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  1. Wouldn't you know. As soon as I posted my problem, I found the cause. In the Settings Window, in the Graphics tab at the very bottom, I had checked the "Enable TrackIR &TrackHat view tracking in 3D cockpit" Once I unchecked that box everything works as designed. Can anyone spell "pilot error". Jim
  2. This is intermittent problem I am having. After I have set up my views using the Ctrl - keypad they work fine (usually). After doing some flying and exiting XPlane (11) and then starting the sim again I have no internal view control. I only have the default 3D forward view. Can't move around using the mouse or using the keypad. I can manipulate the external views just fine with the keyboard or mouse. I deleted the Output Preferences once and let XPlane rebuild. It worked ok a few times but then reverted to the same old problem. If I had any hair left I would be pulling it out. Sure could use some advice. Thanks. Jim
  3. Hey Mark, Thanks for replying. I did completely disconnect the wires to the two pots and connected the Bodnar board to them. It works perfectly in P3d, just not in Xplane. Actually it started working in FSW after I deleted and reinstalled that sim. The Proflight yoke is still listed in the Devices and Printers in the Windows Control Panel. As I said, in Xplane the BU0836A is listed and there is movement when calibrating, however, there is none within the aircraft after the calibration is done. Don't know what it is about Xplane that is causing the problem. I might have to go the route you suggested of connecting the throttle axes to the Bodnar board. Thanks for that suggestion. Jim
  4. Correction. The title should have been BU0836A and not BU0536A. Typo. Jim
  5. I had posted my problem over on the XPlane forum but so far haven't had any help. I saw the Saitek yoke dead zone fix on YouTube so I decided to try it. I ordered and installed the small circuit board and am real happy with the result. No dead zone at all. I had already done the rubber band fix and it helped also. My problem is that I normally fly P3d v4 even though I have Xplane, FSW, and Aerofly FS2 installed on my system. The other day I decided to fly Xplane but the yoke didn't work. I could calibrate it ok within Xplane but once I went to fly, the yoke (graphical) wouldn't move. Tried everything I could within Xplane and sometimes the yoke would jump around like crazy. No control at all. Decided to see how it reacted within FSW and Aerofly - same result. No go. I suspect that there is some conflict between the BU0836A mod and Proflight yoke because when I removed the Proflight yoke selection within the Windows Control panel it worked ok within Xplane. Didn't try it with FSW and Aerofly. The problem with doing that though is that I also lose my Saitek throttle functionality. So, right now I'm stuck for an answer. Basically I'm asking if anyone else has done this mod and experience this same problem. Thanks for any help. Jim
  6. I recently modified my Saitek Proflight yoke using the dead zone fix as shown on YouTube. It works great on P3d but in X Plane 11 the controls don't move. X Plane recognizes the BU0836A and it calibrates ok but neither the yoke or controls move. Of course the physical yoke moves, just not in the sim. All the buttons on the yoke work ok and nothing changed there. Not sure what to do to get things working. Would appreciate any help. Jim
  7. This brings up a question. When I upgraded to v4.1 I only upgraded the Professional Client. What am I missing by not upgrading Scenery. Right now in my Windows list of installed programs in the Uninstall or change a Program section, my listing is as follows: Prepared 3D v4 Content Prepared 3D v4 Professional Prepared 3D v4 Professional Client Prepared 3D v4 Scenery Thanks for any clarification. Jim
  8. I get the same thing at Norfolk (KORF) The jetways are just standing out in the open not connected to anything. No terminal. Jim
  9. After switching from CH to Saitek pedals I noticed improvement in taxiing. However, I'm not convinced it's all in the pedals because some planes taxi pretty well whereas others are a real chore to taxi straight. Don't know if there is something in the cfg that can be changed that will help. After becoming airborne the rudder works fine on all planes - just taxi problems. Jim
  10. I too had problems with the Dash after the Win 10 update. Just uninstalled and redownloaded the plane and all is ok now. Jim
  11. Yeah, I do have TrackIR running in the background. I'll try it without starting TrackIr and see what happens. No, I don't have any camera sliders above 20. Jim
  12. Hi Keven, As I stated, the view may or may not go to the pilot position. Today I started the sim and the view again went to the left gear fairing and stayed there. Did not go to my preset pilot view. This seems to be an intermittent problem in that sometimes the view goes immediately to the preset view; sometimes to the left gear view then the preset view, and other times (like today) just to the left gear view. Don't know why it changes from time to time. Jim
  13. Hi, Using P3D v4.1. When I start p3d, my default view is the pilot position. Lately for some reason when p3d starts, the camera position is at the left gear fairing (or skirt) looking forward and not in the cockpit. The camera will move in the direction of my presets but that's all. It won't actually go to my preset positions. After the sim goes through the "Adjusting Scenery Objects" the view may or may not go to the Pilot position. If it doesn't, I have to select another airplane which corrects the problem. I've changed default airplanes but the problem remains. Don't know what I may have changed to cause this problem but I admit It could be the big nut behind the yoke. Thanks for any advice. Jim
  14. Hi Dick, Yeah, Chaseplane still works ok after deleting the Camera.cfg. Nothing changed there. And thanks again for the info. Jim
  15. Hi David, Took your advice and it worked ok. The Top Down View is still not listed but F12 is the default for it. That works ok so I'll go with it. Thanks for the help. Jim