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  1. I myself use the msconfig of winXP. I run it and disable as follows to make my machine lean:1. I disable All on the startup tab.2. on the services tab, I hide all Microsoft Services and disable the rest.3. I disable all on the win.ini and system.ini tabs4. I restartWhen you want to go back to normal, run msconfig again and choose normal startup.
  2. Tim, defragment your drives after installation.
  3. Try increasing the Global Texture Resolution setting and the Scenery Density setting.Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Very sad news.
  5. Before I installed FSX, I uninstalled the Demo2 and the Beta, then I defragmented the drives. After FSX installation, I took a small flight around Seattle, found that the frames are not like the Beta. I checked the drives and found lots of fragmentation after the installation. Defragged again and twice the drives, took a flight in Seattle, and the frames about doubled. I think someone mentioned this before in one of the threads.
  6. When a friend shipped FSX Deluxe from Ottawa, Canada, they said it would arrive in four days to Dubai. But was I surprised to learn that it reached Dubai airport in 1 1/2 days, and they were kind enough to let me pick it up right at their airport sort facility, fresh out of the plane ;-) 1 1/2 days for delivery across the world!! I must be the first to obtain FSX Deluxe in these parts :-lol. A buff am I! Installed and activated smooth and fast.On to tweaking, which is part of the fun. Start by defragmenting.Happy FSX'ing :)
  7. >I am seriously thinking about burglarizing the nearest EB>games! I wonder if they would prosecute me if I left $75 on>the counter?:-lol :-lol Good one!
  8. Hi, Asim. I work in Dubai. A friend of mine in Canada sent me FSX Deluxe by Fedex. It is expensive, but I only do this once every three years :-lol
  9. Instead of tweaking down, I have tweaked up ;); I set the upper limit of the trees at 6000, which is the maximum acceptable value. Kept the buildings at 3000.On my machine, with no water and minimum AI, I still get good rates for VFR flying.
  10. I'm extremely happy with it!! "THANK YOU" ACES for the Max 2.x water, for the autogen (especially the trees), for the mesh, for the textures, for the Beaver and the Maule and the Goose, for the low-impact clouds,... Do I need to go on? :)And did I mention that I'm still using the Beta version? My RTM FSX was bought in Canada, sent by courier, today left Paris on the way to Dubai. Should get it Friday hopefully :)
  11. Great fall photos! Thanks for sharing, Geofa.
  12. Joe, I sent you a message. You seen it yet?
  13. Thanks much for the feedback, Sawacs. I especially appreciate the water at the highest setting; true it is a frame-eater, but so lovely it is.Enjoy your new sim :)
  14. Very funny indeed :-lol. And I was starting to think that this dude Jeff is a really cool one to ignore the fact that FSX has already hit the streets!
  15. Lucky are those who have already found it. I have three friends looking for it in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City; all are reporting no luck so far x(. I think they are lying to me, or they are not looking hard enough, ha...
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