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  1. Decided to fly the CJ4 after not flying it for awhile. When I start the engines they wind up to full power. Throttles have no effect and they move visually. All my other planes work OK. I'm using beta and Bravo throttle quadrant. Any suggestions? Jim
  2. Hey VGBARON, You hit the nail on the head. I have a CH TQ connected to my system. Disconnecting it cured the problem. Much appreciated. Jim
  3. Using the Bravo TQ. No matter what slot the #1 throttle and mixture are in, they jump back to cutoff (not together). Even on a 2 engine jet with the #1 throttle in the second slot (speed brake in slot#1) same thing happens. The prop levers never do that nor do the #2 throttle and mixture. In the controls option page the white bars are solid and steady. In other words the slots in the tq seem to be ok - just the #1 throttle and #1 mixture selection. I'm in the beta mode now but due to not much flying prior to beta I can't be sure if the problem existed or not but I don't think so. Any ideas? Thanks. Jim
  4. I had that too. Deleted the working title CJ4 from Community folder. Downloaded and installed the latest version of working title CJ. Fixed the problem. Back to normal Jim
  5. After the WU everything seemed to work ok. Today when starting the sim, it's like it is installed for the first time. Starts off with the Accessibility Settings then goes to Options, then Choose Graphics Settings, then Services. Won't save any settings and on every re-boot goes through the same thing. It always defaults to the C152. After messing with it all day I decided to just uninstall and reinstall the sim. That's what some guys did when they had the same problem and it fixed their problem. My problem is that I can't get it to re-download. During the dl process it says to pick a computer drive with at leas 123.0 GB. My C drive (where the sim was installed ) has 640.1 GB space remaining. When I hit "Install" nothing happens. I have the Premium Deluxe Edition. Am completely out of ideas on this one. Need some help. Jim
  6. I know this has been asked and answered before but can't find the reference. Question is, does replacing the Content affect my addons or will I have to reinstall them? I have many addon planes and would hate to have to reinstall them all. Thanks. Jim
  7. Thanks for your guidance on this. It's very much appreciated. Jim
  8. I'm fuzzy on how to use Github to download and install mods. Could someone give me a quick and dirty on how to use it? I have watched videos on Youtube but I must be dense because I don't get it. Will appreciate you. Jim
  9. Got it working. Apparently I was incorrectly transferring it to the Community folder. Thanks for the advice. Jim
  10. The previous versions had a Mod Set page in the FMC where you could select different options including connecting ground power. I don't seem to have that option in the latest version, 0.12.0. Was this function removed or am I doing something wrong. What way can I verify that I have the latest version. It almost seems like I have the default version without any mods. Any ideas as to what I may have done wrong? Thanks. Jim
  11. Finally got it to work. Apparently the problem was due to having been in the Development mode. After turning that off it started working ok. Who knew? Jim
  12. After troubleshooting my problem, with no success, I decided to delete, download and reinstall another of my payware planes. I chose to try the Aerosoft CRJ which has been operating flawlessly. After reinstalling I am having the same problem as the JF P28 Arrow. Getting a CTD with it. So I guess it's not a problem with just the Arrow. Never had any CTD''s prior to the latest update. Any more ideas? I'm lost on this one. Jim
  13. Did as you suggested. I got as far as the hanger and selected the plane but had CTD when I went to the world map to fly. In troubleshooting previously I even uninstalled the plane and started over with the original release and no updates. Still got CTD. Jim
  14. After updating the PA28 Arrow (v.0.4.0) I'm getting a CTD immediately after the New Activities screen. I've had the plane since it was released and installed the two previous updates and all has worked ok. If I uninstall the plane from my system all is good. I even updated to the latest RTX 2080 Super driver with no joy. Really lost on this one and could use some help. Thanks. Jim
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