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  1. Keven Menard

    Not Working

    Good thing because you shouldn’t post those online. Send it to us via email. Thanks
  2. Keven Menard

    Hat Switch Pan

    Simply assign those buttons in Preferences > Control Assignments
  3. Are you having the issue when all the toggles are enabled?
  4. I also see the following: Changing Camera Mode to 1 Changing Camera Mode to 2 Changing Camera Mode to 193 Changing Camera Mode to 2 Changing Camera Mode to 73 Changing Camera Mode to 6 ChasePlane only uses 1,2,3 and 4. Are you using other simulator cameras as well (that are not ChasePlane labeled)?
  5. Thanks, I'll have a look at that
  6. The following steps will have to be applied to the aircraft you have in the following folders located in your SimObjects/Airplanes folder of FSX/P3D: Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM Aerosoft Airbus A320 IAE Aerosoft Airbus A321 CFM Aerosoft Airbus A321 IAE Open the aircraft.cfg file Find the [smokesystem] section on the smoke.0 line, replace fx_contrail_l by fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726C58476F30724A6E6642493438546C5369687130724B do the same on smoke.1 Find the [EFFECTS] section replace contrail = fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726C58476F30724A6E6642493438546C5369687130724B //FSFX_PFX_Effect with contrail = fx_dummy //FSFX_PFX_Effect save the document Let me know if it worked for you!
  7. Strange issue, when did you start noticing it?
  8. I had a look at the log and it looks like a device disconnected just before you made the report file, could it be a controller or something like that?
  9. We've seen this in some situations but we haven't found a common reason for it to happen. Can you generate a Report file from the Preferences when it's forzen and send the file over to us? Do you have an antivirus installed? Is it doing it with all aircraft?
  10. Can you generate a report file from the preferences after observing the issue and send the file over to us via email?
  11. Have you tried assigning that button to something random in P3D to see what it is assigned to?
  12. Have you researched this issue on Google? I doubt ChasePlane has anything to do with that...
  13. Keven Menard

    Middle mouse button issue

    You’re sure your mouse is not broken? CP does not detect the pressure you put on that mouse button...
  14. HDR Override allows you to have different HDR settings for On-Board, Outside, Static and Cinematic cameras. You can adjust the sliders from the ChasePlane interface and see it reflected live in the simulator without having to go in the P3D menus to change it. You can adjust the Brightness with control assignments as well, something you cannot do normally in P3D. HDR Override is disabled by default and must be enabled manually by the user. That's really it there's nothing more to it, I hope it answers your question!
  15. Keven Menard

    Small question before buying

    It really depends on what your needs and expectations are. ChasePlane is definitely at the far end of the spectrom where it can do a lot of things you can't do with the traditional view system (compare it to X-Camera on XP). Simple Cam (compare it to the default Numpad assignments on XP) serves a very specific purpose and if you're only searching for that then it would be a more cost-effective product for you. Regards, Keven