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  1. Someone re-uploaded Jon Point DHC6 Twin Otter and DHC8 "DHC-6 and DHC-8" (file dhc68.zip) on 24th August 2023.
  2. Even the video you posted is boring to me compared to what I obtain. You seem to play the game directly without wrapper, and you should have a DirectX issue, but you don't? That could be the reason for poor quality. To solve DirectX version compatibility issue you should install DGvoodoo2. For a good visual rendering install Reshade. Important: version 4.7.0 with this setting: Techniques=Vibrance,DELC_Sharpen,Pirate_Bloom,prod80_03_FilmicTonemap,Unsharp Install Chris Low upgrades for San Francisco and Seattle, and also Ansgar Avermeyer AI Package. I have plenty of planes and also planes modified from AVSIM library. I play often the game at sunset partially cloudy.
  3. @answer for xiphactinus So you have real game FU3 CDs, so you have "virtual" CDs. 3 CDs for FU3 if I remember correctly. 3 files with ".iso" extension for instance. If your PC works normally, when you double click that file, a CD is virtually inserted. Verify what letter is allocated for that CD. You'll have to extract one CD and insert another CD during install (many times), or just insert another CD on the same letter by double click on the appropriate file, if you have the appropriate virtual CD software.
  4. My settings for ReShade are as follow, sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this is final: Levels,Curves,Pirate_Vibrance,DELC_Sharpen,Pirate_Bloom,prod80_02_Bloom,prod80_03_FilmicTonemap,Unsharp Plenty of bloom, sharpness, good colors, not too dark, not too bright, natural and photographic rendering. Remember that all the versions of FU3 you can download aren't good. You could have a big bug on radio (noisy sound). The game is still worthy. Two reasons: the great feeling of wind when you glide. The weather dramatization. If the game doesn't start it could be because of intro video not compatible with windows. Put nomovie in flt3.cfg ;From John Lewis (Glidernut) - use larger value to improve distance models. model_detail_scale 1000 language eng IWorkHere ;--Gets rid of opening loud movie nomovie ;--This will stop Approach and Control from screaming at you on guard. ;no_approach_on_guard ;no_tower_on_guard frequent_pilot_slams ; new stuff terrain_delta_time 0.5 maximum_cap 280000000 ;joystick with throttle and rudder pedals joy_device 1 rudder_device 1 3 ;mixture_device 1 6 throttle_device 1 6 use_loose_gtls ;generate_outer_megatiles ;--Give your plane a shadow ;enablePlayerShadow ;--Cancel splashes on floatplane touchdowns ;no_splash ;HAZE ;--Set this to the size, in bytes, you want to use for your haze cache. ;--will use more of your system resources in exchange for better performance, ;--in moderate to severe weather conditions (default=512000). use_haze_cache haze_cache_size 1024000 HazeMethod multipass ;--TERRAIN HAZE: Controls the haze on the terrain. Its default value is specular, ;--as specular is more compatible with terrain than with models and clouds. ;--Options are "specular", "multipass" (or "MT"), "fog" TerrainHazeMethod multipass ;--SKYHAZE: Specify whether to use fog, specular lighting, or multi-pass effects for ;--rendering haze on clouds. Its value may be "fog", "specular" or "multipass". ;--SPEED: Specular is the fastest method, followed by fog then multipass. ;--VISUAL: Specular is best, followed by multipass then fog. ;--3D Drivers: multipass is safest, followed by fog then specular. ;--The default value is multipass. SkyHazeMethod multipass ;--MODEL HAZE: Same as above, but controls the haze on 3D models (default=multipass). ModelHazeMethod multipass ;STARTUP plane Fokker airport bdg region sanfran CurrentLog DEFAULT.LOG default_weather WEATH5.WSD ;default_weather TRWDIST.WSD ; AI pattern_cap 10 takeoff_cap 8 ground_cap 20 ai_density_multiplier 0.7 cam_mode 11 mono_wrap mono_clear ;--In fly mode, the mouse will disappear after # seconds of inactivity. ;--Moving it will bring it back. ;mouse_vanish 4 ;--Having this line in your cfg file will enable you to fly freely throughout the world ;--using your joystick. "Zoar mode" is toggled in-game by pressing control-Z. zoar ;OPTIONS forcefeedback_xmin 0. opt_pilot_voice 7 opt_hw_acceleration 1 opt_3dhw_last_hw 1 opt_video_resolution 2 opt_perspective 2 opt_gamma_correction 33 opt_close_caption 0 opt_aircraft_density 69 opt_distance_clipping 0 opt_terrain_detail 103 opt_BDensity 5 opt_sun_moon_glare 1 opt_sky_detail 2 opt_enhanced_cumulus 1 opt_fair_weather_cumulus 1 opt_cumuloform_population 69 opt_cumuloform_variability 69 opt_wind_accuracy 2 opt_radio_volume 103 show_distant_mountains 0 ;--For proper size taxi-signs sign_scale .3 ;--Change airport beacon brightness beacon_brightness 2.7 ;--Adds "other" airports to the scenery area. extra_airports haze_scale 29 turb_scale 40 blackbox_autorec 101803 ;the blackbox_real_time option will make your flight recordings stay in better sync with any .wav ; sound files they reference ;blackbox_real_time ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;CLOUDS ;Cloud "models", which are cumuliform clouds, have many settings. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UsePuffCloudModels ;--In hardware, smaller values make the clouds puff-out when further away, and ;--will adversely affect framerate (defaults min=150, max=200). model_puff_min 150 model_puff_max 200 ;--This will change the size of the "puffs" within a cumuliform cloud (default=2) model_puffscale 3 ;--One factor in determining "puff" size (default=0.05). CloudDeck_PuffOnlyRadiusRatio 0.050000 ;--Maximum size of "grid" element (in whole numbers, default=16). CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxQuadSize 32 ;--Maximum size of puff, in whole numbers (default=5). CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxPuffSize 8 ;--Other factors in puff size (defaults 2.5,0.1). PuffGrid_Scale 2.5 PuffGrid_TopScaleVariation 0.1 ;--Random puff placement (defaults 0.1, 0.1). puff_puffonlyx 0.1 puff_puffonlyz 0.1 ;--Values that affect puff placement and scale with distance (defaults 0.5, 0.5, 0.8). PuffGrid_TopOffset 0.5 PuffGrid_TopAdjust 0.5 PuffGrid_CosmicFudge 0.8 ;--Size, in whole numbers, of backdrop (default=4). PuffGrid_BackdropSize 4 ;--Decreasing this decreases framerate, but improves accuracy of puff sizes (default=0.1). PuffGrid_SquashIncrement 0.08 ;--Fade-in/out time for grid puffs (default=3). puff_gridstale 20 ;--Wait this long before puff dies (default=2). puff_griddelay 2 ;--Define this to turn off terrain height compensation. ;PuffGridIntersectTerrain ;--Haze calc frequency for puffs (default 4, 2). puff_gridHazeCalcTime 5 puff_gridHazeCalcTimeVariation 2 ;--Largest size of glommed non-puff grid elements (default=32). grid_MaxTileIncrement 32 ;--How quickly non-puff grid elements are glommed together with distance (default=1.6). grid_MinTexelScreenSize 1.6 ;--Fudgy things (defaults SubQuad 0.5, StandAlone 0.9). ;--I guess Threashold means threshold. grid_SubQuadThreashhold 0.5 grid_StandAloneThreashhold 0.9 ;--Various grid element sizes, in meters (defaults 64000,16000,16000,4096,4096,4096). grid_TileSize_Cirrus 64000 grid_TileSize_CirroCumulus 16000 grid_TileSize_AltoCumulus 16000 grid_TileSize_StratoCumulus 4096 grid_TileSize_NimboStratus 4096 grid_TileSize_Stratus 4096 ;--In Software (SW), how many grid elements are sorted. The more, the better ;--looking, but slower the framerate (defaults 25,50). CloudDeck_MinSWGridObjects 25 CloudDeck_MaxSWGridObjects 50 ;--How often backdrop haze is calculated (defaults 3, 1). Backdrop_HazeTimeDelta 10 Backdrop_HazeTimeVariation 3 ;--Large cloud models (aka cumulus clouds) may obscure other clouds, terrain, ;--and models. This behavior may be disabled. ;DisableCloudObscuration ;--Cumulus clouds may also "shade" depending on the sun's position relative to ;--the camera. This may be disabled. ;DisableCloudShading ;--In software, cumulus clouds are positioned near cloud decks, unless disabled. ;DisableCloudDeckModels ;--When under cumuliform clouds, their bases get hazed specially. When these ;--values are smaller, their update frequency increases, and framerate decreases. ;--Defaults Dist=1024, Time (seconds)=10, Delta=3 CloudModel_QuadRecomputeDist 1024 CloudModel_QuadRecomputeTime 5 CloudModel_HazeDistDeltaUpdateTime 4 ;--These define when vertical polygons alpha (fade) out, depending on angle to camera. ;--Smaller values yield tighter transitions (default Min=0.17, Max=0.34). CloudModel_AlphaValMin 0.17 CloudModel_AlphaValMax 0.34 ;--This defines the relative color intensity of the base, relative to the rest of ;--the cloud (default 0.6). CloudModel_BottomIntensity 0.8 ;--Smaller values here increase overall cloud haze calculation frequency, and ;--decrease performance (defaults Time=5, Var=2). CloudModel_HazeCalcTime 10 CloudModel_HazeCalcTimeVariation 2 ;--This defines the largest size chunk with which the base of the cloud may be ;--rendered (default=1024). CloudModel_MinBottomSize 1024 ;--Maximum number of chunks for base of cloud. Must be a power of 2 (default=32). CloudModel_MaxBottomQuads 32 ;--Rate, relative to distance from camera, at which the cloud base is broken into ;--chunks. Large values yield higher rate (default=200). CloudModel_MinBottomScreenSize 200 ;--Rate at which the chunks hazes are computed. Smaller values yield more frequent ;--computation (defaults 20 sec and 100). CloudModel_HazeTimeDelta 20 CloudModel_HazeDistDelta 100 ;--Max number of cumuliform clouds whose visibility is calculated per frame (default=50). CloudVisibilityMax 70 ;--How important a contributor the sky as a whole is to lighting itself (default=0.5). Cloud_SkyWeight 0.5 ;--Says over what time, in seconds, does cumuliform haze interpolate (default=3). CloudHazeDeltaTime 8 ;--How cumuliform haze is colored (depth=10000, R=0.466, G=0.529, B=0.627). CloudHaze_MaxDepth 10000 CloudHaze_MaxDepthColor 0.4666666666667 0.5294117647059 0.6274509803922 ;--How flying through cirrus or altocumulus creates haze (depth=150, Mod=1). CloudHaze_MaxThinGridHazeDepth 150 CloudHaze_MaxThinGridHazeModifier 1 ;--How see-through altocumulus decks are (default=0.8). ThinGridAlpha 0.8 ;--Large cloud decks are rendered using "puffs", arranged in a grid, and have a ;--"backdrop" when viewed from above or below. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;SNOW ;Here's how the falling rain and snow is defined. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reg_average_temperature 270 reg_seasonal_temperature_variation 50 reg_daily_temperature_variation 263 reg_daily_temperature_variation_summer 35 reg_daily_temperature_variation_winter 25 reg_random_temperature_variation 20 reg_frontal_temperature_variation 30 ;--How many (default=400). snow_MaxParticles 5000 ;--How far out they (both snow and rain) can be created (meters, default=10): precip_MaxRadius 25 ;--Terminal velocity, in m/s (default=-1.0). snow_TermVel -1.0 ;--Size, in inches, a snowflake is (default 0.5). snow_size 1.4 ;--How far and how slow a snowflake must be to be rendered as a single flake (default 10,4). snow_minstreakdist 10 snow_minstreakspeed 4 ;--How see-through snow is when moving slow or fast (default 0.1,0.7). snow_minOpacity 0.5 snow_maxOpacity 0.9 sky_SnowOpticalDepthHW 50 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;RAIN ;Here's how you tweak those marvelous windshield raindrops, which are really ;composed of three separate effects. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;--How many of each effect, when at max intensity. ;--Defaults: maxdrops=20, maxspecks=240, maxsplats=10 windshield_Maxdrops 160 windshield_Maxspecks 300 windshield_MaxSplats 40 ;--Fudgy thing that makes them curve (default=0.60). windshield_CurvatureYFactor 0.80 ;--How they respond to relative velocity. Higher numbers make faster movements. ;--Default=0.3. windshield_VelAirspeedfactor 0.8 ;--Fudgy thing that makes them affected by gravity (default=6). windshield_ForceFactor 5 ;--Fudgy thing that makes them move randomly (default=0.1). windshield_JitterFactor 0.1 ;--How many (default=400). rain_MaxParticles 5000 ;--Terminal velocity, in m/s (default=-6.0). rain_TermVel -10.0 ;--How see-through precipitation is when moving slow or fast (default 0.1,0.7). rain_minOpacity 0.2 rain_maxOpacity 0.6 sky_RainOpticalDepthHW 50 ;--Defines how haze behaves around light vector. 'Optical' is -1 to 1. ;--'Mie' is 0 to 1. (defaults Rain -1, Snow -1, Cloud -0.2, Min 0.8, Front 1, ;--Max 0.9). ;sky_RainMinOptical -1 ;sky_SnowMinOptical -1 ;sky_CloudMinOptical -0.2 ;sky_HazeMieMin 0.8 ;sky_HazeMieFront 1 ;sky_HazeMieBack 0.9 ;--Min/max optical values, 0 to 1 (defaults 0.8, 1). ;sky_HazeOpticalMin 0.8 ;sky_HazeOpticalMax 1 ;--Fudge, default=0.5). ;sky_AmbientSquash 0.5 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;WISPS ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Wisps are a HW only effect that occur when inside, above, below cloud decks; ; entering or exiting a cumuliform cloud, or flying around an altocumulus or ; cirrus deck. ; Disable all wisps ;DisableWisps ; Disable near cloud decks ;Wisp_DisableNearDecks ; These define their density. Larger numbers result in slower framerate. ; Defaults Max=30, Size=150, Dist=120. wisp_Max 60 wisp_Size 150 wisp_Dist 240 ; Wisp translucency (0 to 1) is affected by its relative speed, measured in m/s. ; Defaults are MaxSpeed=6, MinSpeed=0.3, MaxSpeedAlpha=0.6, MinSpeedAlpha=0.05 wisp_MaxSpeed 6 wisp_MinSpeed 0.3 wisp_MaxSpeedAlpha 0.4 wisp_MinSpeedAlpha 0.05 ; Wisps are created this far from camera, in meters (default=10). wisp_MinDist 50 ; A value of 0 to 1. The lower the value, the sooner the wisp density reaches maximum. wisp_MinHazeLevel 0.3 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;STORM ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Virga may exist under cumulus clouds. They are packed in rows and columns under ; a cloud with a density defined by a value representing the number of virga ; instances on the side of square (default=2). Virga_Dim 4 ; Virga fades out when it is approached, defined by these min/max values, where ; a small value yields a closer distance. Virga_MaxDistFactor 1.5 Virga_MinDistFactor 0.5 ; Virga haze gets recalculated with a certain frequency, and random ; variation, in seconds. The smaller the values, the more frequent the ; recalculations. Virga_HazeCalcTime 5 Virga_HazeCalcTimeVariation 2 ; Virga may be colored depending on the type of precipitation within. The values are ; 0 to 1, each representing red, green, and blue. Defaults are: ; Virga_RainColor 0.6 0.7 0.8 Virga_SnowColor 0.73 0.73 0.73 Virga_RainColor 0.6 0.7 0.8 Virga_SnowColor 0.73 0.73 0.73 ; Disables lightning flashes ; DisableCumulusLightning ; Lightning causes CB (cumulonimbus) clouds to flash, at a variety of locations. ; The location changes randomly, governed by these min/max times, in seconds: Lightning_MinTime 0.5 Lightning_MaxTime 20 ; Lightning has an energy range. At minimum energy it takes on one color, while ; at max energy, it may have another. These values are defined by their red, ; green, and blue components. Defaults: ; Lightning_MinColor 1 0.878431372549 1 Lightning_MaxColor 0.8117647058824 1 1 Lightning_MinColor 1 0.878431372549 1 Lightning_MaxColor 0.8117647058824 1 1 ; When lightning occurs there is a probability it will not have a bolt associated ; with it. To reduce that probability (and thus increase the likelihood of a ; bolt), define this 0-1 value, where 0 means "most likely". Lightning_BoltProb 0 ; The flash associated with lightning travels a distance, then tapers off. Define ; the square of this value (dist x dist). The smaller the value, the less further ; the flash will travel (default=1000000). Lightning_AttenuationModifier 1000000 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;SKY ; Here's a bunch of random stuff relating to sky coloration, and other ; miscellany. ;------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Size, in radians, sun and moon appear (defaults both 0.08726646259972). ;moon_size 0.0450 ;sun_size 0.0436 moon_size 0.0000 sun_size 0.0600 ; how high the atmosphere exists AtmosphereThickness 50000 ; how quickly the atmosphere gets thin with altitude AtmosphereDensityRatio 0.4 ; increase these values for finer sky rendering sky_Lats 128 sky_Longs 128 sky_GradientLats 720 ; this value defines the angle above the horizon where the "solid" sky color begins sky_GradientAngle 0.4 ; these affect the "clear air" absorption sky_RayleighScatterRed 0.01 sky_RayleighScatterGreen 0.023 sky_RayleighScatterBlue 0.05 ; these affect the "clear air" scatter sky_RayleighScatterRedScatter 0.0004 sky_RayleighScatterGreenScatter 0.002 sky_RayleighScatterBlueScatter 0.003 ; How many low level haze profiles we have defined (default=2). sky_NumLowLevelHazeProfiles 2 ; Define this to specify which profile to use, else one is chosen randomly. ; Format: "sky_UseLowLevelProfile (1 to sky_NumLowLevelHazeProfiles)" sky_UseLowLevelProfile 1 ;--1.CLEAR DAY: ; these affect how light is blended in low level haze sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedHW 1 sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenHW 0.995 sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueHW 0.97 ; these affect how light is scattered away in low level haze sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedScatterHW 0.23 sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.33 sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.42 ; set optical depth of haze (usually 500 to 2500) sky_LowLevel1OpticalDepthHW 800
  5. Last but not least: Graphic visual rendering of FU3 is pretty dull. That's why I suggest "reshade". I stick to this version of "reshade" https://reshade.me/downloads/ReShade_Setup_4.7.0.exe and I came up with this setting Vibrance,Pirate_Vibrance,DELC_Sharpen,Pirate_Bloom,prod80_02_Bloom,prod80_03_FilmicTonemap,Unsharp Last DGvoodoo2 now works fine, and DGvoodoo2 is necessary with reshade. The last version of windows 11 presents a new issue. The link "dxgi.dll file" between reshade and dgvoodoo2 doesn't work. dxgi.dll has to be renamed d3d11.dll and magic works again. If you have two graphic cards in your PC, you have to set fligh3.exe as "high performance" (Settings->System->Display->Graphics).
  6. Hi xiphactinus The trick you are mentioning is described and explained at the end of this link: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Flight_Unlimited_III Replace D with the letter where your CD or virtual CD is located. Install doesn't run silently. You will have to switch between CDs when installing FU3.
  7. @jzimmerman12 - Alan For your FSS point try this link: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=fss&CatID=lgfu3&Go=Search FSS is like a game inside a game. First you must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher installed on your computer because FSS uses the IE5.5 rendering engine. Make sure that the Media Player that comes with the browser is also installed. Unzip the zip file under the 'chalnges' folder in the Seattle region. Add 'challenge_cheat' to your flt3.cfg To play the game go to the dfx\client folder under 'chalnges' and click on the file flightdfx.hta to start. After the DexTechnologies logo fades away, you will see the main screen of FSS. You will be outside the terminal at Olympia airport. You'll need FU3 installed as described in this forum to play it under Windows10. Good luck! and tell us if it works.
  8. Hi. It's me the last Flight Unlimited 3 player on the world! Almost every day! I downloaded and tuned a few ". res" planes from two sites. I tuned dgvoodoo2 + Reshade, and that brings me stability (on Windows 11) and an astonishing picture quality. I created a land runway "Bodega Head" based on Bodega by Bogdan, extreme west on San Francisco map, modified recently with "manual" lights at night (activated with Q key).
  9. I suppose that if you have read this thread from the beginning, you achieved to install FU3 on Windows 10, a version of the game with no sound bugs on radio. Links were provided by me for more planes, more airports, better surroundings, better AI, etc.. After many months of testing, at an airport located between map and "outer" world, I reached a better setting for dgvoodoo2 (by the way dgvoodoo2 versions following 2.73 still gives me black and white surrounding) setting that enables maximum stability, no crash to desktop when you switch from an airport to another. VRAM -> 4096 MB ! (obviously I play the game at 1024x768 and dgvoodoo2 driver, with plenty of visual effects) anisotropic -> App driven but set 16x at PC level (graphic card setting) Resolution -> actual monitor resolution (for example 1366x768) ( [ ] Capture mouse at dgvoodoo2 setting ) [ ] Disable mipmapping Antialiasing -> 8x (all my 22 planes are edited to avoid "straight" lines) [ ] Bilinear blit stretch [ ] Apply Phong shading ✓ Force vSync [ ] Fast video memory access My previous ReShade setting provided above, is good but discreet, I provide this other one, more spectacular: Vibrance Levels LumaSharpen Pirate_LumaSharpen Pirate_Vibrance Pirate_Tonemap prod80_02_Bloom Unsharp
  10. The important thing for a good landing is speed. And a plane can't maintain a speed value stable, depending on if you go up or down, and wind. So for planes that aren't light weight it is very handy to use automatic pilot for maintain speed constant. And watch also the altitude. Put trimming neutral (center trim) on final. On big airports you can use ILS approach.
  11. I forgot to say that at controlled airports once the controller has given you the right taxi path, you can visualize it by striking the following key: alt_f12 Show_Taxi_Path And this key can be modified via joykeys.cfg file. I give you below the list for all "standard" keys available: x_up Zoom_Out_Done z_up Zoom_In_Done bs Toggle_Auto_Trim tab Activate_Radio enter Repeat_Message esc Exit_Screen space Communicate " Toggle_Navigation_Lights ' Toggle_Beacon , Left_Rudder . Right_Rudder / Center_Rudder ; Toggle_Anti_Collision_Lights < Rudder_Trim_Left > Rudder_Trim_Right ? Rudder_Trim_Center B Prop_Brake C Source_Next_Comm E Select_Engine F Flaps_Up I Source_Self L Toggle_Pulse_Lights O Source_Next_Ground_Object P Source_Next_Plane X Increase_Field_Of_View Z Decrease_Field_Of_View [ Elevator_Trim_Up \ Elevator_Trim_Center ] Elevator_Trim ` Toggle_AntiIce a Autopilot_OnOff b Toggle_Parking_Brakes c Target_Next_Comm d Increment_Time_Of_Day e Start_Engine f Flaps_Down g Toggle_Landing_Gear h Toggle_Carb_Heat i Target_Self j Panel_Main_Backlighting k Toggle_Taxi_Lights l Toggle_Landing_Lights m Inflight_Map o Target_Next_Ground_Object p Target_Next_Plane q PCL r Toggle_Comm_Radio s Increment_Time_Of_Year u Toggle_Right_Landing_Light w Wax_Moon x Zoom_Out y Toggle_Left_Landing_Light ctrl_D Dump_Crashbox ctrl_M Toggle_Models ctrl_R Toggle_Blackbox_Record ctrl_d Decrement_Time_Of_Day ctrl_e Shutdown_Engine ctrl_f Toggle_Frame_Rate ctrl_l Toggle_Labels ctrl_p Toggle_Blackbox_Pause ctrl_p Pause ctrl_s Blackbox_Save_Edit ctrl_s Decrement_Time_Of_Year ctrl_v Debug_Voice_Log ctrl_w Wane_Moon ctrl_z Toggle_Zoar_Mode alt_enter Full_Screen alt_M Add_Auto_Marker alt_a Autopilot_HoldAltitude alt_d Toggle_PropDome alt_f Auto_Tune_Radio alt_g Mayday alt_h Autopilot_HoldHeading alt_m Autopilot_ToggleApr alt_n Autopilot_ToggleNav alt_o Options alt_r Change_Resolution alt_s Autopilot_HoldAirspeed alt_t Reload_Voice_Timings alt_v Autopilot_HoldVerticalSpeed alt_w Autopilot_LevelWings alt_x Quit_Game alt_y Toggle_YawDamper ctrl_alt_A Add_Hoop ctrl_alt_G Toggle_Grid_Textures ctrl_alt_H Toggle_Hoop_Stats ctrl_alt_T Cycle_Forced_Grid_Textures ctrl_alt_g Start_Grid_Test ctrl_alt_p Print_Screen ctrl_alt_q QA_Print_Screen kp_8_up Look_Up_Done kp_4_up Look_Left_Done kp_6_up Look_Right_Done kp_2_up Look_Done kp_0_up Left_Brake_Off kp_del_up Right_Brake_Off f1 Camera_Forward f2 Camera_VFR_Cockpit f3 Camera_IFR_Cockpit f4 Camera_Virtual_Cockpit f5 Camera_External f6 Camera_Chase f7 Camera_Spinning f8 Camera_Taxi f9 Camera_MTV f10 Camera_RC kp_7 Look_Left_45 kp_8 Look_Up kp_9 Look_Right_45 kp_4 Look_Left kp_5 Look_Ahead kp_6 Look_Right kp_1 Look_Left_135 kp_2 Look_Down kp_3 Look_Right_135 kp_0 Blackbox_Toggle_User_Controls_Camera kp_0 Left_Brake_On kp_, Right_Brake_On f11 Camera_Still f12 Toggle_Tape_Strip ctrl_kp_5 Center_Controls ctrl_f12 Cycle_Active_Tapestrip alt_f5 Camera_Inverse_External alt_f7 Camera_Above alt_f12 Show_Taxi_Path kp_enter Target_Next_Internal kp_* Reverse_Thrust kp_+ Throttle_Increase kp_- Throttle_Decrease kp_/ SpeedBrakes ctrl_kp_+ Mixture_Increase ctrl_kp_- Mixture_Decrease alt_kp_+ Prop_Deploy alt_kp_- Prop_Retract up_up Pitch_Off left_up Left_Roll_Off right_up Right_Roll_Off down_up Pitch_Up_Off home Target_Next_Internal2 up Blackbox_Play_Forward up Pitch_On pageup Miracle_Up left Blackbox_Frame_Backward left Left_Roll_On right Blackbox_Frame_Forward right Right_Roll_On down Blackbox_Play_Backward down Pitch_Up_On pagedown Miracle shift_kp_+ Prop_Increase shift_kp_- Prop_Decrease shift_up Blackbox_Play_Faster shift_down Blackbox_Play_Slower
  12. I found a PDF document for Seattle airports. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=89425165&page=4 Anyway it's not so important. If the airport is small you'll find your way. Look at the numbers of runways. This give you with the help of compass how the runway is placed (the heading). If the airport is controlled, just listen to the radio, identify yourself, and one controller will give you the taxi path to runway. Also after landing.
  13. It is fixed ! https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=lgfu3&DLID=223892
  14. @Lastvka I guess this is an unusual issue. The file has been downloaded several times. If this continues I'll ask to change file name. You're right. I'll upload the file again this afternoon. It seems the only way.
  15. @Naji You seem to be the last person in the world playing flight unlimited III, excepted me. The rain sound from Hennie van Rooyen is not posted anymore. Impossible to find. It's a pity. Related with Reshade and DGvoodoo2 I prefer to use versions prior to the latest ones. It works wonderfully for me. See my post.
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