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  1. Hi Jay, Thanks for the suggestion. Works ok. Jim
  2. I'm using Active Sky for P3d v4.2 as my weather engine. Am trying out the cloud textures in REX Skyforce to compare them to ASCA. My question is, how do I deactivate ASCA so that I am showing only the SF textures? I have unchecked the "Enabled Content" boxes in ASCA but when I start the sim I get the green band saying ASCA Graphics Activated and Theme Loaded. ASCA is not running according to the ASCA icon not being underlined in the Windows Task Bar so why am I getting the green message bar saying otherwise. Just want to know for sure which textures I'm looking at. Thanks. Jim
  3. planenut

    v4 Axis Glitch

    Hi, I would make sure you don't have any conflicts. Could be that there is something else assigned to your controls which will cause problems. That's all I can think of right now as that has happened to me before. Jim
  4. planenut

    P3d Starts on 2nd Monitor

    I figured out what was causing this. I had recently bought another monitor (for main monitor) and I only use it when I'm simming. So, when I boot up I usually boot up on the 2nd monitor and leave the main monitor off. This procedure is what is causing the problem. Can you say pilot error? Dumb mistake. Anyhow, when I boot up on the main monitor instead of the 2nd monitor, all is well. I guess it is just a coincidence that I suspected SIMstarter because I started using it at about the same time I got the new monitor. Thanks for all the suggestions though. Jim
  5. planenut

    P3d Starts on 2nd Monitor

    Thanks. I'll do that. Jim
  6. Just wanted to report on the results of installing the new pot. The physical size is identical to the original one in the yoke. The only problem with it is that it doesn't have a flat area on the shaft where it goes into the plastic gear. Also, the shaft diameter is slightly larger than the gear opening. I fixed these two problems by taking a Dremel tool and grinding the shaft so that it would fit in the gear. Installed it and tested it out. Works great. For anyone who might need one, I ordered it through Ebay. It is identified as a 16mm 50k ohm potentiometer. This one is for the roll axis. Not sure what the ohmic value is for the pitch axis although I suspect it is probably the same. Hope this helps if anyone has to replace one. It's not too hard of a job. Jim
  7. planenut

    P3d Starts on 2nd Monitor

    Using P3Dv4.2. Since I've started using SIMstarter, when I start the sim it will start on my second monitor about 50% of the time and I have to drag it back over to my main monitor. Don't know what I may have changed to cause this. Anyone have any suggestions? Jim
  8. I have found one on Ebay that may work. Seems to be the correct ohmic value and physical size. I will post the findings when I receive and install it. Will probably be at least a week. Jim
  9. I live in Virginia. I got the old pot out - even took it apart and cleaned it. It's easy to check with an analog ohmmeter. Still no joy. Very intermittent. Yeah, it is smaller than the standard pot but not that difficult to change. I'm doing some research on line now to see if I can match it. It appears to be a 50K ohm pot. Jim
  10. As the title says, I need a potentiometer (roll axis) for my Saitek yoke. The original one in it now is bad - not just dirty. I went to the Logitech/Saitek pages but couldn't find any info about getting a replacement. Anyone know where to purchase one? Thanks. Jim
  11. Hi Keven, After posting this I kept investigating. This is what I found: First of all it seemed to be happening on only one plane - the new Carenado F50, although it had done this with other planes in the past. Then I noticed that on my #2 engine mixture control when put it into the cutoff position (all the way back to engage the switch), the problem would appear. When moving it out of the cutoff position Chaseplane would work fine. I suspected a conflict so I went through all my settings but could never find one. I just removed all the camera settings for that plane and assigned them again. All has been ok ever since. Thanks for the reply and suggestion about the possible cause. Jim
  12. Also, when this happens I can't select anything on the main page. Everything is locked up. Jim
  13. This problem has been happening off and on for several months. I have all my views preset and they work fine (most of the time). Then for some unknown reason when I change a view, say going from the pilot view to the copilot view, it snaps back to the pilot view position. It won't stay locked on to the new view I selected. It does this on every view I select. Don't know if I have accidently changed something or not. Right now I'm using P3d v 4.2 but it also did it in v4. Jim
  14. planenut

    Aerobask Eclipse GTN Data Loading

    Hi Again, Never mind. I finally figured it out. Thanks for all your help. Jim
  15. planenut

    Aerobask Eclipse GTN Data Loading

    Hi, Hate to be the village word not allowed here. I understand what you are saying about getting the required dataset but am having difficulty in locating it. When I select Addon Mappings and scan, there is no listing appearing where I can access the datasets. On the Navigraph website it shows the drop down listing of datasets but not in my Navigraph Data Manager. Jim