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  1. locked frames at 30, when off focus on a other monitor app shows 60, mfs2020 on 30 hz and other monitor on 60hz, is this correct, getting screen tearing
  2. Why does the TLOD stay at 200, if the setting in the main menu is set too max 400, doesn't matter what altitude you flying fl200 and above?
  3. Unable to reach PMDG? No prb, solved.
  4. so please give us a example of "study level aircraft"
  5. any specific setup for the bravo trim wheel, problems setting it up, using authentic tuning app
  6. i have a feeling in my balls, something is cooking
  7. after beta cleared, a whopping 109.39gib download, WHAT the hel!!!!!!
  8. You mean it will be fixed in 2022, holiday time for Asobo and team, sorry
  9. planes do not move, parking off in the shade, am i missing something?
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