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  1. Keven, I tried generating a report, and it says "A Report Was Generated On Your Desktop", yet I don't see a report anywhere... Alan
  2. Hey Sloppysmusic, I tried your suggestion of quitting to the main menu after selecting the Connie and it does work, as Chaseplane doesn't hanging anymore. Unfortunately, when I try to load the flight again from the main menu, the mouse acts strangely, and I cannot access the Chaseplane GUI unless I exit to main menu again. Alan
  3. I just wanted to post, I'm having a very similar problem. Using P3Dv4.2 and the Connie is the only aircraft I have that doesnt work with Chaseplane. The Chaseplane GUI just hangs when I try to run it after loading the Connie. If I have a different aircraft selected, run Chaseplane and then load the Connie, I cannot select the Chaseplane window. I have over 20 aircraft that work without problems except this one. Is there any special camera coding you use that might be causing the conflict? I'd really like to get this to work with Chaseplane! Alan
  4. Has anyone gotten ChasePlane to work with the A2A Connie? There was a fix mentioned that required a reinstallation of the Connie which I did. When I try to load the Connie the ChasePlan program hangs. I read somewhere that there was an aircraft.cfg modification. Does anyone have that modification? Alan
  5. Dave, thanks for the info! Alan
  6. Hello, I just recently dusted off this great sim and I'm having a lot of fun with it! I do have a few questions: 1) Has anyone gotten the Flight Support System to work? I found version 0.8 on my old harddrive and through some hacking I got it work on Google Chrome but I still get a javascript error message when I try to click on the airport screen. 2) I cannot seem to get outer terrain scenery to work. I set the generate_outer_megatiles in my flt3.cfg file and started a new flight. I then exited, removed that from flt3.cfg and added use_loose_gtls. I downloaded PDX international but I don't see it on the outer terrain map. 3) Does anyone know of any AI traffic tools to change the AI traffic? I would love to replace the not so good looking AI arrow models with a better one. Alan
  7. I have some feedback regarding the fuel system as well. It appears the neither the jettison nor the crossfeed seem to work. I have logged at least half hour working the fuel system looking at the shift-2 window. I noticed the tip tank consumption rates don't seem to be affected by the jettison switch. I also noticed I cannot correct fuel imbalances using the crossfeed switch and the standby pumps. I get the proper arrow indication on the shift-2 window, but the fuel quantities still drop on both wing tanks. I would assume the receiving wing tank's fuel quantity would stay the same as long as it's receiving fuel from the opposite tank... Alan
  8. Hello, does anyone have Rob Westhouse's chartpatch2.zip? It is no longer on the AVSIM file library. I posted this on the Fly General forum with no luck.Robert W
  9. Hello, does anyone have Rob Westhouse's chartpatch2.zip? It is no longer on the AVSIM file library. Robert W
  10. I have yet another question: Does anyone know where the aircraft options (trim step and exponential) are stored? I'm thinking they have to be stored in the aircraft pod file. I cannot for the life of me find them though. I understand that HST files store this info, but they are only generated after the settings are changed. The inital settings have to be stored somewhere.... Robert W
  11. Is there an easy way to add the GPS window to an aircraft panel? I would like to add one for the Stearman as it's Nav radio is useless since the radio's OBS mode doesn't work..... Robert W
  12. Hello, I have been using ROTW's excellent TB-10. My only pet peave is that the spinning propeller as seen from inside the cockpit. It is too noticeable IMHO. From my real life experience, the propeller in flight is barely noticeable, yet with this TB10 it can really block the view sometimes. Does anyone know of a way to remove the spinning propeller as soon from inside the cockpit? I don't of course, want to remove it as viewed from outside. Robert W
  13. Hello, does anyone know where I can get Harald Kraft's car models? (carsfflyv1u.zip). Avsim no longer has it. Robert W
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