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  1. were do you get your info???
  2. simple if you think it's chaseplane, then uninstall and test without
  3. kurtb

    Anti Aliasing - Constant Shimmering

    A tutorial would be great
  4. kurtb

    FSL latest update

    This bus is flying like a bute now, unlimited frames set at 25hertz 4k monitor 48inch, 6700k overclocked to 4.6 on each core with setting of ram 3100mhz, I cant sleep. it is fantastic, Using active sky next skyforce all orbx scenery's installed with major airports- it is just great
  5. kurtb

    Aerosoft A318/9

  6. kurtb

    Aerosoft A318/9

    I luve FSL, developer puts his heart into his products and updates, that's what we need from dev's, commitment and service!!!!
  7. kurtb

    i7 8700 6 cores @ 4.3 VS 1 core @ 4.6

    what do you need this for lol ???
  8. what is worrying this never happened in 4.2, same pc same specs same settings, fresh install, but why in 4.3??????
  9. well it sorted my issue, have the same as you, with no tweaks
  10. shut down process lasso completely and test, you will be amazed what it does to the blurry issue.
  11. was? have you sorted it , and how?