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  1. yes, depending on which 3rd party addon you buy and how accurately that dev developed the addon.
  2. Many. I'll mention one: all circuit breakers are supposed to be functional in the Fenix version.
  3. not true. If in real life you do want to fly a A320 then nobody, I repeat, nobody, is stopping you from working and studying to acquire the qualifications, certificates and experience required to fly it. What you can't do in real life though, is to be able to set the real world time backward or forward.
  4. hmm...well if in real life I'm unable to customize the weather and/or set the live weather time back or forward then I personally have no objection to MSFS not having historical weather.
  5. are you looking for help with re-installing XP? If not, then I am not understanding the point of your post/question.
  6. Did you try to load the saved "engine running" state from the Airframe Manager and calling up the program? I suggest you look into that again. Here's an example: https://imgur.com/5nEIVlL Notice the state "apu starting up" in the pic. That's a state profile manually saved by the user/customer and not an auto-save. Next time he/she starts up the plane, goes to the Airframe Manager and selects "apu starting up", the plane will load that state and nothing else.
  7. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure that you can start the engines, save the state and use that indefinitely from then on every time you wanna load the plane with engines running.
  8. Yes. When you first load the aircraft, it gives you two options: career and training mode. Select the latter option to bypass the FBO. Doing so will let you jump straight into a cold and dark cockpit.
  9. The developers did a couple of live streams today, answering several questions from the audience and explaining various aspects of the CL-650. More streams will take place tomorrow.
  10. F A N B O Y

    1. Ray Proudfoot

      Ray Proudfoot

      Calling anyone a “fanboy” without context is not acceptable. Retract the statement or face the consequences.

  11. The flight model seems to be completely wrong, arcady and twitchy. The plane seems to exhibit a behaviour similar to tissue-paper. It dances around in the wind like it weighs half a gram or less even. This is not the aircraft developer's fault though. An incorrect environment will only generate incorrect result. It's been more than 6 years since development restarted and the much-hyped and massively advertised "surface element theory" so far has utterly failed to generate a single aircraft for MSFS 2020 with a convincing and accurate flight dynamics. So embarrassing and sad. Review do Daher Kodiak 100 da Simworks Studios MSFS - YouTube
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