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  1. Later versions of makerways.exe will create an f4.csv or f5.csv in your root folder of your flight sim. This is pulled from the com frequencies in your installed scenery files. This feature was added at my request by author Pete Dowson (FSUIPC). You could paste a single line from this file into your existing f4/f5 file or use the entire file to replace your original f4/f5 file which is a fixed database in the RC install download. In the download of make runways there is a readme installed that offers a layout of the fields of all the data files such as r4/r5 csv, the f4/f5 file and others including the format definition of each file type. I beta tested and worked with Pete on verifying the data. Frequencies are included in the scenery afd (airport facility data) files for each scenery.
  2. If you can install the downloaded rcv4 install file to an empty folder outside your current one, you should get a copy of the original c4 is the carrier file listing airlines and call signs. It may be called c5.csv. It will be in the rcv5/data folder. For reading it do not user a database application but just wordpad text mode but don't save anything with Excel, etc. It can corrupt csv files that rc uses. Here's what a notepad reading (etracted)would like like: '5123,filename,operator,3letter,callsign,, SAM,C_SAM,89th Airlift Wing - USAF,, 0 ,,SAM AIRWEGO,C_AIRWEGO,AirWeGo VA,, 0 ,,AIRWEGO PEOPLE EXPRESS,C_PEOPLE EXPRESS,People Express Airlines Inc - USA,, 0 ,PEX,PEOPLE EXPRESS ECUATORIANA,C_ECUATORIANA,Ecuatoriana De Aviacion - Ecuador,, 0 ,EEA,ECUATORIANA WESTERN,C_WESTERN,Western Airlines Inc - USA,, 0 ,WAL,WESTERN AIRLAN,C_AIRLAN,Air Atlanta Inc - USA,, 0 ,CRB,AIRLAN OZARK,C_OZARK,Ozark Airlines - USA,, 0 ,OZA,OZARK SHARON,C_SHARON,Sharon Airways VA,, 0 ,,SHARON AIRFIX,C_AIRFIX,Airfix Aviation - Finland,, 0 ,FIX,AIRFIX JETFLITE,C_JETFLITE,Jetflite OY - Finland,, 0 ,JEF,JETFLITE SUN AIR EXPRESS,C_SUN AIR EXPRESS,SunAir Express VA,, 0 ,,SUN AIR EXPRESS AMSTEL,C_AMSTEL,Amsterdam Airlines - Netherlands,, 0 ,AAN,AMSTEL DANISH,C_DANISH,Danish Air Transport - Denmark,, 0 ,DTR,DANISH DANU,C_DANU,Danu Oro Transportas (DOT) - Lithuania,, 0 ,DNU,DANU COURT LINE,C_COURT LINE,Court Line Aviation Ltd - UK,, 0 ,,COURT LINE REACH,C_REACH,Air Mobility Command (AMC) - USAF,, 0 ,RCH,REACH SPAR,C_SPAR,VIP Embassy Support - USAF,, 0 ,,SPAR
  3. Except for Win 10 this free Traffic Look application from Pete Dowson at https://forum.simflight.com/topic/66136-useful-additional-programs/ will show AI activity if that applies to your problem. You apparently have FSUIPC installed already but you can get that updated from: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/ and be sure to read the notes to determine which version fits with the sim version you are using. This site has both updates and full versions. If you are using the one in the RC download it is very much outdated. You also should update makerwys.exe from that additional programs link. That new makerwys should be installed in your si folder. It will create an f5.csv in your sim folder to replace the makerwys.exe delivered with RC4. After you do that copy the f4.csv you currently have in your rcv4/data folder as a backup to a folder outside of your sim. Then run the RC scenery rebuild again. This new f5.csv is what RCs scenery rebuild will use copying it your rcv4/data folder as a new f4.csv. The updated makerwys.exe will extract the various frequencies from your installed scenery. Those frequencies determine if RC recognizes the airport as have tower facilities. You can check the airport comm properties by opening it in an airport editor such as AEX or the freeware Airport Design Editor available from http://www.scruffyduck.org/. Don't use the old AFCAD or AFCAD2 as these can possibly corrupt your scenery bgl files. Then back up your SEQM scenery file and open its bgl as a bgl direct open in airport design editor it will have a setting to examine various property tables including comm frequencies so you can check for appropriate tower and approach tables.for necessary frequencies. This is to insure the tower and ATC frequencies are in your seqm bgl file that you are using so RC will recognize seqm as a controlled airport. Here is a display of a traffic look table of running AI that will open outside of a running sim: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgvs8o9rk1dhucf/Traffic Look Airborne.jpg?dl=0 Yes, it is complicated.
  4. Check the weather options via FSUIPC's main menu to see what is set. I haven't used FS in quite a while. I last used hi-fi sims ASE for FS9 and all was OK. I used the paid version of FSUIPC but it should spot the installation of ASE and enable the weather options even in the non-paid version. For your startup default flight choose the fair weather theme to give it something to chew on. Also refresh the AI to insure the weather is initially running after a flight is loaded.
  5. There was a freeware utility I do not recall that allowed you to space out approaching traffic placing them in a holding pattern queue. This allowed aircraft in the take-off queue to interweave with those on approach reducing the take-off queue back-up. I think there were two versions. One jogged the incoming aircraft at high speed which I found distracting. The other was more subtle. These were under fs9 but there may be versions fir FSX. Anyone recall the names?
  6. There is an f4.csv in your sim folder. Backup your f4.csv in your RC/data folder and copy the one in your sim folder to your rc4\data folder. This version in your sim folder is made by makerwys from your scenery files. In your sim folder there is a file called runways.txt created by makerws.exe. That is a very large file which is a log of what makerwys has performed. The last entry section for your airport of interest is the one that has priority. Use a text editor (not notepad but winwors and search for I think "airport ICAO" until you get to the last one or two sections (two sections for an add-on and one for original scenery) until you find the last entries for that ICAO.
  7. In the main general options page for FSUIPC make sure the option for a multi-line menu is set. I have not "flown" for some time but I recall that was a common setup problem.
  8. makerws.exe puts r5.csv into your FS folder. In the batch file that runs after makerwys.exe rc continues by copying files into rcv4/data at that time renaming r5.csv to r4.csv. In rcv4/data check the csv files time/date to insure the batch process completed its work.
  9. SIDS and STARS are loaded during you planning stage before you create your .pln or other file. You select the SID within your planner Where the SID required is runway dependent just select the correct waypoint of entry or if not known select waypoints common to all runways. You appear to be using the navdata updates already so that should update your procedures in your flghtplan database If you are using current charts and that chart library in in the same AIRAC cycle then those procedures should be close to your charts. Unless you plan to dictate your arrival or departure runway delete any runway specific waypoints and just choose the waypoints that are in line with the expected departure or arrival directions for transition waypoints. All of this needs to be accomplished in your flight planner before exporting your plan into RC. You could also pit common points into your nav equipment if so allowed. Just choose in RC the procedure method to allow the freest method of navigation to satisfy ATC demands. In the planner I use, it allows me to edit the plan produced before export. It is FSBuild by Ernie Alston on simmarket.com. I use Aerosofts NavdataPro update system which updates myplanner and FMC databases so they are in sync. (There is only one charge for all the formats you require for that one AIRAC cycle. .
  10. Airspeed indicators that use pitot air inputs also use that static ports pressures to subtract from the ram port pressures to get the net dynamic air pressure relating to air speed. Check your barometer/altitude readings when this happens. How about control surface (wing) deicers. Are they on?
  11. https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-2004/sceneries/1677/mega-airport-amsterdam?c=362 The current specs are through Win V7. Contact Aerosoft for help: It does run through Win 7 SP 3 as I recall. They also have the scandanavian airports collections but they don't list shipol. It could be my Schipol was included in one of them. I would try Aerosoft support first to see if they will install under later than Win 7 versions if that's what you have.
  12. The only problem I have see with some of these packages is they do not render traffic soon enough for FSUIPC to report to RC especially parked aircraft ready to effect departure patterns.
  13. MS offered Combat Sim as a separate flight sim many years ago after FS9 was released. The aircraft and other items shared some of the same properties.
  14. With current FSUIPC that includes the menu display funtion so no need to install advdisp dll. I am not sure in the free fsuipc license included with RC contains he function to turn the display on and off. If you look at the advanced user guide for fsuipc in its folder you can assign a hot key to toggle it on and off, however as soon as ATC "talks" it will reappear. There is also an RC function called IFR training that will turn off the menu display as I recall.
  15. As far as I am aware, The file copying part of the rc scenery update does not copy/update the f4.csv file into the data folder of of RC. FSUICP places an f4.csv in your main folder of your sim. Back up in a folder outside of the RC folder the current f4.csv folder by renaming it f4.csv.bak then copy f4.csv from your sim folder as placed by FSUIPC over the original installed in your RCv4/data folder. These frequencies have been extracted from your current scenery AFD type files in your sim so if you use charts that are dated for your installed scenery the data will sync. Alternately your can just replace the line in your existing f4.csv file or add the line from the one in the sim folder to your rcv4/data folder. Be sure to use a text editor, not a data or spreadsheet application. Be sure your text editor in in plain text mode, not enhanced html mode. The listings in f4.csv are in alphabetical order by airport Id. Just be sure to back up the original f4.csv to avoid an rc reinstall of problems occur and you need the original file. These steps will add the data for changed or new airports as far as frequency data is concerned. The fields in the csv files are explained in the make runways readme text file placed in the sim folder. The procedure for the surface data changes as described in the previous post are correct. .
  16. I remember with UTL a problem with the timing of UTL rendering AI late quite some time ago so RC didn't see that when doing a runway search prior to approach. Don't recall resolution. The ctrl-T function was an advanced function in FSUIPC that you assign a keystroke function. It sets AI percent to zero and then restores your set percent to refresh AI. I don't recall if it is a traffic toggle. It was not available for all versions of FS. You'll find it in the advanced section of the FSUIPC documentation.
  17. When you run makerwys it creates several files in your P3dxx folder. When you do the scenery update from rcv4 it copies several r5.csv to your rcv4/data folder renaming rcv5 data file to rcv4 in the process. you can check the datetime stamp in the r5.csv file in your p3d main folder with the stamp of r4csv in rcv4/data to insure it matches to verify the copy. There is a readme file created in your P3D folder for r4.csv and f4.csv that explains the formats of those. f4.csv is the frequency for comm operations That is a fixed database file in your rcv4/data folder. There is an updated one in your p3d folder that does not get copied to your rc4/data folder. That has to be copied manually very carefully if you choose to use the f4 frequencies obtained from the scenery data. The procedure is a in a posting in this forum somewhere. Be sure you have given the correct paths during the scenery update procedure and in the special procedures for p3d.
  18. That file used to come with Windows. Search for it in this conference.Do not install it directly off the Internet to avoid placing adware on your PC but down load the zip file and decompress it following the instructions. It is in a message in this forum or search the internet for missing dll files.
  19. Try sending all of the information including the e-mail address used when ordering as well as your current address, ordering name and user name, product code including any "-" if present, etc. to dthompss@comcast.net. Attach a screenshot if possible of the registration screen if it comes up.
  20. Send the current e-mail address and the one you originally registered under along with information in the screen, windows version, etc to dthompss@comcast.net. Have you read the if you need help topic? Only RC version 3.845 will work. You will need to seek out the various dlls that Windows no longer supplies once you get your key. You will get a download link to the current (last) version.
  21. The latest versions of FSUIPC are here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/ Be sure to read the descriptions to be sure you get the correct version.
  22. Be sure you have installed the latest FSUIPC in the FSX folder under steam. Get the correct version of FSUIPC from: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/ Read the notes and pick the correct version. Be sure any older versions of FSUIPC have been reoved by changing the .dll extensdion to .dlh in case you need to roll back. FSUIPC runs its built in window display. You can also try Showtext from here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/66136-useful-additional-programs/ Read its instructions. Be sure it is set to run as admin in the program advanced properties. https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ is the general forum for discussing errors in FSUIPC applications.
  23. RC will stall if you have not acknowledged a communication or completed the ordered procedure. Check the status window and see if anything is out standing. You possibly missed a crosspoint. Since this is plan dependent see if there is a crosspoint too close to another one or too close to your take off point for you to navigate across such as an on-field VOR usually placed as a guide.
  24. Send information including the e-mail address you ordered from and your user name to plus the code number from the registration dialog to dthompss@comcast.net. Include a screenshot of the registration form. This is a manual registration so it might take awhile. BTW. This IS the volunteer help forum so you found it.
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