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  1. Wow Mike! That looks really nice! Thank you for Sharing
  2. Wow David! Amazing work ! Thank you for sharing! Hopefully we will see more of these piece of art!
  3. rafikihd

    Invalid or Broken Packages

    Hello Oliver, I`ve tried what you told me but the same message pops up claiming that the sceneries are missing their respective Addon.xml. I do have the file, but it is located under the folder of each scenery, dont know where to put the files.
  4. rafikihd

    Invalid or Broken Packages

    Will Do it, and let you know the outcome! Thanks Oliver!
  5. rafikihd

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    I have a 4790K as well and use it with a 1060, I must say I`m more than happy with it. PMDG + LVFR KMIA+ ORBX+ Active Sky+ Sky Force it gives me around the mid 30`s reaching 40`s.
  6. rafikihd

    Invalid or Broken Packages

    Hello Oliver, Thanks for your answer. Now what would be the best action to take? I ask this because the message that pops up warns me that those airport could be lost.
  7. Hi Guys, I`ve been struggling with the following problem, turns out that I updated some sceneries for P3dv4 all of those sceneries came with an .exe activator which was supposed to add them to the Scenery Library via the xml. I updated the sceneries, ran the activator and the sceneries are there, and they appear with out any problem in P3D. But, when I try to open the Addon Manager, for whatever reason, a window pops up instantly saying that the airports I just updated are Invalid or Broken and they are missing the Addon.xml File. Now, I have to mention that all of those airports are out of the Documents/ Prepared 3D V4 Addons/ Folder, and they are in the Addon Scenery folder instead (In the P3D Root Folder). Thank you so much for your help! Best Regards!
  8. rafikihd

    PTA and Tomato Shade

    Have performance been improved with the latest tomato shade releases? Last one I used was version 23, now they are in version 25, but, I was wondering if performace has improved in any way? Specially reflections
  9. I’ve had no problems so far! The DC9 is spectacular, just some minor details like the VC textures (Kinda Low Res, but probably its fixable), but other than that is amazing, gauges have no problem, at least on my end, it also comes with many tutorials from each panel on the cockpit to an engine failure tutorial, as well as systems schematics which, I must say, really surprised me. You can also define the aircraft state from cold and dark to ready for takeoff. As for the MD, havent tried it yet, but Im more than happy with the Maddog X! Hope to be of any help! Best Regards
  10. rafikihd

    Cancun scenery announced by Fsimstudios

    Amazing! Cant wait! Thanks for the info!
  11. rafikihd

    Why Is The FSLA319 Such A Job To Fly?

    Hmm thats weird, the ATHR is supposed to be armed during takeoff roll when you set the thrust levers to either FLX/MCT or TOGA, and when airborne when you set the levers to the CLB detent the ATHR comes into play and it should become active. you sure the speed is managed and not selected somewhere in VLS?
  12. rafikihd

    P3d Wont Start

    Hi Captain420, I did fixed the problem, the thing was that I reinstalled everything from scratch including Windows! So starting all over again was the fix for me! Hopefully you can find a better and simpler solution!
  13. rafikihd

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    Hi Guys, I’ve been interested in this program from FSPS which apparently modifies automatically the FFTF so we can enjoy the best performance depending on the situation or the stage of flight. But I wanted to ask the ones who already tried it, is it worth it? Does it adjusts the FFTF Automatically? I ask this because honestly Im no expert when it comes to tweaking. Is the performance improvement significant? Thank you so much, Best Regards
  14. rafikihd

    Increasing RAM?

    Awesome Guys! Thank you for your advices! I`ll keep saving my money and make a better investment in a GPU. Thank you Chock! Not even the water is this clear! Best Regards!
  15. rafikihd

    Increasing RAM?

    Hello Guys, I’m planning on Increasing my RAM from 16 to 32 Gb, but before I make my move, will increasing the RAM give me a better performance within P3D? Thank you in Advance! Best Regards!