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  1. Im actually still on V4.5, which as @spilok said, is great! I already bought V5 and willing to migrate, but waiting for the essentials (At least for me: Fslabs, PMDG, REX) and waiting on the release of this HF, hopefully brings better things. But for now still on v4.5
  2. Hi Aaron, Good question hopefully they are aware so we can have a solution to this issue. It usually works with just one nudge to your right and voilà. Hi Peter, Not sure on what depends though, but if you try to open the Capt MCDU (On Fslabs) as a 2D Display and leave it right where it pops up, and try to make inputs (Specially the LSK on the Left) it wont work until you move the MCDU a little bit tou your right. No problem with the LSK on the right though. But again not sure on what it depends and if everybody has the same issue. Best Regards, Rafa
  3. Hi Aaron, Exactly the same happens to me with the Maddog as well as with the FSLabs, I cant seem to make any input on the left side of my display. I have to move the popped up 2D Panel a little to the right in order to make it work. Hopefully they fix this soon. Glad you found the cause of this issue, I`ve never imagined the faulty app was EF.
  4. I got rid of them by renaming the file "Hazards.bgl" to .off and they were gone, I think that file is located on your P3D MainFolder/Scenery/Global/Scenery. Hope that helps you!
  5. Hi Jon! Thank you for the help, apparently your advice did the trick. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi Stan, Thanks for the great piece of advice, Are this the squares you mean? https://ibb.co/wgs4wYq I already did the Migration on FTX Central, but unfortunately the squares are still there. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!
  7. Awesome! Thanks Pete! I´ll try it that way, any additional addon should be in an upper layer?
  8. Hello Guys! Hope y’all doing good. Well unfortunately due to some problems with apparently some corrupted files with Windows I have to reinstall every single thing from scratch. But before reinstalling I was just wondering the correct order in the scenery library, so I can have everything in its place, specially for: -FsGlobal 2018 -ORBX Base, Vector, Open LC North America and Lights -Turbulent Designs Trees. Thank you in advance for your kind help, Best Regards, Rafa!
  9. Hi Guys, Thank you all for your answers. Honestly the 1080 is out of my budget, so the 1080 will be out of my game. Now regarding the 1660, I bet that it would be an improvement compared with my current 1060, although Im not quite sure by how much. Which builder is the more recommended for the 1660? EVGA vs MSI vs Gigabyte?
  10. Hello Guys, Recently Nvidia Released their new GTX 1660 TI 6 GB DDR6 with Turing Architecture, which, I must say, looks pretty interesting. Although, since Im no expert when it comes to hardware I wanted to ask for your opinion first before I make my decision. So, currently Im running on a GTX1060 6GB, apparently for what I have read on specs (the very basics) the 1660 gives better specs. But the thing is, will buying the 1660TI give me more smoothness for my sim and stuff, will it reduce the bottlenecks? and if so, which builder would you recommend, EVGA, GIGABYTE, MSI, etc? Thank you in advance for your help! Best Regards Rafa H!
  11. Looks Great! Although I`m pretty sure the Terminal 2 building is kinda brown-ish, not white. Other than that looks pretty good!
  12. Great news! I could try, I`m digging this deep because I want the investment to be worth it. Hi Buffy, Thanks for the info, I`ll keep digging and lets see what happens.
  13. Hi Guys, Thank you all for your answers. Interesing info what you share here Jpf, would it stress my card as much as to burn it or something like that? Honestly, due to price, I have no plans on changing my GPU (Yet). So what would your recommendation be, should I buy the Monitor?
  14. Hello Guys, Happy New Year, Well I’ve been thinking lately on changing my monitor but honestly I’m no expert when it comes to monitors, and refresh rate and G-Sync, V-Sync, FreeSync etc. So I thought I better ask the experts. So Im currently using a Samsung T24D310NH a 24 inch Monitor with a1366x768 Resolution at 60Hz and a response time of 8ms. And I found this new monitor a Samsung CJG50 a 27 Inch Monitor with a 2560x1440 Reoslution at 144hz and a response time of 4ms. Now somewhere in the forums I’ve been reading both good and bad experiences. What your recomendation would be if Im looking for a more immersive experience with P3D as well as performance improvement? Thank you so much! Best Regards!
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