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  1. leassus


    I have the same problem my normal windows training works fine. So im not sure why this is the case maybe win 10 creators update blocks this i dont know.
  2. leassus

    Stuck on repeat mode

    sure that would work but for me thats a nono i have a saitek radio panel and using mce with it just to experience the most realistic way with exeption of vatsim / pilotedge i guess its just how it is and just dont have to make a big deal out of it
  3. leassus

    Stuck on repeat mode

    yeah done that now many thanks also another question is there a way to change how fast the atc controller is waiting for a reply I notice a lot of times when handed over to another center like for example northwest003 contact Chicago center on 132.8 and before I have tuned it in and replied hes like already repeating his msg kinda gets annoying after 2 times of switching freqs and ofc I have set it to both so I can easy switch second time but still if I say something wrong and its not picked up I can basicly do it again would like to see a 5 to 10 sec more delay on it before its repeating itself but I guess its hardcoded and not changeable
  4. the copilot doesn't give me my v1 vr v2 speeds when taking off with the monitor data set to use it and filled the speeds and such in there and when I disable that and say for example takeoff v1 = 141 when she ask for confirm I say yes and then she replys ok or something so I guess that would set it aswell but still no callouts on takeoff never the less she keeps asking for a active runway I say active runway is 25l shes happy with that but after a bit she ask it again so I'm I doing anything wrong or why is it causing this to happen ?
  5. leassus

    Stuck on repeat mode

    problem still exist with the tutorial flights well I guess I have to force it to try to complete the delivery msg I got that done once since while he is in repeat mode basicly the program wont respond and I cant stop it to make a log file but I guess making log file and send it to the email is my best option
  6. leassus

    Stuck on repeat mode

    the only hanging from what ive noticed is at clearance delivery readback if i take to long at other readbacks it doesnt make the program unresponsive and keep repeating its only with clearance delivery and when it has to wait for 2 long well i aint that fast yet with writing everything down what he says >.< and read it back when i do end my first readback it just starts to be in repeat mode and i have to force exit the program restart it and do it all over and ending with same problem again
  7. since I'm a beginner with talking to atc it takes me longer to reply to the atc delivery and it started to repeat itself making radar contact 4.3 program not responding and it keeps repeating it self even when I try to acknowledge it with button 7 it does not work spamming that key doesn't work either anything I can do about this ?