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  1. Great tips. Thanks. One of the hardest things at the moment is that I so easily lose track of where the runway is until I'm right up close. It's possible that because I'm running this on a 4k monitor it's a bit more "blocky" than it would originally have been so the scenery isn't quite as defined. Eyesight isn't what it used to be either now that I'm getting older. I'm sure I'll get there though. It's quite remarkable what the human brain (even mine) can achieve with enough practice, practice, practice. Just on a slightly different note before we finish here..... have you tried any of the other flight sims that are available today...the current ones? If you have, is there anything out there now that offers the same sort of features as FU3 but with (perhaps) iimproved graphics etc? Having great fun with this but if there is an equivalent of an "FU4" by some other name that would be interesting to look at too. Lots of flight sims out there but FU3 seems to offer "role playing" missons and such which place it a little above just flying the plane.
  2. Wow! That's brilliant. Thanks very much. I've got that printed out now by my PC. thanks for your help. Now, if I can just get the hang of not smashing the aircraft up every time I try to land I'll have it nailed - lol! All the best.
  3. Hey, thanks a lot. That's a pretty useful document to have to hand for a newbie. I hadn't put "two and two" together about the runway numbers relating to their compass heading, but that makes sense now. I'm still going through the early lessons and only just about to do the lesson on patterns, approaches and such so lots to learn. The hardest part I find is not being able to get a birds-eye view of where the runway is relative to the parking and vica vera. Start the engine, release the brake. Now...there are 360 degrees out there...pick one 🙂 Anyway this will help a lot. Thanks for the link to it. Cheers
  4. Hi I've recently resurrected my FU3 simulator and it seems to work ok on my win10 PC. I didn't play it all that much when I bought it so I didn't gather up all the "extras" back then to make it better. Now that I'm playing it again I would love to find any available airport diagrams that anyone might be able to point me in the direction of. I was trying to take off from a new airport today and the (rather irritated) ground controller suggested that I shoud check my airport diagram to find the runway. It's difficult to find your way around on the ground without some kind of reference diagrams. I read this thread.... ...but when I searched the Avsim Library I couldn't find anything, so maybe it's been taken down since then (it was a while ago in fairness). Can anyone help please? It sounds like the document did exist at one time. FU3 is a still a great game so I'm hoping some folks are still playing it now. Thanks
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