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  1. I picked up Languedoc Roussillon for P3Dv4 at the weekend. Autogen Configuration Manager solved my problem with not being able to have Orbx and France VFR autogen running side by side. I followed the instructions in this post and they seemed to work for me. Once I'd completed these steps and the config tool restarted P3D whilst it merged autogen definitions, a quick test showed I had autogen in both the FTX England and Languedoc Roussillon areas (in the same sim session). Initial thoughts on Languedoc Roussillon are positive. I'm not a huge fan of photo scenery but like how the huge number of buildings in the France VFR products really seem to bring the area to life. I'm thinking of picking up their Paris product but that doesn't seem to be in the sale. Dominic
  2. dom8984

    Constant P3Dv4.1 Crash

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. I realised after I refreshed that on-add on was still loading, Active Sky for P3Dv4. I turned this off and a few hours of testing caused no crashes. Turned it back on and the crashes started again. I didn't get a blue screen of death but more of a slower PC crash. First the menus in P3D stopped working, then eventually the sim will stop responding with no way to close it down, even CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work. So perhaps a system freeze is a better description. Nothing in event viewer, other than the "PC restarted unexpectedly" type messages. I've taken a look at the CTD guide but since this looks like it might be Active Sky related I'm going to seek technical support from them. Their forums suggested setting a file [sim\as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe to run as administrator. I did this and one test flight has been completed successfully. I'll test a bit more though. PC settings are i7-3770k, overclocked to 4.5Ghz, HT on. GTX 970. 16GB RAM. Settings on the medium to conservative side. Thanks again, Dominic
  3. Hi, For some reason P3Dv4.1 has become unusable for me in the last few days. I'm getting frequent freezes which seem to lead to the whole PC crashing. Sometimes the simulator appears to be still running for a while, i.e. you can see the aircraft moving through the air and interact with the cockpit displays. But none of the menus work and eventually the whole PC crashes. Sometimes I see jumbled colours on the screen at this point. There's no trace of any errors in the logs. I don't have crashes running any other applications on the PC. I haven't made any major changes to my simulator recently. Between November when I switched to v4 and now everything has been running smoothly. My display settings are quite conservative. What I've tried to fix the problem: 1) Rolling back to the December NVIDIA drivers. 2) Disabling add-ons. 3) Stress testing CPU and GPU to check they're running well, using Prime95 and Furmark. 4) All of Poppet's suggestions, up to and including the "last resort" step, on this page 5) Reinstalling the P3Dv4 client application. Has anyone else seen a similar error? Any ideas appreciated as I'm running out of ideas before attempting a full reinstall. Thanks, Dominic
  4. dom8984

    Key registration not working

    Thanks Ray, appreciate that.
  5. dom8984

    Key registration not working

    Are there still delays with getting keys? I've been waiting since the weekend. I've emailed to all the addresses on this thread and tried the automated system - nothing yet. Thanks, Dominic
  6. dom8984

    RCv4: Audio stops playing

    Thanks for the tip. But I'm running RCv4 on a second, networked PC rather than the one running P3D. So I don't think the P3D settings will have any effect. The wav slider doesn't appear to be muted or anything. I can hear the usual selection of windows noises even if I can't hear RCv4 sounds.
  7. dom8984

    RCv4: Audio stops playing

    Thanks, have just downloaded and installed SWYH. It's a useful, if slightly complicated workaround - and it only works if I keep my audio output (on the PC running RCv4) set to the USB headphones. I would however like to try and get to the bottom of why audio from RCv4 doesn't play through the PC speakers. I hear other PC sounds, so there's no hardware fault. Thanks, Dominic
  8. Hi, I'm using RCv4 with P3D in a network configuration on a second PC (using WideFS). I'm having some problems with the ATC audio, which is set to output to the network PCs built in speakers. All works well when I start a flight but at some point the audio stops playing (even though RC is still running). Sometimes I can get the sound to come back by switching the output within windows to my USB headset. I'm also using Simphysics on the networked PC and sometimes closing this program mades the audio play again on the speakers - but not always. It seems as if something is causing a conflict. What I'd really like is to have the audio play via the speakers without any interruption. Any ideas? Thanks, Dominic
  9. Now I understand, and learned a useful function on the calculator! Thanks again.
  10. Interesting, thanks. I don't recall changing anything else other than the AM. Perhaps it's just luck that I haven't yet seen the blurries again. But it sounds like I should be using AM=85 as there's no point reserving processing power for anything else - the only other thing I'm running is TrackIR. Perhaps I'll see try using Process Lasso to lock TrackIR to cores 3 and 5. Thanks for your very thorough answer. I'm not sure I quite understand what bit patterns are though!
  11. Thanks, useful to know. I run most addons on a networked computer. So I don't think anything other than P3D is really taxing the CPU. I'll shelve using Process Lasso for now. Thanks again.
  12. Interesting thread, but a little hard for me to follow as I'm not too technically-minded! In an earlier and similar discussion a user suggested running my i7-3770K with an AM of 116 and on core 2,4,5 and 6 (HT is on). However I experienced blurries with this AM. Changing AM to 85 seems to have helped to fix the blurries but now I have no idea which cores I should be locking the sim to in Process Lasso (or do I just ditch this now). Many thanks, Dominic
  13. dom8984

    Stuttering every 20-30 seconds in P3Dv3

    Thanks. Coincidentally I saw this thread over the weekend. I turned HT back on and set AM to 116. Also used Process Lasso to assign the various cores. Early days yet but I think the changes have improved performance somewhat. It's definitely a performance issue then? Aerosoft's A319/20/21 runs very smoothly with FSUIPC autosave turned on... Thanks again, Dominic Rhodes
  14. dom8984

    Stuttering every 20-30 seconds in P3Dv3

    Thanks for all the help. Everything works ok when autosave is turned off. I haven't experienced this type of problem with any other aircraft before, that's why I thought best to ask here rather than in the FSUIPC forum. I'm happy to try there too. My PC is i7-3770k running at 4.5ghz, GTX970, 16GB RAM. Display settings are all set in the middle of the range and P3Dv3 maintains the 25fps I've locked, even when using the NGX in ORBX FTX areas. I'm not using Nvidia Inspector. Antivirus is already set to exclude P3D files. Thanks again, Dominic Rhodes
  15. dom8984

    Stuttering every 20-30 seconds in P3Dv3

    Turning off autosave in FSUIPC did seem to fix it thanks. My autosave was causng the NGX to be unusable due to stutters all the time, not just when it was actually saving the scenario (which was set to every 5 minutes). Is there a fix in the works for this? Autosave is a useful feature.... Thanks, Dominic Rhodes