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  1. I’ve had no problems so far! The DC9 is spectacular, just some minor details like the VC textures (Kinda Low Res, but probably its fixable), but other than that is amazing, gauges have no problem, at least on my end, it also comes with many tutorials from each panel on the cockpit to an engine failure tutorial, as well as systems schematics which, I must say, really surprised me. You can also define the aircraft state from cold and dark to ready for takeoff. As for the MD, havent tried it yet, but Im more than happy with the Maddog X! Hope to be of any help! Best Regards
  2. rafikihd

    Cancun scenery announced by Fsimstudios

    Amazing! Cant wait! Thanks for the info!
  3. rafikihd

    Why Is The FSLA319 Such A Job To Fly?

    Hmm thats weird, the ATHR is supposed to be armed during takeoff roll when you set the thrust levers to either FLX/MCT or TOGA, and when airborne when you set the levers to the CLB detent the ATHR comes into play and it should become active. you sure the speed is managed and not selected somewhere in VLS?
  4. rafikihd

    P3d Wont Start

    Hi Captain420, I did fixed the problem, the thing was that I reinstalled everything from scratch including Windows! So starting all over again was the fix for me! Hopefully you can find a better and simpler solution!
  5. rafikihd

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    Hi Guys, I’ve been interested in this program from FSPS which apparently modifies automatically the FFTF so we can enjoy the best performance depending on the situation or the stage of flight. But I wanted to ask the ones who already tried it, is it worth it? Does it adjusts the FFTF Automatically? I ask this because honestly Im no expert when it comes to tweaking. Is the performance improvement significant? Thank you so much, Best Regards
  6. rafikihd

    Increasing RAM?

    Awesome Guys! Thank you for your advices! I`ll keep saving my money and make a better investment in a GPU. Thank you Chock! Not even the water is this clear! Best Regards!
  7. rafikihd

    Increasing RAM?

    Hello Guys, I’m planning on Increasing my RAM from 16 to 32 Gb, but before I make my move, will increasing the RAM give me a better performance within P3D? Thank you in Advance! Best Regards!
  8. rafikihd

    Performance Issues during Cruise

    Im using Nvidia Geforce GTX1060 6GB On the other side (not sure if it has anything to do with this but...) I have an I7 4790K @4.00 Ghz, and, as I said before Im no expert, I was just messing around with affinities and by removing P3D.exe from the last cores (6 and 7) and setting ActiveSky, RexSF, and Chase plane to use only core 7 I think I saw a bit of a performance upgrade, could it be posible? or it was just my imagination?
  9. rafikihd

    Performance Issues during Cruise

    Hello Ryan, Honestly I`m no expert. I would not be able to tell you exactly if my PC is throttling down, one think I can tell you is that I`ve never overclocked any of my hardware. About the VRAM, how can I check if its saturated or not? Thank you so much!
  10. Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well. Im having this issue with P3D v4.2, when on ground my FPS have a range around 30-40 FPS aprox. even on big airports. But as soon as I takeoff and specially when Im on Cruise my performance drops to about 16-20 FPS, I already disabled any PTA preset by restoring the original shaders, as well as reduced the WX settings. Basically this happens with the FSLabs (I know is a high consuming addon) and REX Sky Force running in the background. Now, I must say I have not messed with the P3D.cfg file regarding FFTF so I have not tried that yet. Any suggestions guys? Thank you in advance! Best Regards
  11. rafikihd

    Problem with FS Real Time (P3D v4.2)

    Hi Shlomi, Make sure you have FSUIPC Installed. Do you? That is probably the issue
  12. rafikihd

    P3Dv4 + Mozilla FPS Killer

    Hi All Thanks for your answers! Hello Buffy, Will Try this and report the results back! Thank you so much!
  13. Hello Guys, I`m having this issue where while I`m using P3D and for some reason open Mozilla Firefox to look for anything or just to navigate through the internet, it kills my FPS literally sometimes reducing them for over 10 FPS. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you so much in advance!
  14. rafikihd

    ORBX Global Vector and performance?

    I honestly love Vector, but it came with a price on my rig though. So I had to open the Vector control panel and uncheck pretty much everything and gained a huge performance. I`ll guess all of this depends on your system. Best Regards!
  15. rafikihd

    Keep Windows 7 or move to Windows 10

    Will Keep that in Mind W6KD, Thank you anyways for the info!