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  1. The AS-738 by Arjan Scheffel was developed for FS9. I have found that it works quite well in FSX with one exception. One feature of the package that I really enjoy is the automatic delivery of the cabin announcements and the pilot/co-pilot verbal interaction. Sadly, I can not get this function to work in FSX. In his set up, Arjan uses the sound gauge by Doug Dawson, "dsd_xml_sound3". It works in FS9, but this gauge crashes my FSX installation. I tried using Doug's latest gauge for FSX, "dsd_fsx_xml_sound" and made the appropriate changes in the panel cfg file, but I still can not get any of the announcements to work as they do in FS9. Hope someone can shed some light on what may be preventing this sound file from operating in FSX. I have emailed both Doug and Arjan and have not heard back from either. Thanks
  2. Seeing that trade restrictions have been lifted between the US and Cuba, this announcement by Eastern Airlines is of notable news. This link was sent to me by John Loney Jr. http://worldairlinenews.com/2015/05/26/eastern-air-lines-to-operate-its-firs t-revenue-flight-tomorrow/ It shows a 737-800 in the old Eastern livery. It is great news for this defunct airline to once again resume a revenue generating route. I checked the library and there is only one AFCAD remake of the airport by Steve Lewis done in 2009. Would be a good scenery project for someone but I'm not sure where you would find up to date source material for current building architecture, etc. Tom Gibson did a remake for MUHA as it was in 1962 for FS9 but nothing currently exists for FSX.
  3. I retired 6 years ago. That lasted 3 months. My GF is still working full time and there is only so much time in a given day that I can mow the lawn over and over, and eventually you have to take a break from flight simming as well. I was going berserk, so I went back to an employer of some 30 years ago and asked if he had any part time delivery jobs available. I've been delivering auto parts ever since for 4 hours a day, so my status is now semi-retired. My GF is retiring in 6 months so my status will change again. We plan on doing some cruises. The important thing is to keep active both physically and mentally. Mother nature is not kind to us at this age so it does take some effort to retard the aging process. I waited to the full term to take my SS and with no mortgage or car payment, I can live on that monthly check with no problem. I also have a nice pension but am saving that to help my grand kids with their college education. Each of us has different desires and goals with retirement and of course there is never enough money to accommodate all our wishes. Find somebody you love and who loves you and share the times ahead together. This is the most important factor. Good luck with your plans.
  4. Yes, you want to replace 0022003900 with 0022000000 on the second entry.
  5. It's there. You've just got to find it! I've used the Hex Editor many times to remove the VC in FS2004. Try this: 1. Open the program and go to the "File" tab on the tool bar. 2. Select the "Open" folder. Then select the model folder from the AC you are trying to modify. 3. Go to the "Edit" tab on the Tool bar. 4. Click "Replace". A window will open up. Enter the number 0022003900 for the "Find" number and 0022000000 for the "Replace" number. IMPORTANT! You are looking for the SECOND entry of the 0022003900 number. After you find the first entry, click "Find Next". Make sure it is the SECOND entry. Then click "OK" at the bottom of the window. The number (0022003900) should change to a red colored 0022000000. Exit the program, fire up FSX and the AC you selected should show no VC.
  6. Thanks Ron.Been at this for 9 years. Can't believe the light didn't go on before this! :-hmmm
  7. I've experienced this with both ATI & Nvidia cards. When trying to switch back by hitting Alt/Enter, sometimes the screen goes completely black, other times it restores. No rhyme or reason. Cursor also wildly flickers. Would love to know what is happening here. Chris
  8. With the AC Battery on, I am not able to call ATC to request permission to taxi. Engines have not been started as Pushback has not yet commenced. Is this how it is in FS9? Can you talk to ATC without the engines running? If so, what do I need to do in the "awake" procedure (panel lights on, avionics switched on, etc.)ThxChris
  9. Dave:Are there any other Addon scenery folders you have installed for anything to do with London? Also, look in your Addon Scenery/scenery folder as well. The default FS9 installation does place the Dome on land. You say you don't have UT. Do you mean UT Europe or any UT program?Chris
  10. Thanks Graeme. You are exactly correct. I went back to the configuration utility and indeed, the UT Europe box was checked as was the UT World box. Thought I had initially unchecked the Europe box. Restored the London.bgl to the QLRP4UT scenery folder and all is well again. Must be my tri-focals!Chris
  11. Paul:I had UT USA, but not UT Europe. QLRP4UT applied re-positionings for UT USA/Canada & Europe. So when I installed this program ,it re-positioned objects in the USA/Canada & Europe programs. One of those being the Millenium Dome in London. Where it had been on land in my default setup (no UT Europe installed) , it now put it into the Thames as coastlines were correctly re-positioned and the corresponding objects along them as well. To get the Dome back on land, I had to remove the London.bgl file from the QLRP4UT folder. It also affected many other bridges along the Thames as well.Chris
  12. " I haven't had any out of memory issues yet. You might want to try running FS9 in XP compatability mode..."Hmmm....I hadn'thought of that one. Might give that a try, although I've get FS9 running SO beautifully, I hate the thought possibly messing something up. Where might I find the compatibility mode window?
  13. Thanks. Can you lead me to where this is found?I ended up reverting back to XP as I kept getting "Out of Memory" error messages when trying to load FS9. A little strange I thought, on a system with 4GB of RAM and a 512GB GeForce 8500GT. Chris
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