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  1. Why use ContrastAdaptiveSharpen and LumaSharpen together? With Dgvoodoo2 AA, that is 3 antialias.
  2. For FU3, Anisotropic 4x is enough as I couldn't see any texture improvement in the distance with 16x. I don't use Bilinear blit stretch Apply Phong shading
  3. I am not experiencing this. Maybe it is one of the filters? I am using these 4 filters and they are great: Deband Pirate_Bloom DELC_Sharpen Pirate_Vibrance
  4. Hi. On the contrary. I myself like to see attempts to keep improving on the sim. Right now I have a perfectly running FU3. I kept all settings on dgvoodoo2 on default except AA and AF.
  5. I hope I am posting the image properly. FU3 weather is fascinating and can be generated any which way you want. I like the cold fronts more as the warm fronts usually have a low ceiling and require that you fly at 1000 ft or less to have some visibility. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArUCpDk7pPaAkTWIyA9QRjC91zWc
  6. Patrikmore, the UsePuffCloudModels is much better on. Without it, the big cumulus clouds have an unrealistic flat bottom
  7. Thank you, Ansgar. I will dig into it, as I love tweaking my skies hehe... I wonder what the differences are between this and Laurie's.
  8. Ah, thank you, Patrikmore. I will compare it with what I have.
  9. Very nice screenshot, patrikmore, with the raw look of FU3 that we love. Thanks for sharing. There isn't a single cloud in the sky! I always fly with a very busy sky, especially menacing ones 🙂. While in FU3, I spend as much time experimenting in the Weather Page as I spend in flight hehe.
  10. It is nice patrikmore to see how much pleasure you are deriving from FU3. As to me, whenever I crave flying in rain (I love rain and dark weather), I jump into FU3. FS2020 still doesn't have that magic feel of flying in a rainy or stormy weather as FU3.
  11. In FS2020, when I am near cities, I use Low settings, and as soon as I move away, I bump the settings to High. Low settings are a pleasure to fly with though. It should run great on any average system. The loading time has been cut greatly. If you wish to fly the airliners, better to wait for more fixes, but if you like GA like I do, don't delay getting this fabulous sim.
  12. About FS 2020. I got the Standard version from day one, and from that day it has been a pleasure to fly. Bugs are there but, for me, they are not affecting the joy of simming in it. I would rate it personally a solid 9 out of 10. Updates and fixes come every 2 weeks! Updating for me is headache-free. Two days back, I was flying in Africa, over the Sahara, in the middle of nowhere. But the textures, the villages, the roads were unbelievable to see in a sim. And I still fly FU3 hehe... Each sim has its charm
  13. It flies OK for me. I don't like flying it, just tried it to see if there are issues. There aren't that I could notice.
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