of another airfield. The setup works well enough for me and, combined with High Definition Environment v2 clouds and some home-modified sky textures, it's been all that I wanted for a number of years. Now that I'm using Prepar3D I spent the weekend tweaking cloud and sky textures (ended up converting my FS9 textures to 888-8 for use in P3D). While the appearance of clouds and sunsets has improved dramatically from the default, the clouds still have a rather cartoonish appearance: the cumulus still seem to have an odd scale, the stratus still looks rather like scale armour and the cirrus mosaic is still quite obvious. If I haven't misunderstood the blurb, it looks as though REX or ASCA are the favourites for cloud textures; I'll probably make my own decision based on screenshots. On the other hand, an offline weather engine into which I can load the day's weather is something I would really like as it would save me from having to create weather manually every time I launch P3D for another flight. Is there anything that fits the bill? D
  4. Dave Morgan

    P3D, C-130 and Air Hauler 2

    Thank you very much for your reply. Guess what I'm dong next pay-day! D
  5. Dave Morgan

    Volumic clouds in fs9

    Hi Eric. I came to FS9 from Flight Unlimited, which had a weather engine and volumetric cloud modelling years ahead of their time. The one thing that's always saddened me about FS9 is the billboard clouds. I have hundreds of hours (by now possibly thousands!) and who-knows-how-much money invested in mods to FS9. I'm strongly disinclined to shelve it and would download such a module as soon as I saw it. D
  6. Dave Morgan

    P3D, C-130 and Air Hauler 2

    Oh my word it's a long time since I posted at Avsim. The meat of the matter... does the current version of P3D really have the old Captain Sim C-130 in it? And while a quick search of this forum tells me Air Hauler 2 works with P3D, will I be able to port my old AH1/FS9 company in to AH2 in P3D? It was only recently that I heard that the C-130 is now an integral part of P3D. Other than the fact that it's such a lovely plane to fly, I'd been looking forward some years ago to adding one to my Air Hauler 1 company but my XP machine with FS9 died before the happy day. I've been mucking about for over a year looking for a suitable FS9+Win 10 compatible alternative to the C-130 but have drawn a blank. Just Flight's non-early access forum seems very close to dead and I've had no reply to my enquiry in their AH1 forum so could someone fill in these couple of gaps for me before I make a fool of myself splashing out on something I can't use. Thanks very much. D
  7. Dave Morgan

    FS9- humming sound?

    Ahh, sadly it doesn't work for me and my GeForce GTX 1060. Maximised window is fine but full screen is 60 fps max... I already had vertical sync forced off. Fast sync made no difference. Not that it matters, because over 100 fps or thereabouts the in-cockpit sound is rubbish anyway. I have been thinking about installing XP in place of MS gaoler 10 professional. I don't know if using the display port is limiting it. Maybe I should try HDMI instead. Out of interest, and on the assumption that it may be some other setting, Pref. refresh rate: highest available Triple buffering: off Vert sync: force off V sync smooth afr behaviour: off (what is that?) Tear control: standard D
  8. Dave Morgan

    FS9- humming sound?

    A bit of necroposting. I'd just discovered the same thing with my new win 10 pc. I'd even gone as far as buying a soundcard in the hope that it would keep up with the framerate. No joy. I've concluded that FS9 is coded to perform graphics and sound in separate something-or-others (timeline, thread, chain of events?) and that graphics takes priority over sound. Also, I suppose that each piece of sound must have a minimum duration to be intelligible. Because each chunk of sound has to play for a minimum period in order to be heard properly, at a high fps it's impossible for the sound to keep up with the graphics so FS9 repeatedly dumps some sections of sound in order to move on to something appropriate to the next frame. Each dump causes a pop and when a series of pops happens fast enough it sounds like a buzzing or a rumble. Below a certain framerate there's enough spare time for the sound to play fully, hence my earlier erroneous belief that a low IRQ priority for the onboard sound was to blame and that a dedicated card would solve the problem. Seems not. On the other hand, win 10 limits the fullscreen framerate to the monitor refresh rate, something that apparently can't be overridden. On the new PC, that has its own downside. I've concluded that FS9 is coded to perform a defined and limited number of graphics operations per frame. On the new machine there's plenty of time in each frame for photoscenery to load comfortably. But... each relatively lengthy frame has a lot of idle time at its end so by the time a sufficient number of cycles has been completed, I'm twenty miles beyond and the photoscenery never reaches full res. In windowed mode 300 fps still affords enough time (a three-hundredth of a second) for all the graphics operations to finish before the next frame and my photoscenery reaches high-res mips a lot quicker, usually before I've over-flown. It's interesting that over the ocean with a clear sky, I can get Shift+Z to show @99 or even A50 fps, which implies that MS never expected 4-digit framerates (the reported number won't roll over into the next decimal place: it uses the next character as a substitute. Hence the colon is 10, the semi-colon is 11, smaller-than is 12, equals is 13 etc). Equally interesting is that UK2000's EGLL with full AI still brings the FPS down to 29. On the other hand, Traffic Explorer says the number of aircraft is 455 so I'm happy... It does, though, mean that I only have a choice of fast scenery with sound artefacts, or good sound but photoscenery that never fully loads...
  9. Dave Morgan

    FS2004 VC on startup Software available?

    Hi Tony. I keep them all in the ..\Roaming\..\FS9\ folder, naming them for example, 'fs9 4 engine turboprop saitek.cfg' or 'fs9 single prop with joystick.cfg' and rename them when I need one or the other. I do the same with FSUIPC.ini in the ..\Modules\ folder, though that's just because I'm too lazy to experiment with setting up different profiles... I have shortcuts to the two folders on my desktop, to the disgust of several friends who believe the desktop should be empty 😊. D
  10. Dave Morgan

    Suitable cargo prop for Win 10

    Thanks for that reassurance. The An12 and a bottle of red... that's my evening sorted. D
  11. Dave Morgan

    Suitable cargo prop for Win 10

    I started in on the An-12 last night, but, reading through the English language Word document user manual, I saw something half-translated that looked suspiciously like, 'Sorry, I made a mistake and this plane isn't compatible with FSUIPC. You'll have to disable anything in the Modules folder that has FSUIPC in its name or the plane won't work properly.' ... so I haven't installed it yet. If it is incompatible, it's not going to become a favourite. Did I fail to complete the translation correctly? Word of any experiences, good or bad would be appreciated. If the B1900 doesn't deliver, I may have to fork out for the MAAM DC-3. D
  12. Dave Morgan

    FS2004 VC on startup Software available?

    Which is even better than the suggestion I was going to make, of keeping two copies of fs9.cfg
  13. Dave Morgan

    Suitable cargo prop for Win 10

    Didn't work. The installer dialogue tells me that there's no record of that order number , despite the fact that I just checked in with it. I've wasted enough time on it. Antonov next.
  14. Dave Morgan

    Suitable cargo prop for Win 10

    I'll try downloading a fresh installer this evening, as you did. If it works, oh Lordy it would make me so happy...
  15. Dave Morgan

    New key for new PC?

    Thanks very much Ray. I'll probably install at the weekend so Doug can expect a request before long. D