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  1. disable hyperthreading in your bios
  2. have my 9900k for a few days, awesome to have a cpu that you dont need to overclock, smooth as butter
  3. kurtb

    an idea

    +5 who wants to rent a airport, unrealistic if you ask me
  4. kurtb

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    does it come with a guarantee!!
  5. kurtb

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    the moral of the story, this time round hardware like cpu\gpu will not come down in price, expect to pay more for what you want in the future, times have changed dramatically
  6. kurtb

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    Please do scenery for FALE King Shaka International, FAPE Port Elizabeth, FAEL East London, FABL Bloemfontein, FAKN Kruger National International, FAGG George
  7. kurtb

    Upgrading Cpu

    makes two of us bud, waiting for delivery
  8. kurtb

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    one would do anything for the luv of this hobby😉
  9. kurtb

    Upgrading Cpu

    Clock speed 4.59 ghz at the moment, yeah i am sitting in a position -do it ore don't ,due to the upgrade price.
  10. kurtb

    Upgrading Cpu

    I agree, running a i7-6700k and would like to upgrade to either one of the 9th generations, is it worth my while?
  11. kurtb

    Upgrading Cpu

    Is there no news yet of performance with the i9-9900k and 17-9700k regarding Prepar3D?
  12. kurtb

    New Version of P3D Coming?

    march 2019
  13. i dont agree to the "superior" statement!!