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  1. We published an update on Friday fixing this issue. Sadly the versions written in Orbx Central are not reliable to track our versions so you have to rely on what Immersion Manager says, not Central. If you see a mismatch between install states in Central and Immersion Manager, shutdown Immersion Manager and try to Verify Files in Central. This should restore your installed packages. Any issues beyond that should be reported via our ticket system
  2. Sometimes it’s better to let the users play it out for themselves... I really dislike the developers’ interventions here. Derailing a conversation that should really be lead by customers seems pretty cavalier. If you have something against your competitors, make a blog post about it and state your facts in an official capacity.
  3. That’s pretty much how the flight plan selector works already. Now it’s just a matter of creating those flight plans!
  4. We'll have to study the cost of the various options out there but we really want this to be in the standalone version
  5. Right now it creates a direct flight for you (there will always be a DCT option) but we want to integrate with 3rd-party data providers in the short-mid term and have proper automatic flight plan generation.
  6. Those are the exact things we're chasing. You have a clear vision of where we're going with this. We've build this for ourselves in the first place... we're users too.
  7. We've built the system around those exact criterias. Over the coming weeks you will see new content popping up. The contracts included right now are the floor. They're there to ensure you always have a background of contracts to do. This is a taste of what's to come Just yesterday we released the Maryland crab runs with rich content like a hand-written description and video media explaining what the contract is about. I'm pretty sure nobody else has this level of integration.
  8. Indeed. As a contracted pilot the only thing you should worry about is making sure your aircraft are in shape and that your XP and reliability are high enough to get good contracts.
  9. This is highly subjective. For some it is and for some it isn't. And it's perfect that way.
  10. I'm curious to know, what would you like to see be different from what our contracts offer today? We like getting inspired by our users instead of the competition. We're always looking outside of what's already being done.
  11. We're currently looking at badges, I'll leave it at that. We have cargo sounds now and we plan on expanding the audio experience once we venture into PAX transport.
  12. If NeoFly does it for free and you're ok with what they're offering, sure! I have not researched what NeoFly does so I can't really comment on what they offer. Will Skypark at one day evaluate my flying? Yes. We wanted to prioritize the experience first for release but stats and a new-style "logbook" will be available throughout the early access stage. Will it take weight of cargo and pax into consideration? We are adopting a "wait and see" stance on that right now. We want to see if aircraft developers will follow the built-in SDK for weight and fuel. Once we feel confident things are standardized we will make that happen as it adds a lot to the immersion. Will the leveling up have any purpose? Yes, your XP/Level dictates what contracts you have access to. The more XP you have the better the contracts. Most of the Coyote stuff is further up the XP chain, same on the ClearSky side. Like IRL, companies hire pilots with experience to carry sensitive cargo/pax. Will I be able to do something with the earned money? Today we don't drain money. Once we get a sense of how fast people are making money we will introduce the drains. transport license, insurance, fleet maintenance among others. We want the play to be around the experience/karma more than money. Will I be able to promote in rang? You promote through Levels and get better contracts as a result. You can always fly whatever aircraft you want to get the job done. (What would you like to see in terms of promotion beyond that?) What will the upcoming subscription part offer exactly? The subscription will bring the online part. Multiplayer contracts (& split profits), Timely contracts related to real-world events and other things we can't talk about yet. What will the price be after Early Access? Pricing will be determined from the feature set we have at that point The next few weeks will revolve around fixing and optimizing what we have. We will then begin to introduce the money drains after that among other things. We are still looking at people's feedback and will prioritize features based on what we see. I hope this answers your questions!
  13. There's no reason to be angry here, I respect your opinion. I was just giving my own. If the feature list doesn't suit you today it's no problem, nobody is forcing you to buy it. I want to make it simple to understand: If you want to play the airline manager, the FBO company, and the pilot, The Skypark isn't for you as of today If you want to explore the world without micro-managing everything but still want a sense of purpose, The Skypark is for you I think it brings enough value to make it available today but is in no way and indication of where it'll stay in the future. I hope we'll be able to change some people's deep rooted opinions then. Also... I couldn't care less if we're in december, I would have prefered to release this product much earlier this year instead.
  14. I would take opinions of people who actually tried it. Othersize the value of what's being said is heavily discounted. It might be because of my bias (because I'm the one actually coding the thing) but I think it's one of those products that looks similar to others on the outside but feel fundamentally different on the inside in a way that can't really be explained on paper. It's like comparing iPhone vs Android or Tesla vs any other car maker. There are opinions out there but the most valuable ones are coming from people who have tried multiple sides.
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