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  1. Scratch that i have managed to get the weather to inject. Import METAR file was checked. Im not sure why having Run as Administrator checked was causing the crash. I will try a few flights during the week and then if all goes well I will upgrade to OpusFSI at the weekend. Michael
  2. Hi Stephen, I have manged to run Opus without the crashing by not selecting "Run as Administrator" in the compatibility tab. However it doesn't seem to be injecting whether into FSX. Regards
  3. Hi, I have recently returned to using Opus as i have finally managed to upgrade my PC. At the moment whenever i open and start the Opus Server, FSX crashes. I have moved over to using FSX: SE and i am wondering whether this is the cause of the issue. I am using Opus FSX Version 3.55.1. I am guessing this is incompatible with FSX: SE. Could this be confirmed before i go ahead and upgrade. I do not mind upgrading but just want some clarification before i i go ahead. Regards
  4. Hi Ray, What do i do if the one i used to purchase is one of the ones that is now inactive. I have moved from BT Broadband to Sky and eventually to Virgin over the years and each time i have got a new email address. Regards
  5. Thanks for the speedy reply Ray. I had thought that i would probably need a new key. I just need to remember what email address i used for registration as i have changed email addresses a few times since then and the old ones are not available anymore. Regards Michael
  6. Evening, I am about to do my first reinstall of FSX for about 3 years on a new PC. Could i just check is RC4 compatible with FSX Steam Edition and if so is there any special instruction to installing it ? Kind Regards
  7. +1 for the Boeing House Livery, i know its not used much but if im just doing a few quick flight i sometimes just the House livery
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