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  1. I've been using v5 almost exclusively and I still have v4 on the same drive. Whenever I try to use v4 I get a message which says: "There are multiple objects with the same title name. They must have unique title names". When I hit the "Close" button, it just advances to the next plane and repeats until it goes through my complete list of planes I have installed on v5. How do I get rid of these messages? Thanks. Jim
  2. Forgive my ignorance on this, but the VRAM readout, when pressing Shift Z, shows two readings such as 3.3/6.7. What are the two readings? The 6.7 reading stays constant but the first reading varies. I have a GTX 1080 card with 8G memory. So far I haven't had any VRAM problems. Thanks for any info. Jim
  3. It's possible I did that Bert. Can't remember what it was set at while troubleshooting but it was a low number. I did set it to 100 but nothing changed. Was still getting 29 fps. Hitting Restore fixed it. Jim
  4. Got it fixed. VSYNC was off in both in the sim and in the NVIDIA Control Panel so that wasn't the problem. I just went on and hit the Restore button on the NCP and that fixed it. FPS is now up in the 40's where it was originally. Not sure which setting was causing the problem. Anyhow all is well now. Jim
  5. The only thing I changed was to activate SimLink. Not really sure if this problem started before or after . Deleted SimLink but the problem remains. What is so strange is that the sliders don't affect the fps at all even though I can see things change in the sim. If I change the fps setting to less than the 29 fps, say 15, that's what is shown. Just can't get the fps above 29. Jim
  6. Since getting V5 I have been getting pretty good frame rates even though my system is getting a little long in the tooth. In my startup scenario which is using the default Carenado AC11 Commander 114 parked at KTCM cold and dark. My frames ran about 47 fps or there about. Now all a sudden my frames are about 29 fps. Don't know what had caused this decrease. The strange thing is it doesn't matter where my sliders are. I can have them all to the left or all to the right but the frame rate doesn't change. Even in flight. They may drop down to from 22 to 29 and it doesn't matter where I set the Target frame rate. It can be set anywhere up to Unlimited with no effect. Doesn't matter what plane I fly either. Fps stay about the same. Need some ideas on this one. Thanks. Jim My system: Win 10,64, I7 6800k 3.40hz, GTX 1080
  7. Ok, Gotcha. Thanks. Jim
  8. Thanks for the advice Reader. I was just following the directions from LM when they said to uninstall the current P3dv5 before installing the HF update. I'm a little confused now as what I should do in the future. Jim
  9. I deleted the P3d folder before installing the HF Jim
  10. By uninstalling P3d v5 as recommended prior to downloading and installing the new HF. Jim
  11. Hi Branimir, Thanks for the info. This may be somewhat above my skill level but I may give it a try. Sure would beat having to reinstall all my planes which is really time consuming. Jim
  12. When downloading planes, do they have to go into the Sim Objects folder or is it better to put them somewhere else? After P3dv5 came out I put them all (Carenado planes) in the Sim Objects folder but then lost them all when I did the latest upgrade. Would hate to have to go through that again if there is a better option. Thanks. Jim
  13. Tried both suggestions but no joy. Finally uninstalled both planes and reinstalled only the Redux. Works ok now. Thanks for your tips. Jim
  14. I have both the Milviz 310R and the 310R Redux. On the Redux, the yoke does not move although the flight controls move ok. The yoke moves ok in the 310R. The Redux is the only plane that has this problem. I have all controls calibrated through FSUIPC. Using the Honeycomb yoke. Any ideas what is happening here? Thank for any advice. Jim r
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