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  1. Sad to report that Dietmar has passed away. He was a prolific gauge and aircraft developer and good friend. I've attached a link to his obituary. Rest in peace my friend. https://trauer.merkur.de/traueranzeige/dietmar-loleit.
  2. Maybe I'm missing something here, but with all the noted issues with peripherals, it begs the question to Microsoft/Asobo, why did you not use existing control assignments that were already used in FSX and why the extreme limitations of accepted peripherals?
  3. The AS-738 by Arjan Scheffel was developed for FS9. I have found that it works quite well in FSX with one exception. One feature of the package that I really enjoy is the automatic delivery of the cabin announcements and the pilot/co-pilot verbal interaction. Sadly, I can not get this function to work in FSX. In his set up, Arjan uses the sound gauge by Doug Dawson, "dsd_xml_sound3". It works in FS9, but this gauge crashes my FSX installation. I tried using Doug's latest gauge for FSX, "dsd_fsx_xml_sound" and made the appropriate changes in the panel cfg file, but I still can not get any of the announcements to work as they do in FS9. Hope someone can shed some light on what may be preventing this sound file from operating in FSX. I have emailed both Doug and Arjan and have not heard back from either. Thanks
  4. Thanks Ron.Been at this for 9 years. Can't believe the light didn't go on before this! :-hmmm
  5. I've experienced this with both ATI & Nvidia cards. When trying to switch back by hitting Alt/Enter, sometimes the screen goes completely black, other times it restores. No rhyme or reason. Cursor also wildly flickers. Would love to know what is happening here. Chris
  6. With the AC Battery on, I am not able to call ATC to request permission to taxi. Engines have not been started as Pushback has not yet commenced. Is this how it is in FS9? Can you talk to ATC without the engines running? If so, what do I need to do in the "awake" procedure (panel lights on, avionics switched on, etc.)ThxChris
  7. Dave:Are there any other Addon scenery folders you have installed for anything to do with London? Also, look in your Addon Scenery/scenery folder as well. The default FS9 installation does place the Dome on land. You say you don't have UT. Do you mean UT Europe or any UT program?Chris
  8. Thanks Graeme. You are exactly correct. I went back to the configuration utility and indeed, the UT Europe box was checked as was the UT World box. Thought I had initially unchecked the Europe box. Restored the London.bgl to the QLRP4UT scenery folder and all is well again. Must be my tri-focals!Chris
  9. Paul:I had UT USA, but not UT Europe. QLRP4UT applied re-positionings for UT USA/Canada & Europe. So when I installed this program ,it re-positioned objects in the USA/Canada & Europe programs. One of those being the Millenium Dome in London. Where it had been on land in my default setup (no UT Europe installed) , it now put it into the Thames as coastlines were correctly re-positioned and the corresponding objects along them as well. To get the Dome back on land, I had to remove the London.bgl file from the QLRP4UT folder. It also affected many other bridges along the Thames as well.Chris
  10. " I haven't had any out of memory issues yet. You might want to try running FS9 in XP compatability mode..."Hmmm....I hadn'thought of that one. Might give that a try, although I've get FS9 running SO beautifully, I hate the thought possibly messing something up. Where might I find the compatibility mode window?
  11. Thanks. Can you lead me to where this is found?I ended up reverting back to XP as I kept getting "Out of Memory" error messages when trying to load FS9. A little strange I thought, on a system with 4GB of RAM and a 512GB GeForce 8500GT. Chris
  12. At the suggestion of David "Opa" Marshall, I'm including my e-mail to him regarding the hassle I've been dealing with over the past week when I discovered on a flight out of London City UK, that the Millenium Dome in my FS installation was 3/4 in The Thames River. The default installation shows it on dry land at a bend in the river. I now had to figure out why "my" Dome wasn't high and dry. It all came down to Quantum Leaps Repositioning Update Program for bridges and objects under Ultimate Terrain. Seems it just didn't involve the Dome, but London Bridge and several other bridges across the Thames."Opa" thought it might be helpful to others who discovered they had a "wet" Dome.Dave:Solved my problem concerning the Millenium Dome. Seeing that MS probably put London bgl's in the EURW scenery folder, I started my search there. Found a London.bgl file, removed it and the Dome disappeared. But all I wanted to do was get it out of the water. I then noticed further down the Thames that London Bridge was on land as were several other bridges out of place. This got me to thinking about the Quantum Leap folder from UT that I had recently installed which did a repositioning of many bridges. But, I did not have UT Europe. Shouldn't make a difference, I thought. I went to the Quantum readme file and started looking at all the objects that this program repositioned. Very near the bottom was the Millenium Dome (!) London Bridge and several others. So I went to the Quantum folder and looked for a London.bgl. Cut it, and voila! The Dome and all the other bridges were back in there proper places, Hoorah! If I do get UT Europe, I'll just put that London.bgl back in the Quantum folder and I'll be good to go. I love a good mystery.Hope this might be of some help to others.Chris
  13. RP:My PC has more memory than I do! First, go to and read this:http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=16115Download the file as listed in that post. Read the instructions VERY carefully as it will tell you what new folders have to be created and where they go. Then it will tell you in what order they must be placed in the FS Scenery Manager. I do remember that the Ultimate Terrain program folders must be on the bottom of the list of the 5 referenced folders (but not on the bottom of FS Scenery Manager).This of course is assuming you have Ultimate Terrain installed on your PC.As a side note, after installing/creating the programs/folders as described in the link above, I went to London UK and started a flight out of London City. (I do not have UT Europe). As I gained altitude and came upon the Millenium Dome, I found it sitting in the middle of The Thames. London Bridge was land locked as were many other bridges. Checking the readme of the QLRP4UT file, it listed the Dome, London Bridge and several others as objects that had been re-aligned to their correct positions. Only problem with my FS install is that I did not have UT Europe. So I found the London bgl file in the folder QLRP4UT, removed it, and all was back to normal. When I get UT Europe, I'll simply place the London bgl file back in the Quantum Leap folder.Chris
  14. "It was definitely there when I first used FS9. I then installed VFR Photographic Scenery which automatically removed a number of autogens"Ah, I wonder if this is why I show the Millenium Dome in the middle of the Thames!
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