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  1. hightower

    MUHA Havana

    Seeing that trade restrictions have been lifted between the US and Cuba, this announcement by Eastern Airlines is of notable news. This link was sent to me by John Loney Jr. http://worldairlinenews.com/2015/05/26/eastern-air-lines-to-operate-its-firs t-revenue-flight-tomorrow/ It shows a 737-800 in the old Eastern livery. It is great news for this defunct airline to once again resume a revenue generating route. I checked the library and there is only one AFCAD remake of the airport by Steve Lewis done in 2009. Would be a good scenery project for someone but I'm not sure where you would find up to date source material for current building architecture, etc. Tom Gibson did a remake for MUHA as it was in 1962 for FS9 but nothing currently exists for FSX.
  2. hightower

    Tom's Obituary

    He was an amazing man. http://www.dailyprogress.com/obituaries/allensworth-thomas-tom-verne/article_82c484da-f381-523f-a831-e34ebac3bb80.html
  3. hightower


    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Garciamk3g: My card is a ATI 7570. When I open the CCC, I get a similar format to what you showed in your screenshot, but not exactly the same. Your header shows the AMD logo. Mine just shows the HP logo instead and nowhere does it provide the Super Sampling option in its menu under the 3D tab.. However, I think I'm OK with this anyway as I don't experience any shimmering in distant views. Just sort of a fuzzy, not quite sharp image of flat terrain. When the background terrain is of hills and mountains, the resolution is quite clear. WingZ: Thanks for the info regarding SweetFX. I downloaded the app from your link and placed it in my FS9 root folder. I think I'm going to have to take two screenshots of just the default FS9 and then with SFX to see if I can notice any difference. With it installed, the overall image colors do appear to be slightly richer. Nice! I see there is a "Pinned" post in the FS9 forum on SFX which I will read. Is the screenshot forum the only forum you can attach a screenshot? I don't see that option in here.
  4. hightower


    I haven't flown FS9 for about 4 years now, but decided of late to re-install it and see what it looked like after seeing the beautiful screen shots on that forum. I'm not worried about how it will run as FSX performs just fine on my rig. That post's topic was "FS9 9.5 never looked so good". I'd just like to know if there is a list or menu of what addons are being used to achieve those results. This is what I currently have installed for texture enhancements: FS9 9.1 FS Genesis World Mesh UTUSA, Canada, & Europe GE PRO II REX ASv6 ZInertek Ultimate Water Advanced Anything else I should consider? I do see fuzzy terrain of flat land I'd say from about 10 miles out to the horizon, but do recall seeing that when I was flying FS9 before. Thanks
  5. hightower

    What music do you listen to when you go flying?

    Whether in my car, on the water, in the air, at home or no where in particular....classical all the way. OK, some Beach Boys too!
  6. hightower

    Retirement - is it great?

    I retired 6 years ago. That lasted 3 months. My GF is still working full time and there is only so much time in a given day that I can mow the lawn over and over, and eventually you have to take a break from flight simming as well. I was going berserk, so I went back to an employer of some 30 years ago and asked if he had any part time delivery jobs available. I've been delivering auto parts ever since for 4 hours a day, so my status is now semi-retired. My GF is retiring in 6 months so my status will change again. We plan on doing some cruises. The important thing is to keep active both physically and mentally. Mother nature is not kind to us at this age so it does take some effort to retard the aging process. I waited to the full term to take my SS and with no mortgage or car payment, I can live on that monthly check with no problem. I also have a nice pension but am saving that to help my grand kids with their college education. Each of us has different desires and goals with retirement and of course there is never enough money to accommodate all our wishes. Find somebody you love and who loves you and share the times ahead together. This is the most important factor. Good luck with your plans.
  7. Thanks. This is an excellent tutorial.
  8. Perhaps this explains why my FRAPS recordings are no where as clear (resolution) as what is seen from my monitor. I've been using Windows Movie Maker to assemble the FRAPS frames and then Handbrake to compress the final product so I can send it to friends. What program would allow a 1/4 recording speed that you mention?
  9. Gentlemen: Prior to the disk controller failure of a week or so ago, I experienced what I thought were very fast download speeds of files from the Avsim library. Since that incident, subsequent downloads are noticeably slower. I don't have any quantitative data of measurement. Just my two eyes and a rapidly aging cranium. I voiced my concern to a long time respected fellow simmer and asked for his input. He concurred with my observation. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and is this a result of new equipment that was needed to fix the controller failure? Thanks Best regards, Chris Tower
  10. hightower

    Seasonal Tire Smoke

    Hi All: I don't know if this is specific to my FSX set up or not, but upon landing at KBOS (Fly Tampa) today, I noticed that there was no tire smoke. I checked my FSX Effects folder and found the effect fx_tchdwn.fx to be present. I then checked the Effects Texture folder and found fx.smoke to be present. The aircraft cfg file showed touchdown=fx_tchdwn,1 Hmmm? I then went to KBGR (Bangor) and KORH (Worcester) (both in the Northeast) and still no tire smoke on landings. Season was default Winter. What I got upon landings was a small amount of snow trails, but no tire smoke. I then went to VHHH in Winter season (no snow on the ground) and upon landing, got tire smoke! Then came back to KMCO (Orlando), still Winter season, and got tire smoke on landing. Would be interested to know if you show similar results. Is the tire smoke effect affected by geographical location to season? Thanks Chris
  11. hightower

    Assetto Corsa

    I take it that there is an option in the game to let the car shift automatically. Is there an option for manual shifting and if so, what hardware do you use to do that? Thanks
  12. hightower

    Assetto Corsa

    Looks fantastic. What do you use for steering/throttle hardware?
  13. Thank you so much Roman. I really appreciate it. Chris
  14. Thanks Spokes for responding. OK, a little clarification is in order. It is the Altitude Select for the Autopilot. The panel is not found in the Avsim library, but is over at Flightsim. File name is: pemb1702.zip. It was configured for FS9 but works quite nicely in FSX. Chris
  15. Hi All: I have written the author but have not received a reply, so I thought I'd toss this out here hoping for an answer. When powering up the panel from a cold and dark setting, the altimeter reads an already set figure of 10,000 feet. When I reset that to 0 feet and then save the flight, when calling that saved flight again, the altimeter has reverted back to 10,000 feet. I checked the aircraft cfg file but can not find any setting that displays 10,000 feet. Is it possible to change this default setting of 10,000 feet, and if so how is it done? I would like to be able to start from a cold and dark setting with the altimeter showing 0 feet instead of 10,000 feet. Thanks Chris