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    PMDG 737 (for FS2004)

    Oh! Thanks for the reply. I have a deep knowledge of the 737NG and its system having flown the PMDG version for years before and the iFly since it came out. It is just that everytime I take the iFly for a ride because its systems are so well done, I end up dissapointed and frustrated. I agree the systems look awsome and reliabiily (CTD) is 100%. I simply don't like the way it flies (manually and AP). Plus the VC gauges quality is not great but if that was only that... This post isn't about me reviewing the iFly so I won't do it. I have raised my concerns enough in the iFly forum...
  2. ghiom

    PMDG 737 (for FS2004)

    Yeah. I'll probably pass on the old PMDG. Perhaps time to move on to P3D.
  3. I am considering reinstalling the PMDG 737. Do you guys think that it still competes against the LevelD 767 or the MD-11? I don't like the iFly version (for a few personal reasons) and I am looking for an alternative. thank you Ghiom
  4. ghiom

    PMDG 747 for FS9

    I own the iFly 747. Never fly it. Visually it's great if not perfect. But manual flying and AP are very poor (IMHO). Ghiom
  5. ghiom

    Rebuild has no effect

    Thanks Assign Administrator rights to makerwys.exe in \FS9 and it did the trick. Thank you again Ghiom
  6. ghiom

    Rebuild has no effect

    Yes, already checked and it's not. only a4.csv is current.
  7. ghiom

    Rebuild has no effect

    Thanks for the reply I did change my setup and scenery.cfg has been updated. Still there seems to be no update to the scenery db after a very quick rebuild, against when it usually takes 20-30 secs and you see all the files being scanned.
  8. Hello I am used to rebuilding my scenery DB using the command button in RCv. My fs9 path is d:\fs9. I just wanted to do it today but although the process starts and finishes, nothing is updated. In fact the process takes 1-2 secs when it used to be more in the 15-30secs the last times I did it. I haven't changed anything to my setup and RCv4 works fine otherwise. Thank you Ghiom
  9. Yes, I must admit I like when my planes fly the rails. The FS environment is not designed for too much realism. I don't have a copilot with me! My main complain with the iFly planes is that no matter how you plan your VNAV deacent with wind forecast and alt restriction, you ALWAYS ens up overspeeding on the path especially due to the high initial descent rate (almost a dive). I have exchanged this at length on the iFly forum and it's not unusual in the real world it appears. Yet it bothers me.
  10. The level-d 767 is much much easier to handle than the ifly 747. Manual flying and AP response (especially under acceleration). The iFly is very good system wise but not as good as the level-d for dynamics and AP control in general. Perhaps because with (much) lesser FPS, the AP is lagging behind. I know the iFly FDE have been discussed. My view is that iFly probably made it too realistic for a PC simulator with the flip side that it's difficult to handle and very sensitive to FS weather and environment. For leisure flyer like me, I'd rather have it a bit more forgiving. My 2 cents. Ghiom
  11. If you aren't happy with the Level-D don't even consider iFly addons when it comes to smoothness and fps from VC.
  12. In fact it's been 10 years this addon has been released and it is still for me the best commercial airplane for FS9. It's bug-free, FPS friendly, reliable and still good looking. Yes it could receive a face lift (especially the VC) and have an improved FMC (actually the VNAV descent is buggy when two many constraints are set in the flightplan). But thanks Level-D for 10 years of fun. Ghiom
  13. Where can I see what these EVO2015 pictures look like? What textures does it update? Only sky and clouds or even scenery? Thanks Ghiom
  14. ghiom

    Vertical speed advice

    Is there a video somewhere of a real 747 descending in idle mode where I can see on the PFD the pitch and the v/s? Thanks Ghiom
  15. ghiom

    Vertical speed advice