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  1. Hi everyone, Can anyone remember how to move parking spots / nodes etc in FLED. I have FLED working, open a package, edit the airport and can click on the object but cant seem to move it. It looks like I can add new ones but just want to move one a few "feet" so its on the tarmac and not on the grass. This is on the UKS version that I now have working but noticed at Gatwick the parking spot seems bogged down in the grass and not in front of the hanger,.Its current location is difficult to get the plane to move. I am sure it used to be in front of the hanger. Thanks Andy
  2. andy9164

    FU3_UKS Reborn

    Hello everyone, As you can tell from the post title I finally got FU3_UKS up and running again. Firstly a big thank you to Robert Driscoll who very kindly sent half way around the world his copy of FU3_UKS. I added to this the files that are still available at and away we go. The region is quite vast and I have already spent happy hours flying around my homeland. If any one is interested and like me, you have lost your version, then PM me and I will continue the community spirit by making a copy and sending it on. I will also try and set up my ftp site to see if its possible to upload / download, will let you know how that goes, however it is nearly 14Gb. Andy
  3. andy9164

    Uk South

    In fact, if possible can you upload all you have. I have spent all of today "playing" and then realised my base package is from 2003 so only covers L0 to L3 maps. I managed to find some L4 maps here and there by following threads, but a lot of the files on AVSIM no longer appear to be there. I got FU3 UKS to fly but I have big issues with the maps. I managed to install the far north (tiles BA** to BIxx) and everything was looking good. But south of this region is not so good. Any help greatly received. Andy
  4. andy9164

    Uk South

    So I managed to set up an ftp site and would be greatful if you could download to it the file. Will PM you details. Help much appreciated Andy
  5. andy9164

    Uk South

    Wow, sorry, doesnt time fly. I have moved house and you know how it goes. I did find an old thread by Agtim but unfortunately some of the library file links are now missing. One file on your list is one thats missing. I think I have all the others on various CD's and some of the files are still available to download here and there. Dont know how big the file is but what I can try and do is set up an ftp place on my website and see if it can be downloaded there. Will PM you with detais when I have it set up. Promise it wont take me another 3 years. Andy
  6. Hi Everyone, As per previous recent posts I rediscovered FU3 and have recently installed it along fwith Fu2 San Fran scenery on my PC. Had to do some jiggling with Cockpit designer to get the cockpits to show due to the rect problem but so far its going well. Amazing how much I can remember. I did say in other posts that I thought I had the UKS version of FU somewhere but what I thought were my backup CD copies turned out to be something completely different so I am really asking a hopeful question if anybody out there has a copy that could save it to disk or something and send it to me. I would happily pay any costs. Even a copy of the very first version would be helpful as I have most of the updates stored on my PC so it would just be a case of sorting them out and going through the process. Let me know if anybody can help. Andy
  7. andy9164

    Flight Unlimited 3 memories

    Wow some people still here and I'm still surprised i can remember by username and password. I was clearing out some stuff off one of my old PC's a few weeks ago and came across a whole heap of FU3_UKS files and it got my mind ticking. I remember spending hours developing Lydd airport with a lot of help from Rob Driscoll and publishing it for other users, even though I had initially no idea what I was doing. After that I went searching and found 4 x CD's labelled FU3-UKS Base package . I am tempted now to try and rebuild everything and start flying again but I suppose technology has moved so fast that it could be fraught with time consuming issues. I may try with FU2 and FU3 first and see where that goes and who knows maybe even try FU3_UKS if I have the patience. It used to be a real pleasure to fly around on this sim, and one thing I remember was that most UK airports on the UKS version had Glidernuts hanger. Even Lydd had one half way down the taxiway to the runway. There was even one at Gatwick, in fact I think that's where you started. Will come back and let you know if I managed to resurrect anything. Happy Days. Andy
  8. andy9164

    Uk South

    Hi Dave, Firstly aopologies for the extremely delayed response. I was having a tidy up in the loft following an overflowing water tank and found a box of DVD's which say UKS Base package 1of 4 through 4 of 4 so I may actually have them. I havent had chance to load them yet and I am sure I will have issues with Windows 8.1 and the advancement of graphis technology but when I get a spare afternoon I will get them loaded and see what happens. Will come back if I need some help. Again, thanks for the reply. Andy
  9. andy9164

    Uk South

    Hi Everyone, Ever such a long time since I have been here and good to see the forum is still going and some familiar names still appearing. So my problem, 2 or 3 computers later and I appear to have lost my version of FU3_UKS. My own fault as even though I do regular backups on my last PC change I forgot to add it to the backup and since then have also got rid of my old backup drive. Does anybody by chance know if its available anywhere as even after all this time I am starting to miss it. Thanks Andy
  10. Hi Stuart,Thanks for posting the above again. Having finally got around to installing and fine tuning my new Nvidia card (see post "Windows 7 64 bit") and this has saved me a lot of trouble. Slowly working through all the aircraft .res files I have to get them up to scratch.Appreciated.Andy