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  1. Keven, I tried generating a report, and it says "A Report Was Generated On Your Desktop", yet I don't see a report anywhere... Alan
  2. Hey Sloppysmusic, I tried your suggestion of quitting to the main menu after selecting the Connie and it does work, as Chaseplane doesn't hanging anymore. Unfortunately, when I try to load the flight again from the main menu, the mouse acts strangely, and I cannot access the Chaseplane GUI unless I exit to main menu again. Alan
  3. I just wanted to post, I'm having a very similar problem. Using P3Dv4.2 and the Connie is the only aircraft I have that doesnt work with Chaseplane. The Chaseplane GUI just hangs when I try to run it after loading the Connie. If I have a different aircraft selected, run Chaseplane and then load the Connie, I cannot select the Chaseplane window. I have over 20 aircraft that work without problems except this one. Is there any special camera coding you use that might be causing the conflict? I'd really like to get this to work with Chaseplane! Alan
  4. Has anyone gotten ChasePlane to work with the A2A Connie? There was a fix mentioned that required a reinstallation of the Connie which I did. When I try to load the Connie the ChasePlan program hangs. I read somewhere that there was an aircraft.cfg modification. Does anyone have that modification? Alan
  5. Dave, thanks for the info! Alan
  6. Hello, I just recently dusted off this great sim and I'm having a lot of fun with it! I do have a few questions: 1) Has anyone gotten the Flight Support System to work? I found version 0.8 on my old harddrive and through some hacking I got it work on Google Chrome but I still get a javascript error message when I try to click on the airport screen. 2) I cannot seem to get outer terrain scenery to work. I set the generate_outer_megatiles in my flt3.cfg file and started a new flight. I then exited, removed that from flt3.cfg and added use_loose_gtls. I downloaded PDX international but I don't see it on the outer terrain map. 3) Does anyone know of any AI traffic tools to change the AI traffic? I would love to replace the not so good looking AI arrow models with a better one. Alan
  7. I think I may have found a working version of FSS 0.8 on my old HD. I can't run it because of the date check. I found an earlier post mentioning a patch to override this. Anyone have this patch? I included the link to the post below. Robert Williamsonhttp://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=search
  8. Yes, I was hoping to get a hold of it. I miss flying the cash missions :) I saw an earlier post buy a guy who said he had a patch to override the date check to allow to program to run. Anyone have this patch too? Robert Williamson
  9. Hello, I am recently getting back into FU3 and I am trying to get all of the addons and other goodies I had for it. Does anyone know where I could get FSS 0.8? The original website doesn't seem to exist anymore... Robert Williamson
  10. I have been adding some new parking spots using the AFCAD utility. I can select the parking spot in the airport menu, as a starting position, but I do not see the parking spot as a menu option in the Taxi to Parking atc window. Does anyone know how I can add the parking spot as an atc option? Robert W
  11. Hello, is there any chance you would consider a pause option that would pause the timer right after the FO is done with his checklist duties from T+22 to T+17 ? It would make things a bit easier! Robert W
  12. Hey thanks for the reply. Turning off both Flight Directors did the trick, thanks! Robert Williamson
  13. Ok, I have been flying PMDG's excellent Queen for a couple of months now and cannot for the life of me get V/S mode to disengage while on the ground with the autopilot off. Whether I'm taxiing for takeoff or after landing, it seems once I engage the V/S mode (vertical speed), I cannot disengage it. I can turn off everything else on the autopilot except for V/S. It's button stays lit and nothing I do seems to unlight it. I have read the dox and couldn't find the answer. Any suggestions? Robert Williamson
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