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  1. All the effects we could do at a general scale, we've done in SimFX. All the effects that cannot be generalized and have to be tailored for each aircraft will be part of "Immersion Packages" on top of SimFX.
  2. You can't add the same folder to bookmarks twice.
  3. We've released a tutorial video: Simstaller by Parallel 42 - TUTORIAL (youtube.com)
  4. We made an article about this. Let me know if you have questions beyond that. I see potential conflicts, now what? (parallel42.com)
  5. When this is the default community path ... C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community ... it is definitely something a new user would worry about.
  6. Since we make mods that people install in their Community folder, it is surprisingly common for users to nest folders into each other (e.g. Community/p42-util-flow-pro-2023-221/p42-util-flow-pro) and reach us for support.
  7. Yes, you can have it install wherever you want so it gets captured by AL after.
  8. It is made to give you a similar experience to Contrail or Orbx in the sense that it makes your installs faster (on-click). You can leave it open/monitoring and simply download things from flightsim.to or other sources in your browser. You then don't have to worry about installing things as it is done automatically in the background once the files are done downloading.
  9. You give it a location to install, it installs there. That's all there is to the installation side really. You can have bookmarks to easily switch between them. There is no airport scanning or library management like Add-on linker. What it does have is a VFS scanner to find conflicts.
  10. You can also download 20 liveries and have it install them automatically as they finish downloading or manually install them all at once.
  11. Everything that has to be said has been said on our Blog post. ENCORE! ChasePlane Professional arrives on Prepar3D V6, thanks to comm (parallel42.com)
  12. Where did you get that from? 😆
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