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  1. Thanks for the clarification
  2. Hi Keven, how do you define "main view "? Could this view be undocked Cockpit view or a spot view? Alhard
  3. Hey Keven, I can see GREEN !! It works on first glance with Version 0.4.180 Beta Exp !! But still have some issues. Please read my PM. How can I send you a PM ?
  4. Great!! I am waiting. I have an additional info for you. Another Add-On needs also the default FSX.CFG, so I have this file in the default folder, but it's not used. This other Add-On is not dependant on FSX.EXE or FSX.CFG. This Add-On needs it just for identification of the correct APPDATA folder of FSX Installation.
  5. Hi Keven As I have different SIM configurations I used the feature that Pete Dawson described in his FSUIPC Guide. I fly Jets, Helicopters, Gliders as well. And I fly in Europe, in America's and Oceania. For all this I start with different FSX calls, cause my configuration in FSX e.g. controls.xml, fsx.cfg, fsuipc.ini is different configured. Simple example: for helicopters I use the inverted thrust as pitch lever, for VFR flight in Europe I use only this scenery enabled. So I start with variable names created by me fsx_mas.exe (calling fsx_mas.cfg and fsuipc_mas.ini automatically) fsx_heli.exe (calling fsx_heli.cfg and fsuipc_heli.ini automatically) fsx_usa.exe (calling fsx_usa.cfg and fsuipc_usa.ini automatically) All this "exe" have an individual icon with individual symbol picture. Keven, I hope you understand why I don't have just standard fsx.cfg Result: unfortunately I cannot use ChasePlane best regards Alhard PS: I do not need a refund, I need an update please 😃
  6. Hi Keven, please respond on my point above.
  7. alihor

    Static Camera question

    Hi Keven, now it's december. when is a solution coming? Is there a time frame?
  8. Hi Keven, my problem is solved: 1. The reason why CP is not connecting to my FSX is following: As in the FSUIPC guide "FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users" in chapter "Multiple INI files " Pete is showing how to configure FSX with multiple CFG and INI files. I am using this "trick" since many years without a problem. Now I found that CP is only working properly if I use FSX.CFG and not e.g.: FSX_MAS.CFG. Is that true, that you are fixed in your product just on using FSX.CFG ? How can I overcome this issue? Now when I am flying helicopters, I have to rename and copy the assigned CFG files, which is not nice. 2. Now when I run CP with standard FSX.CFG , CP works fine on my undocked cockpit view on a second monitor. On my main window monitor (Windows Primary) , I placed the 2-D panels. So, I would think , CP is working on multiple monitors as well. best regards Alhard
  9. Hi, I am also using multiple monitors. My main window (Primary Windows Display) shows the panels and my second Monitor shows the cockpit view. Question: does ChasePlane support multiple monitor configurartion. In my FSX configuration ChasePlane doesn't work. Specs: WIN7-64 PRO, FSX-SP2, CP v0.3.70 regards Alhard
  10. Great thanks , Henrik This list is big enough. Now I can visit some of them with my helicopter Best regards Alhard
  11. Hi Henrik, I love your wonderful boats and I love helicopter flying. Please can you send me a list of all your ships with heli pads. regards Alhard
  12. Hi Henrik, I love your implementation of so much wonderful ships. Especially, I was two weeks ago on Hurtigruten journey and now I want to fly by helicopter to the Nordkapp ship. My question: In your folder "Ship routes list with time tables April 16" there is information about Round Trip cycle and departure/arrival times of a ship. For which location and for what absolute time is this valid? How can find e.g. when is the Nordkapp coming to Molde? How can I use the traffic support modul of FSX? thanks and best regards Alhard
  13. alihor

    Instructor Station?

    Hi basementflyguy (sorry, I couldn't find your real name), I am using since January this year the tool FS-Flight-Control (created by Andreas Breitschopp). It's the best Instructor station I found in the past. I am flying on PC since 1980 from the beginning with the first version. So over the period of time I moderate a group of about 10 PC-Pilots. During our (in my home location) meetings, I was looking for an instructor station with which we can better train our flights. I found some years ago the iStation from Louis Gordo, which was acceptable for me at that time. But now all of us are impressed about the professional and high sophisticated software "FS-Flight-Control" from Andreas. I do not explain the function here due to the wonderful website which is selfexplaining. In my group all purchased a license for their own usage at home. During my group sessions we are flying now one approach after the other. This is real fun. Especially looking on the moving map and the landing statistics at the end. I hope my post here makes your decision easier. Please ask, if you want to participate in my experience. best regards Alhard (EDDN) PC pilot since 1980, WIN7, FSX+FS9, 3 PCs, 6 Monitors, IVAO
  14. Thanks , Jim , I understand, that is what I expected. But what I see is the other way round: the oldest first and on top. Therefore my previous question. What is wrong in my settings ? regards Alhard