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  1. clanfever

    I found it!

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Haha, nah I can't at all. What was the full story with the hack?
  3. Hey guys, asked for your help a while back and got myself the 2.00 747. Great aircraft. Started playing the game again after finding FSX is absolute rubbish, I'm after the old bluebird aircraft. I remember using it years ago, I think before this sites hack. Does anyone have it? It was uncontrollable to say the least but it was a lot of fun. Thanks for any help!
  4. Thank you guys so much! Awesome that a few of you still care about this game after all this time. Best flight sim, just because it had everything you need and nothing you didn't. Thanks again :lol: I'll be keeping a backup of it and some of the other files, you can't kill what is awesome!
  5. Hey Dave That's the only one I can find too, that's 1.13, it's a bit glitchy and missing a few things. Why have a lot of things disappeared from the library? Back in either 08 or 09 I remember getting the 2.00, a blackbird and the "perfect" single prop engine aircraft (based on the mooney), yet I can't find any of them. The blackbird was so much fun, Mach 4 in FU3!!
  6. I can no longer find this final 747 for flight unlimited 3, could someone help me find a copy?