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  1. can someone explain why does the saved flight plan not show in the Uplink folder, it is like it gets deleted when you try to activate it in the fmcu-using simbrief fp
  2. ore wait till 20/2/
  3. disable orbx europelc and look out of the window
  4. does not work for everyone, and if you oc your rig it is automatically disabled. Its simply a bug and is not addressed in 4.2 either- so live with it
  5. 100% clear volume for me
  6. thank`s bud lol
  7. so what is it? FSUIPC v5.123.b
  8. he means revert back to 4.1 lol
  9. lol , you don't sound happy at all
  10. so what works and what does not thusfar
  11. get over to v4-with a high end pc v3 won't do the trick- invest in v4 if you want the best out of your high end pc with zero ooms
  12. Indeed, this does do the trick tx