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  1. You may see an update in your system to windows 11 22h2. If you do it, all your games will become a stutter fest. Something is wrong in that build that will destroy all games including MSFS. I had to roll back Windows because even the world map you select airports from was stuttering, which never happened before. Give this one some time to get sorted before you update. Edit: Here and on other game forums it looks like it is tied to Nvidia drivers. So depending on the driver version you may or may not have issues. Many reported the latest studio driver works with this version.
  2. Yep had this happen as well. It sucked since I had to do some resetting. I also have the team version. It has to do with the steam saved profile is my best guess.
  3. FYI- Don't know about anyone else, but I found that the latest DLSS 2.4.12 pushed in the last update killed my VR experience. I did as some others have suggested and went back to 2.4.6 and got my VR back nice and smooth. With 2.4.12 It's ok on the regular screen, but as soon as I go VR, it's a slideshow no matter the setting.
  4. After many months trying to get Foreflight to work in native VR WMR, I finally found a Microsoft solution. I was in a business Teams session today and found out that Teams can stream iOS screens. So I set up a meeting on my iPad (using the iOS Teams app), started Foreflight on the tablet, then went into VR in my desktop. I then started Teams from inside VR and joined as a guest to the same meeting. The iOS screen was right there. I next linked MSFS to Foreflight with FS2FF, then in the VR cliff house I used the pin feature in WMR to keep the meeting window with the stream in it. I started MSFS, got in a flight, and lo and behold, I had Foreflight in the cockpit. You still need to control Foreflight on the iPad, but all my geo synched plates and charts were available. I had tried lonely screen and a whole bunch of other apps, but none would stick in native WMR and all had time limitations or watermarks. Most of us have Microsoft Office installed already on your computer so no new apps needed. It's a tad cumbersome to set up, but the key was connecting the other session as a guest. If you try to use your login twice on two systems, it seems not to work correctly. There also was no real performance hit either I could see. I know this is a small minority of people who have WMR and Foreflight, but it is nice to have what I use in the real world in VR MSFS.
  5. I also agree the carrier landing is more for gamers than simmers. There is a odd feel to it. DCS has nothing to fear when it comes to this. This has the same feel of F-18 carrier lander on my iPhone. Still, if it gets others into the flight sim world, then I am all for it.
  6. Found this a while back on one of the other forums, so I don't have the link. But here is what I use and this really fixed things for me in VR. In the UserCfg.opt file, look under VR settings, Post Process. Change the Color Grading from 1 to 0. Not perfect, but a whole world better, like putting on sunglasses. {PostProcess Enabled 1 EyeAdaptation 1 ColorGrading 1
  7. Or you can try this. On the Bravo unless you are flying a 3 or 4 engine craft, you can actually assign the trim to one of the axis controls. While not perfect and you need to remember to put it in the middle when you start, but it gives very precise or very fast trim by moving the axis up and down. It not intuitive and a little unnatural feeling, but it does work, much better than the Bravo trim wheel. I found that single engines are the best for this type of trim since it can really be too much movement for a jet. I still prefer my Saitek trim wheel though for feel.
  8. I switched back to my old Cessna Saitek trim wheel and all as has been well. They are hard to come by now, but that thing works exactly like a trim wheel should. I also have the Bravo, and Honeycomb did miss it with not making the trim wheel an axis controller. I would like to use the Bravo wheel since the other one crowds my already populated desk, but the precision I get from the Saitek is crazy. Go fast, it goes fast, go slow and you can fine tune. I wonder if the Flight Velocity Pro is like the old Saitek? Have not seen many who have that controller.
  9. I tried it and it was fine in regular mode, but in VR it made it look like I was on LSD. Everything was delayed, draggy and ghosting when moving about. It was really nice when I kept my head still, but if you moved your head it was psychedelic. Went back to 496.76 and all is ok. But at least no CTD's in 497.29.
  10. I too noticed the hard to read cockpit. I do use VR and a Reverb G2, but at the same setting everything was harder to read unless you zoomed in. I bumped up my resolution to 100% and now I can read things, but performance is back to where it was originally. So I lost any gains I may have had. So this patch was a wash for me.
  11. Reverb G2 User here. Obviously this was the default headset. While not perfect, I can say that the experience in non demanding areas is nice. I can read all my instruments, there is some light stuttering when moving your head, but it is barely noticeable. I was able to do a flight from Scholes Field in Galveston to Pearland Reginal in Houston and it was relatively smooth. Not as good as a tuned DCS, but not bad by any means. I was using the steam gauge 172, no clouds. I have a 2070 and I7-9700k with 16GB ram. I also lowered my resolution a bit to the headset to about 80, turned off AA (given the headset resolution it still looks good), increased building textures to high, and left the rest of the settings alone. There needs to be more tuning, but for non big city piston flying it was quite useable and looked real. I fly in real life out of Pearland and I could make out all the usual landmarks once airborne in VR. I did notice that I used straight Windows Mixed Reality and not the one for Steam. I also down-tuned my visual settings and tuned on the async in the WMR settings. I came from a Rift S and the G2 is visually outstanding, but it can be a bear to get it to work with other Steam VR games.
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