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  1. Hi, I have a copy of the SR71 After finding it in my archive I will upload it to the library Andre
  2. 1024x768 is just an internal resize of FU3, have take a short test with larger screen using ddfix last year and the results war just crashes :-)Andre
  3. Pixel 0 to pixel 799 = 800 pixels so this is the size and this size of cockpit is accepted by ResViewer/FU3 only.Andre
  4. Just finished a test flight with my Mooney version HB-DIL now all recs 0,0 799,599 and 3D, Rec1 and when defined outside rect all to the same values.The NVidia line is away and all views are ok and view transitions are as fast as ever.So we never need other rects again :-)The jaggies along the transparent sections are from the low res 800x600 cockpit pictures.This kind of steps making the border to transparent area was never corrected by AA settings :-(Andre
  5. Congrats Hans Petter, thats a big step ahead :-)The only reason for the rects are the speed up of the cockpit screen, a must for 400MHz computer of 1998 but not needed for todays hardware.As I looked to you last posted picture in the other tread I noticed the failure at the recs limits, the center was ok, but not the borders.Now your way is easy to use and can help all with Vista and new hardware.
  6. Hi Hans_Petter,DDFIX is working, just at the termination of the application it will fail, but not during.Try to make a screenshot with PrtSc key and look at the LG Message textcolor (brakes...)You will have to modify parameters in ddfix.ini to find a better solutionTry to run Flight4.exe in Win95 compatibility mode.good luckAndre
  7. This is an actualized version of the tutorial uploaded by Juvat on 24.Aug.08 as zip in this forum. The zip is not longer valid and so I do now a persistence version of this tutorial. Thanks Jim for your help.There's a fellow who has made a mod for another wonderful old Looking Glass product, the "Thief" series. He has somehow figured out a way to force support for higher resolutions, wide screen, 32 bit, Anisotropic and some other things. Hopefully-maybe our own Flt3 coding guru's would be kind enough to get with him and see if his methods can be adapted to the Flight Unlimited series. He also has the source code for his mod available for public download.I have downloaded the source, but there was no need to change parts of it now.May be we will need it later and it's good to know that we have the source :-)http://timeslip.chorrol.com/ddfix.htmlDownload the Manual version (the GUI version is for Thief only)you will get the file ddfixM.7z, store it to drive.Copy and paste the ddfix.dll and ddfix.ini into your Flight Unlimited3 root installation folder. That is the same location than Flight3.exe.Copy Flight3.exe and rename the copy to Flight4.exe or Flight3_ddfix.exe or another name.Modifying the copy of Flight3.exe with a hex editor:Do not modify the original, but the copy (Flight4.exe).-You'll need a hex editor. I use XVI32.exe.: http://www.programmersheaven.com/download/...8/Download.aspx-- e XVI32 to open your FLIGHT4.exe-- Select "search", then "find". Type in, "ddraw" with-out quotes. It will find the first instance of ddraw.dll. Mine is located at address 20C6B2.-- Replace "ddraw" with "ddfix" without quotes.-- Select "file", then "save".-- That's all you need to do for editing the flight4.exe.before:http://www.agtim.ch/fu3/images/ddfix1.jpgafter:http://www.agtim.ch/fu3/images/ddfix2.jpgnow modify ddfix.iniJust drag-copy the version below starting at [Main] and ending at ;end of ddfix.iniRight mouse click in it and select copy.Now open ddfix.ini using notepad editor.remove all lines.Right mouse click in it and select paste. The contents that you drag-copied should paste in.Select "save". Andre's ddfix.ini for Flight Unlimited 3:[Main];Screen resolution;Must be 800x600 or greatergWidth=1024gHeight=768;Refresh rate. 0 is default, anything else to override.RefreshRate=0;Set to 1 to fix the duel core related crashMultiCoreFix=0;Set to 1 to automatically register lgvid.ax each time thief is started upVideoFix=0;This can be set to zero to get a more accurate z-buffer;Doesn't usually make a noticable difference to picture qualityUseCompatibleZBuffer=1;Turns on the 32 bit texture loader and adds support for some unsupported screen resolutions;Will cause a crash if used with an unsupported exe; 0 - Disable; 1 - Determine exe automatically; 2 - Thief 2 v1.18Thief2Extensions=1;Set to 1 to disable the windows keys while thief is runningDisableWindowsKey=0;Set to 1 to enable anisotropic filteringAnisotropicFiltering=1;If you want to share overriden textures between thief installations, uncomment the next line;It should contain the absolute path to the equivilent of \res\ddfix, including the trailing \;TexturePath=C:\Games\Thief2\res\ddfix\;XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;XX Compatibility settings XX;XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;Changes the way direct writes to the frontbuffer are handled;SS2 players should set these options to '2' and '0xf81f' respectively;Thief 2 players with corrupted in game text should use '2' and '0x0000';Players who experience slowdown with UseSysMemOverlay=2 should set both options to 0UseSysMemOverlay=2OverlayColourKey=0xf81f ;end of ddfix.iniTake a flight using Flight4.exe. You are done.to take a flight with the original choose Flight3.exeNow I had 1024x768 set in ddfix.iniYou can't set this resolution with fu3 option after using ddfix.dllThis will prove it's really working with ddfix :-)http://www.agtim.ch/fu3/images/ddfix3.jpgNow you can experience other settings of ddfix.iniremember to use PrtSc key for screenshots, Ctr+Alt+P will not work with ddfix !http://www.agtim.ch/fu3/images/ddfix4.jpghttp://www.agtim.ch/fu3/images/ddfix5.jpggood luck :( Andre
  8. Now a first placement of the air objects for the AN-2 is done.I have still to do fine tuning, actual too heavy and too slow - even with 1000hp.As you can see the gear blocks must be set below the wheels or the wheels will go into ground ! It's not like the static model where model outbox is defining ground position. The ground position of the player model is defined in the air physic resource !http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/184661.jpg:-waveAndre
  9. First I wanted to do it the manual way, but then I realized that the back generated e-file has one object only as a total merge of vertex.The sort is applied to vertex, not to parts. I remember my old 3D programs where I had to draw from far to near vertex to solve the hidden line problem :-)...axle can create strange messages as double vertex detected...bailing... but you can't find a double vertex in the data :-(as mentioned you have to shift a bit in a direction and it's works.:-waveAndre
  10. It's not the ResViewer, but the BSP compile step.When the model is very large BSP can't sort.This will be the reason why the DC3 is unsorted.There is an option in BSP -N for no sort.you must have the E file to correct an unsorted plane.:-waveAndre
  11. ResViewer News:Gideon's ResViewer source version has an inbuilt debug.e generator that will create an E-File (DEBUG.E) from the last 3-D-View.Axle and Materials are not correctly assigned but you can get a model from any size (good when BIN2E.exe crashes).Later I will try to modify this part as an export E file type function.During BSP compile you can speed up a lot using option -N for no sort.Unsorted model are shown badly at plane selection see left side of the picture, BSP with sort takes longer but the result is clean, see the right side of the picture.Very complex model can't be sorted as for the AN-2 which is at the size limit. I have used the reduced level of details for the preview.During the flight, sort/no sort has no visual effects.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/184340.jpg:-waveagtim
  12. Hi Bruce,The Live Flight Map was a good idea, however the data was wrong for the German version of FU3. You can get the current location using FU3 scripts. I have use this to define new legs for the AI over Switzerland.Here is the mentioned zip from above, good luck.:-waveAndre
  13. Hi Jon,Not very close, there is just an item "true VSI" but all instruments are in the cockpit designer parts.Very complex too. I will finish the air physic part first.After that Instruments part will follow.There will be a release to the lib before, as soon each item of the air physic part has a form. I want to insert and delete an item also.here are other special forms outside air physic part.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183997.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183998.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183999.jpg:-waveAndre
  14. Now I have all entry forms for prop engines data :-)http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183944.jpgHere now the Fokker with all air physic partshttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183942.jpg:-waveAndre
  15. Yes, and there is a lot to set there, not very easy to find out all this values. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183794.jpgBy importing the drag box into the model E code, size, position and orientation can be adapted using Anim8ot or Gmax. The results has to be entered in the ResViewer dialog. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183795.jpgFirst of all the model offset must be correct. Best way is to have a 0,0,0 offset and a scale factor of 1.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183796.jpgNext item under construction is the fuel tanks:-waveAndre
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