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  1. samgamyi24

    Pan views problems

    I confirm that game mode is deactivated on my PC. It could be the graphics card? I have the GTX 1050 TI
  2. samgamyi24

    Pan views problems

    There you have the issue in a little video Keven 😉 PS: I have deactivated all the stuff you mentioned before (the hat switch key and revised the key mappings in FSUIPC and P3D V4 itself). In addition, I have enabled the advance mode as it is the unique mode who provokes this issue. PS 2: Before this problem, I used to leave Chase Plane default (with advanced features ON)
  3. samgamyi24

    Pan views problems

    In addition, this window appears everytime I close CP. Is it normal? Does it happen to other users? Thanks for everything.
  4. samgamyi24

    Pan views problems

    This is exactly my case. I have the controls as same as the image. However, the stutters flash are always there and I don't know how to solve it. I haven't got any extra controls assigned neither in P3D V4 neither FSUIPC control assignments. It's really weird and irritates me. Any possible help?
  5. OK sorry. My inconvenience 😞 I didn't read all the rules. My apologies.
  6. I have also this version but something strange happens everytime I close the simulator. A little window appears explaining that Chase Plane had some kind of error and I don't know what error is. Fortunately, there is a log.txt where shows this error, although I don't know how to find it. Anyone can help me, please?? Here is all the txt: <Censored>
  7. I don't know why, but the PMDG website doesn't work. Is it normal? Or is only me? Please I need help!