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  1. Hello Pilots, [Mods - I didn't know where else to post this. Please move it if necessary. Thanks.] This is a little belated Christmas gift, but it is a gift which you can enjoy and share every Christmas. The following is a link to an old time radio half-hour program my family enjoys every Christmas. Please download, enjoy it and feel free to pass along the link to anyone. Please reply if there are any problems. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mqms8p4xp1p0h4y/Grand_Central_Station_491224_Miracle_for_Christmas.mp3?dl=0 Merry Christmas. Calvin
  2. Thank you Zatoichi - Oops! I forgot to specify I am using only FS9. FSX/P3D bogs my PC down to slideshows. I know FS9 has limitations, but 70-300 fps allows for the minutia of subtle control inputs which are not possible at low fps. Take care.
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply. The reason for delaying my response is I just saw your comment. Take care.
  4. Hello, Are there any utility addons which progressively degrade performance from wear and tear, hard landings, overrunning engines or bad piloting stressing the airframe, etc.? Thanks.
  5. Please clue (PM) me too, if you don't mind? Thanks. CT
  6. FYI - When my addon, "Floatplane Tug Box' is in a working stage I will post a new thread. CT
  7. Buck, Thumbs up! It was the setting. Thanks for the help. CT
  8. Thanks, I am a writer and (try to) compose music. I'm aware of legalities, but I am learning and slogging through VS2017 to make my DLL. So far it has been successful with some dev guidance and has been easier than coding the GUIs. But, thanks for watching my back. Kudos!
  9. My addon, "Floatplane Tug Box' is in a working stage! I have been able to anchor offshore (swings with the wind) and moor at a dock. It is in early alpha stage, but I will be adding the "push" and "pull" to the function soon before it goes gold. FYI - I am offering v.1.00 as freeware as a way of saying thank you to the community. I hope to add some pretty neat stuff later, but I will provide it as payware; however, the freeware version will be fully functional for "trucking" your floatplane/seaplane around. No idea on the cost? It depends on how well I can implement what I hope to accomplish. FYI - I will not answer inquiries about price, features or dates, except to say I *hope* to get v.1.00 out before December. I will advise. codetrucker
  10. Buck - That makes perfect sense! I never even noticed ASE, etc. had "wake turbulence" simulated. Actually, it sounds like a neat feature if I can get it to work right. Regardless, if this is not the culprit I will advise. If my issue is actually resolved I will report back later. Thanks!
  11. Hello, First off, I respectfully request that no one directs me to solve my problem by "upgrading" to FSX. I like FS9 and want to stay with it. Thank you. I have been experiencing an anomaly in my use of FS9 and no search I have done has provided any clues. I am hoping I may find a resolve with your help. Here goes a typical scenario which has no rhyme nor reason except it happens... I am on final using ILS and once I am on short final just before the arrival end of the runway the aircraft will initiate a jerk-bank (aileron roll) to the left or right, but mostly left. Each "jerk" is roughly 10-20 degrees which causes the aircraft to crash. The frequency seems to be about one occurrence It also happens on takeoff, but it is rare. Nothing I have tried so far has shed any light. This has been happening for years on every computer on which I have installed FS9 and on numerous installs on each computer. Oddly, this only happens on my installs. The other members of my family (we all sim-fly, including my wife) have never had this issue. I have attempted to Isolate the differences between my computers without success. If I was superstitious I would be concerned about being jinxed, hence my playful allusion in my subject line. :) Going forward and barring any silver bullets to remedy this conundrum... To continue flying as many different flights with as many different aircraft to as many different aerodromes as I can and keep meticulous records. establishing some data that can be duplicated, hopefully. Delete my existing FS9 installation and addons. Clean out the registry, files, folders, etc. Perform a clean, default install and test fly against the scenarios recorded in #1 above. I am hoping this will prove to be free of the anomaly but if it does happen I can be pretty sure my addons are safe. If the default install proves not to have the bug, I will add one single addon at a time and test against the scenarios until I discover the culprit. If you have read to this point I wish to express my gratitude for your interest and any help you can provide. Standing by... Calvin
  12. Hello, I have been trying to perfect my Celestial Navigation (CelNav) as opposed to just following a magenta line on the GPS. I attempted a flight from Whitehorse (CYXY) to Stevens Anchorage (PANC) which was a distance of 457nm. I embarked attempting to use the brilliant "Bubble Sextant." Long story short, I ended up near Eielson AFB, some 200-ish nm north of my intended destination. "What happened?" I thought when I took a glimpse at my GPS. Well, the problem was my not taking Magnetic Declination" into account or adjustment. Armed with new knowledge I tried the same flight. Only 20nm north of PANC this time. A 90% improvement, but not good enough in anything other than clear skies and hight clouds. Like the subject says, I am looking for a gauge(?) which will allow me to check the difference in my magnetic compass heading against the True North standard. I attempted to search for over six hours (no joke), so I am here to seek assistance from those far wiser than myself. Does anyone else miss Opa? :) Thanks for reading. Calvin
  13. Thank you all very much. You have offered much to consider. It will take a fair amount of time to assimilate it. Take care.
  14. Hi Folks, [FYI - I am using a shotgun approach to this question. This means you may see this same post elsewhere.] My family gave me a real British 1946 Husan Company nautical sextant for my last birthday. As a result, I am pursuing learning Celestial Navigation like mariners and pilots (Charles Lindberg) and flight crews used before the days of GPS. I am hoping the night sky in some simulation applications are modeled accurately enough to be able to practice taking realistic "sight reductions," or what are called, "shots." I would appreciate any recommendations for good simulation PC "games" which will allow a reasonable learning experience. Thanks in advance.
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