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  1. HI, Well, this morning they are acting normally. Guess doing a computer cold boot-up must have cleared the problem. Yesterday I did do a couple of reboots but that didn't help. I reckon the moral of the story is in case of a problem, do a cold bootup instead of just a restart. Jim
  2. The engine switches have just started doing something strange. The RH ignition switch stays on and can't be turned off. Won't move. The LH switch acts as if it is spring loaded to the off position in that I can turn it on but goes right back to off. The LH ECU switch is spring loaded on in that when turned off it goes right back to on. The RH ECU switch is the only one that acts right. The engines still start ok. They all have always worked correctly in the past. Any ideas? Jim
  3. planenut

    Scariest commercial flight?

    When I was in the Air Force I was flying back to Anchorage from Galena on a Fokker F27. First thing that happened was on takeoff the pilot almost stalled the plane with too much nose up and loss of airspeed. The ground was coming up fast but he managed to pull it out before we became part of the landscape. The flight was rough and some little Indian kid threw up and stunk up the whole plane really bad. Everybody was turning green. The approach to Anchorage seemed ok until the landing. Turned out he landed it 3 times before he brought it to a stop. We all breathed a sigh of relief until he taxied into the parking spot at which time the left wing hit a maintenance stand and knocked it over. The flight attendant was almost killed by about 15 people who ran over her when she opened the door. Felt like kissing the ground even though it was cold and frozen. I still think we were really lucky to have survived the takeoff stall. Jim
  4. planenut

    Extreme Prototypes Learjet 25 Clicking Sound

    Thanks for the tip. Jim
  5. Haven't flown the Learjet 25 for awhile. When I now select it and it loads I get a continuous clicking sound like a switch being turned on and off about every second or so. Does it with and without power applied. I've looked all over for a switch being actuated and I've clicked on every switch but can't identify where it might be coming from. Anyone experience this? Using P3D v4.3 Thanks. Using P3D v4.3 Jim
  6. planenut

    QW 787 CDU Anomaly

    I have already posted this over on the Quality Wings forum but so far no help. Trying here. On the RH CDU scratchpad there is a string of V's and W's that look like this: VWVWVWVWVWVWVWVWVWVVW. I Cannot clear this out and use the scratch pad. When I use the Clr button I can clear it up somewhat but the letters are resistant to clearing then they just comes back immediately. I even went so far as to uninstall the plane, redownload, and reinstall. Still have the same problem. The LH CDU works fine. I have no idea where these letters came from or how to get rid of them. Appreciate any advice. Jim
  7. Apologies if this is fairly long but here is the story: I received an email stating that the Feelthere ERJ 135/145XRJ SP was out so I uninstalled my current copy, downloaded and installed the new version. When I selected it within P3D v4.3 the windshield wipers would jump about 1 or 2 inches in exactly 1 second interval. Wiper switches were off and no power to the airplane. Uninstalled and downloaded and installed again. Wipers no longer jumped and were stationary. However, the emergency light switch would jump from Off to Arm at that same 1 second interval and couldn't be turned on. A subsequent reinstall didn't fix so I uninstalled again. Checked other planes starting with the A2A Cherokee. The yoke, still being secured with the seat belt was jumping at 1 second interval until released from seatbelt. No jumping, however, the GPS/Nav switch has a flashing white box around the GPS switch label. Guess what? 1 second interval. The QW 787 MFD Right push button flashing = 1 second but when power applied to plane the indicator light jumps between left and right. 1 second. Is ok on the copilot side. Aerosoft CRJ700 has some lights flashing on and off - no power applied. I have no idea what is causing this. Rebooted computer and even reinstalled LM Client.msi. Sure could use some help because I'm lost on this one. Thanks. Jim
  8. Hi, After reading your post I decided to fly both planes for comparison. As far as hand flying both seemed about the same as far as I can tell. The throttles on the H850 are a little more touchy in that small movement caused more of a rapid reduction/increase in engine speed. If I would give one an edge on flying ease it would be the Phenom but not by much. Hope this helps. Jim
  9. planenut

    Pro ATC X Pros and Cons

    Thanks Jeroen. I think you have convinced me that it is a worthwhile purchase. Sounds like this is what I am looking for. Info is much appreciated. Jim
  10. planenut

    Pro ATC X Pros and Cons

    I am mainly interested in communication without voice control. I have P2ATC now but the program struggles trying to understand me which is a little frustrating. Just want simple method to communicate. I took Wayne's advice and did a search on the P3D forum. Got many opinions. I may just wind up flipping a coin in order to make the decision on whether to buy it or not. Jim
  11. planenut

    Pro ATC X Pros and Cons

    I'm considering buying Pro ATC X and would like some opinions on it. Pros and cons as the title suggests. Thanks for any input. Jim
  12. planenut

    Headset Plus Speakers

    Thanks for the info Tom. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Jim
  13. planenut

    Headset Plus Speakers

    Not sure if this has been asked before but my question is can a headset be used only for hearing ATC while external speakers used for aircraft and environmental sounds? If so, how do I accomplish this? Thanks for any guidance. Jim
  14. Got it fixed using Bert's mod. He really does help this community. Jim
  15. In both the Phenom 100 and 300 the GPS magenta course indicator in the PFD stays frozen in place when the GTN 750 is installed. Will not point to the next waypoint. If I don't install the 750 and just use the G1000, it works ok. Hate using the G1000 on this plane so I use the 750. Is there anyway to fix this problem? Jim