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  1. I agree, we are working on a solution to this. More on that really soon Creating a preset is as easy as moving around and clicking the + button. Unsure how easier it could be... Also, you can import Presets from other aircraft in a few clicks. Where's the problem? Ok, how can we fix that? In the Camera > Controls section you have sliders and text fields. Simply flip the X number to a positive/negative and you have a perfectly mirrored camera. Not so.. you can set all your presets in the 800 and select the 800 from all the other variants using the dropdown at the top of the Presets list. Seems to me like you simply don't know how to search for solutions to the issues you were facing. Search YouTube for some tutorials... you'll be happier in the end.
  2. Preferences > Camera > Cinematic Mode (Bottom Right) > Auto-Enable above FL180 after x
  3. If you already own it, you can transfer your license for free in a few clicks: https://parallel42.com/sim/orbx You can't just say the software is garbage if it's you that have had issues with Orbx in the past. Things change over time... I don't know what kind of issue you've had with them but Orbx has changed a lot just in the past year.
  4. You can't just run around saying "it's garbage" if you didn't even give us a chance to help you... http://help.parallel42.com/
  5. https://medium.com/@parallel42/about-chaseplane-community-67f1f4a8d7af
  6. https://parallel42.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/44001942191-how-to-restore-my-camera-presets-from-the-oldprop-cloud-system
  7. We do, please allow 24-48h for us to live our lives Found your ticket, response coming your way!
  8. What is your Parallel 42 Support Ticket number?
  9. Preferences > Control Assignments Make sure you remove what you assign in there from FSX/P3D
  10. Are you all simming on a Laptop? This is a new issue and I'm trying to figure out if it comes from a Windows update or from a specific laptop manufacturer
  11. Preferences > General > Preset Library > Erase
  12. Try pressing "Verify Files" in the Chaseplane page in Orbx Central
  13. https://medium.com/@parallel42/parallel-42-and-prepar3d-v5-support-2422340bb59f
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