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  1. To confirm Dave's post, you will get the panel display in FU2 at 800x600 resolution, nothing higher. I think this is mentioned somewhere in the manual. I had a similar problem with FU3 crashing seconds after landing [ on my XP system]. I fixed it by removing add-on scenery folders one at a time until I found the culprit - can't remember which one it was though! I still fly both sims and love both of them. In the case of FU2 , I have not come across any 'challenge/ adventure' in FS9 that is remotely as much fun or as quirky as those in the default FU2 or its 3rd party add-ons. I am no dinosaur, and appreciate that FS9 is light years ahead in terms of graphics etc [ I am a regular and avid flyer in FS9 ], but the FU series still does it for me. Regards........Stuart
  2. Hi Andy- pleased to help and a Happy New Year to you and all.Stuart
  3. Sorry folks, a senior moment , quick guide is re-posted in thread below this one- 'Info re cockpit designer availability'Stuart
  4. See thread above for a quick guide to using this facility.
  5. Hi All,I noticed that this had been deleted from this thread [ probably during the clean-up after the hack].re-posted in case it's of any use. Regards.StuartStep by step guide to altering cockpit rects in Fu3 aircraft .res files using Cockpit Designer Please note I was not responsible for finding the solution to the cockpit graphics problem, I have just put these notes together for those [ like myself] who are not ‘whizz kids with computers and their related stuff. 1. Download Cockpit Designer from Gideon Pertzov’s website @ gpdev.net Unzip to a temporary folder. Click on Cockpit Designer icon and then ‘run’. Click on Project then New - Give the project name of your choice. Browse to the folder where you placed Cockpit Designer and click on Cockpit Design Utility- then click on Projects – click OK. Browse to the .res file you want to alter in your FU3 directory- select and Click OK. The utility will then extract the relevant cockpit files and will instruct you to click OK to continue. A ‘Select view screen’ will then appear- now we alter the ‘rects’ of each view in turn. Click on VFR panel and you will see the panel displayed.Now click on the IN tab and you will then see all the rects displayed. Click on 3D region and alter the figures to 0,0,799,599 in each box then click on Rect 1 and repeat as 3D region. Delete the other rects [ if any] by clicking on ‘Remove rect’.Click OK. Now click on the ‘Select view’ tab [ miniature cockpit to the left of the IN tab] and alter all the other views as above. When done exit project and your .res file will be automatically updated. Click OK. Delete the project from the Project folder if you don’t need it anymore. Job done !
  6. Hi Jim,That's good news, teamwork like this will keep this great sim alive and well. :( Stuart
  7. Last post on this subject, honest !Don't forget to copy your plnpile to another folder just in case you mess it up.If I had a UK pound for every time I've done that I would be sending this from Monte Carlo. :(
  8. I really should have thanked Chris also for his part in solving this problem, particularly after he took the trouble to upload the 'one pixel fix' aircraft for us all.BTW , I have solved my CTD problem, by reading [ properly this time ] Chris' install instructions for his San Fran/ Seattle packs, I must have exceeded the airport icon limit. :( Regards...........Stuart
  9. Just a general update re this issue,it is not only confined to Vista users. I have XP [sP3] and Hans' fix obviously applies to both.I have easily altered the recs as per the advice of Hans, and if I can do it anyone can ! Just make sure you carefully read the HTML doc that is packaged with Cockpit Designer.I now have FU3 looking as good [ actually better ] than it ever has, with full AA and AF.I am now trying to discover why I get an MS error message when I touch down .I'm sure this has nothing to do with the cockpit issue- probably an add-on plane or scenery.I can live with it, but I will report back if I find the culprit.I am like a kid in a sweet shop now that my toy has been fixed ! :(
  10. Hans,I return from a week in Greece and to no surprise, I find that you have solved the problem.This really is great news for the future of FU3 and I know that it will re-ignite the interest of many who may have been frustrated by the lack of a readable 2D cockpit.I am no 'techie', but I think I can alter the recs with the aid of your post on this thread, and a careful read of the Cockpit Designer tutorials.I notice that this subject had been viewed by very many more people than post on this board, so perhaps I can thank you on their behalf.I do agree that your 'Broken Cockpit Fix' message to present/ future / lapsed users would be very worthwhile.Ok I'm off to do some reading.Regards............Stuart :(
  11. Thanks for your reply Jon,Sorry for my delay in responding, I will browse Agtim's site, my IT skills may be insufficient to go beyond San Fran and Seattle though !x(
  12. Hello to all,I read of references on the forum to the UK South region.As a resident of that fine country I would love to have this as an add-on for FU 3:-) Can anybody confirm if this available for download or purchase ?Sorry posted twice in error !!!Regards..Stuart Pearson
  13. Hello to all,I read several references on the forum to the UK South region, as a resident of that fine country I would love this as an add-on:) Can anyone tell me if this is available for download or purchase ?Regards..........Stuart Pearson
  14. >Thanks for the link, didn't know this link - even an old one>:-)>>Check your zip using the test action of winzip to see if all>files in the zip are ok. Download the zip again.>>:-wave >AndreThanks Andre,I checked the .adv file by clicking on 'properties'- it was shown as 'read only' - unticking the box solved the problem.Other potential users may need to do the same.Regards....Stuart Pearson:-hah
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