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  1. My feelings exactly - I often think about his enthusiasm for the hobby, and that he went out of his way to help others. I recall his delight [ shortly before he passed ] when he solved a long standing shimmering graphics issue on his system. I too never met David, but I wish I had.
  2. Looks like MS Flight is no more according to other areas of this site. No way I will be getting rid of FU3 [ or FS 2002 or FS 2004 ] , I still get a lot of pleasure from the older stuff. Stuart
  3. To confirm Dave's post, you will get the panel display in FU2 at 800x600 resolution, nothing higher. I think this is mentioned somewhere in the manual. I had a similar problem with FU3 crashing seconds after landing [ on my XP system]. I fixed it by removing add-on scenery folders one at a time until I found the culprit - can't remember which one it was though! I still fly both sims and love both of them. In the case of FU2 , I have not come across any 'challenge/ adventure' in FS9 that is remotely as much fun or as quirky as those in the default FU2 or its 3rd party add-ons. I am no dinosaur, and appreciate that FS9 is light years ahead in terms of graphics etc [ I am a regular and avid flyer in FS9 ], but the FU series still does it for me. Regards........Stuart
  4. Hi TiggCJ,I still Fly FU 3, and as Roger said, you are bound to come across bugs from time to time because of the age of the sim.I had a similar problem to yours , and traced it to an add-on [ I can't remember which one now].Try Roger's suggestion, and do check out the Flight Unlimited forum on here- there is a wealth of information in it !Regards............Stuart
  5. No problem Alan,I was joking about the headache [ just my ironic sense of humour ], I find all languages and their use fascinating.Have a good one........Stuart
  6. Hi Viperpilot and boeing247, Sorry you’ve completely lost me with your explanation. As I see it [ maybe other Brits will help me out here ], the expression relates to a specific situation, hypothetical or otherwise. E.g. A Chelsea supporter [ English soccer team] says to me ‘ I hope we win the Cup this year’, I would reply ‘I could not care less’ - which would imply [ correctly] that it would be impossible for me to be less concerned about their fortunes – in other words it is of no interest to me. If I replied ‘ I could care less ‘ [which I have never heard a Brit say anyway ], it would be taken to mean that it would be possible for me to be less concerned- which to me makes no sense in any context. I have just given myself a headache thinking this through and am going for a lie down in a darkened room ! Boeing247, I think we do use the correct definition of irony over here, as a good deal of our humour is based on it. Are the people you refer to English [ i.e by nationality] teachers or teachers of English ? Regards..Stuart
  7. I have never understood why our American friends say ' I could care less'. Unless I am mistaken they are attempting to convey the same meaning as the British version - which is ' I could not care less '.
  8. Hi Sonny Jim,As Pieter said, a dying breed !I too have never messed with the . cfg file and just turn the haze setting up to mask the sky banding a little.I use the following joykeys .cfg for my Logitech stick, which works pretty well.I would also like to be able to cycle through all the external views available with a single button press but have never managed to crack that one.Regards.......Stuart;joykeys.cfg;For: CH Products Virtual Pilot Pro Yoke;By: John Voznak;Notes: Place file in your Flight3 directory---------------------------------------------;;joy_1 Toggle_Parking_Brakesjoy_2 Start_Enginejoy_3_rep_10 Elevator_Trim_Downjoy_4_rep_10 Elevator_Trim_Upjoy_5 Flaps_Upjoy_6 Flaps_Downjoy_7 Toggle_Landing_Gearjoy_8 console func Reverse_Thrust && func SpeedBrakes joy_9 console func left_brake_on && func right_brake_onjoy_9_up console func left_brake_off && func right_brake_off;;no settings for the right hat switch;
  9. Hi Andy- pleased to help and a Happy New Year to you and all.Stuart
  10. Hi Dean, Did you know that there is a forum for the Flight Unlimited series on Avsim? Scroll down a way to 'Other Forums' and you will find it. There are many helpful folks on there who will no doubt get you up and running. I have XP on my desktop, but there are others who run the sim on 7, I believe. By the way, FU 111 may be an old-timer in this fast-paced hobby of ours , but is a blast if set up correctly ! regards.........Stuart
  11. Hi again--------- Found it on Simviation ,its on page 80 of 'Props', you will not want to miss this one.In fact if you are not aware of Bill Lyon's work, it's well worth checking out the major sites for his superb packages. :( stuart
  12. Hi, Have you got the Bill Lyons ' Classic Goose' package for Fs 9?I've had hours of fun with this freeware [ formerly payware] package, which is based on TOTGM. There are many TOTGM based flights and the aircraft itself is a superb piece of work, as you would expect from Mr Lyons.I thought I got it from Flightsim , but can't seem to find it on a library search tonight.Anyway, if you strike out, let me know in a PM and I will send it to you.Best...Stuart
  13. Sorry folks, a senior moment , quick guide is re-posted in thread below this one- 'Info re cockpit designer availability'Stuart
  14. See thread above for a quick guide to using this facility.
  15. Hi All,I noticed that this had been deleted from this thread [ probably during the clean-up after the hack].re-posted in case it's of any use. Regards.StuartStep by step guide to altering cockpit rects in Fu3 aircraft .res files using Cockpit Designer Please note I was not responsible for finding the solution to the cockpit graphics problem, I have just put these notes together for those [ like myself] who are not ‘whizz kids with computers and their related stuff. 1. Download Cockpit Designer from Gideon Pertzov’s website @ gpdev.net Unzip to a temporary folder. Click on Cockpit Designer icon and then ‘run’. Click on Project then New - Give the project name of your choice. Browse to the folder where you placed Cockpit Designer and click on Cockpit Design Utility- then click on Projects – click OK. Browse to the .res file you want to alter in your FU3 directory- select and Click OK. The utility will then extract the relevant cockpit files and will instruct you to click OK to continue. A ‘Select view screen’ will then appear- now we alter the ‘rects’ of each view in turn. Click on VFR panel and you will see the panel displayed.Now click on the IN tab and you will then see all the rects displayed. Click on 3D region and alter the figures to 0,0,799,599 in each box then click on Rect 1 and repeat as 3D region. Delete the other rects [ if any] by clicking on ‘Remove rect’.Click OK. Now click on the ‘Select view’ tab [ miniature cockpit to the left of the IN tab] and alter all the other views as above. When done exit project and your .res file will be automatically updated. Click OK. Delete the project from the Project folder if you don’t need it anymore. Job done !
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