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  1. Yes, in the exact same place you installed it (the Configurator)
  2. We are currently working on documentation based on the things we've learned in the previous 24h and will be updating the warning banner as a result. This is what your Manage panel should look like in the Xbox app if your install is encrypted and allows you to decrypt it to a new folder location by clicking Enable.
  3. No, it installs directly in the sim's core files and doesn't touch your Community folder.
  4. It replaces it with a passive notification, yes.
  5. No, it installs directly in the sim's core files.
  6. This option is now disabled by default. This is only really useful for devs or creators with low bandwidth that need access to the sim at a very specific time and cannot wait for the large download to finish. Things can go wrong at some point but the fix is always a simple relaunch away.
  7. We're looking for a way to automate our entire changelog system so it feels a bit sparse right now. We've added a channel on Discord just now and you can see the latest updates in our Release Dashboard.
  8. I think there is a misunderstanding here. You can still access Q400 Immersion from Orbx Central and install it in V4.
  9. We published an update on Friday fixing this issue. Sadly the versions written in Orbx Central are not reliable to track our versions so you have to rely on what Immersion Manager says, not Central. If you see a mismatch between install states in Central and Immersion Manager, shutdown Immersion Manager and try to Verify Files in Central. This should restore your installed packages. Any issues beyond that should be reported via our ticket system
  10. Sometimes it’s better to let the users play it out for themselves... I really dislike the developers’ interventions here. Derailing a conversation that should really be lead by customers seems pretty cavalier. If you have something against your competitors, make a blog post about it and state your facts in an official capacity.
  11. That’s pretty much how the flight plan selector works already. Now it’s just a matter of creating those flight plans!
  12. We'll have to study the cost of the various options out there but we really want this to be in the standalone version
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