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  1. I bought it initially for the 737, very useful to fly many approaches over a short period of time. On the 737 it takes less than a minute a would say to be ready on final FMS done. For the Fenix it takes a bit longer, probably 2 minutes. I upgraded recently to the advanced version not for the failures but for the training scenarios.
  2. Hi, I tried as well FS-Flightcontrol months ago but did not purchase the license as it did not meet my needs on PMDG737 and Fenix A320. Do you fly one of these? If yes, can you confirm that PMDG and Fenix A320 failures are all simulated correctly, maybe the new update allows this, wasn't the case when I tried it. Is the FMC programmed as well or do you have to do it yourself? I was able to position the aircraft nicely with FS-Flightcontrol but nothing was set on the autopilot, had to mitigate to maintain altitude and speed and then program the MCDU. Interface looks nicer than FSiPanel, definitely, that is a plus but for me FSiPanel is the winner for the setup of Fenix and PMDG and since I upgraded to the Pro version, I really like the training flights with ATC. Will see if I can try a demo of the latest FS-Flightcontrol to compare as last time I used it was months ago.
  3. Been using FSiPanel for around 3 months now, mostly with my Fenix A320. And let me tell you, it's way more than just a basic tool for 30 bucks. With FSiPanel, I've cranked up my training big time, after a grind at work, I can jump into the sim and knock out like a dozen approaches in an hour flat. Seriously, it's like a boost for my skills. Lately, I went for the fancy $20 bucks upgrade to the Advanced edition, and it's been a game-changer for me. Those training scenarios with ATC? Pure gold. FSiPanel doesn't just dump you on final, nope. It sets up your whole cockpit, from the top buttons to the gear and flaps. It even sorts the MCDU and ILS stuff. All I gotta do is take the bird down for a clean landing. Trust me, it's worth every buck. just a shame they don't offer a trial version, people will be able to try it before spending their money
  4. Yes great approach, I still can't manage to be at the right altitude on the final turn, always 4 reds or 4 whites on the PAPI. Just heard today from FSiPanel discord channel that saving Fenix MCDU and panel state will be available soon! Hope this is true.
  5. I just flew the latest scenario from Nice to Lyon and back to Nice. I was surprises to see that ATC was available in French! I Hope more of these flights are coming very soon, very realistic and enjoyable.
  6. Bought the standard edition a couple of months ago and recently upgraded to advanced edition. I love the new flights without failures and with complete air traffic control, I hope more are coming soon.
  7. I fixed that issue by the option set managed speed for the Fenix A320. The speed is now correct as per the MCDU.
  8. Maybe your mouse shares the same port as another important controller. Is it wired or wireless?
  9. I bought standard edition for the Fenix and recently upgraded to Advanced edition to play the training scenarios. As said above, you just pay the difference to upgrade, a good deal.
  10. Aircraft: PMDG737, FENIX A320, Maddog MD-82 Tools: FSiPanel: Must have for training Navigraph: Must have for IFR flying Simlink/Simbrief vpilot for VATSIM
  11. Super merci pour votre retour! Je vais l'essayer alors. Charles
  12. Anyone tried FSIPANEL with the Fenix A320 lately? I don't see a trial version to give it a shot before buying. Fenix and FS Panel Charles, EBBR
  13. Attention cependant avec P3D v5 , ils sont apparemment en train de tester en bêta la v6. Et Lockheed Martin ne fait pas de ristourne pour évoluer vers la nouvelle version. Ensuite est-ce que les développeurs renommés PMDG, FSLabs et autres suivront en adaptant leurs avions sachant que le gros du marché se dirige vers MSFS 2020. A suivre.. Charles
  14. J'ai lu que la mise en veille prolongée des disques SSD n'était pas conseillée. Le sujet sort facilement en faisant une recherche Google. Gros risque d'avoir des erreurs de lecture écriture à force de le faire. C'est tentant mais trop de choses à perdre sur mon SSD, je vais privilégier le tirage d'un bon café pendant le chargement de MSFS :-) Charles
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