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  1. Thanks friend i went and did just that. I have been for the the last hour trying to get it to work, it seems a little complicated in its how to. I have my pmdg craft loaded but im not for sure how to get it started. And im really confused on what they want me to do with the button lay out. im sure im missing something here. fs2crew is enabled, i also have Gsx and i love that edition, so how do i get to the controls. thanks RobertC
  2. Hello folks, i have known about fscrew for a long time, and i decided to add it to my Sim experiance. Im running Pmdg 737ngx Fsx steam edition and it running great with all the bells and whistles. For a first buyer which one do i need to get me started. As i said i fly the 737ngx800, Thank you RobertC
  3. Hello folks out there, i was looking at a pmdg 737 run on youtube, and i noticed how beatiful the scenery was. they mentioned eddie butcher clouds and such. im running FSX steam edidtion. And it is running absolutely fantastic. With my new build. Watercooled 6700k. 1070 vid 32 meg ram asus MB 2 terra ss hard drive. opus scenry package. ( that was expensive but worth it. ASE GSX Ultimate traffic 2 PDGM 737 800 Radar contact. netwoked Flightsim commander networked. Topcat, level d 767 Anyway, this the best ever that i have ever ran FSX. This is the first time ever that with FSX i can turn up all slyders and i mean all the way up. everything is maxed out. and my frame rate is still up there in the 40-50, somtime will drop to around 25-30 depending on where im at. im just needing to know how to get that fantastic look. once i down load the ultimate realism pack, what do i do on my end to load it correctly. Is there any tools that i need. loading opus was real easy, other than spending that much cash. Can anyone outhere help me. Thanks RobertC
  4. Thanks form the quick reply, Re downloaded the MSST file, deleted any old files in sys32 and 64. placed new MSST. files in folders and then followed registrations. Everything seems to work now, thanks for you folks help. RobertC
  5. I know this has been beat up many times, which surprises me this error is still around. I running RDC on a second machine. I have all proper drives shared and mapped. Fsuipc, widefs, etc. In fact i have Flightsim commander running fine on my second computer. I keep getting a runtime error of 713. I have done all the procedures in the CMD (with administrator rights) window, with hopeful success. I also put the msstdfmt.dll in windows folder system32 and syswow64 folder, on both machines. I'm sure I'm missing something here , i just cant figure it out. I have radar contact loaded on my second machine, and widefs. wifefs shows connected. when radar contact first opens it wants a flight plan. Is not the FSX flight plans in documents. should not i migrate over to that folder in my main docs folder on com one. That is where i try to load a flight plan and get the runtime error. What am i missing folks. Like i said this has been beat to death. I may be putting it in the CMD wrong, but it says i succeded in getting it done. Help....Thanks Im running Windows 10 RobertC
  6. Hello folks, I have converted to X plane, and I have been trying for a few days on how to get my sim populated with AI. I have also tried the steps in tips and tricks and the link with the planes is broken. Where and how can I get this done. The Cunura link is dead!. I just flew from Indy to Atlanta in a empty world. THX...RobertC
  7. I know this post is old, but am i to understand that X plane has been out for years right along with FSX, and it still does not have good software support. No traffic in airports in all those years, how did you X planers do it. and World traffic is all they have to offer.
  8. Well folks im still trying to populate x plane, and im still alone out there, thought X plane would be more advanced then that. x plane traffic programs are terrible compared to FSX. !. I have tried to follow tips and tricks here in the forum on how to get more aircraft. but Conura's link is dead. So I have no idea where to go. 2. Tried X-life and guess what, it does not recognize my airport ( kind ) in North America. have no idea where to go from there. just this stupid box that opens and just sits there. 3. Tried World Traffic, and all the work involved to get it up , was to much work. put files here and put files there, and then assign keys, as if we don't have enough buttons. and besides I don't need a flight planner nor Atc, just Planes and lots of them. I have been trying to get X plane up and running for about two weeks, as for the planes there great works of art. and the scenery is fantastic, but using X plane is a deal breaker if I cannot have a good traffic program or good ATC. I thought after so many years of X plane being out, that they would have gotten better developers, or kept up with FSX. Now that FSX is for all practical proposes a dead horse. and I know, because I have use them since almost fron the beginning to end. I have thousands invested in FSX, but like I said, old technology. Right now Xplane is the king of the heap. and I would advise you talented developers to start making your product more user friendly. I want to just fly. any help is welcome Thanks for listening to and retired old guy .....................................RobertC.
  9. hello folks , i have been trying to get X plane poulated for somtime with no luck, first off the link is dead to get the planes , or is this the wrong link. im new to X plane coming from FSX, and im already getting a headache. Been two days trying to get a good traffic generator going, and so far I'm still alone. What am I missing. I even went and tried the evaluation copy of world traffic, and that was to much work for nothing. don't like moving files here or there, should be automatic. did all that and they still want keys to be assigned, way to much. just want planes and planes only. like in FSX. it would appear that there are not that many good traffic programs for X plane. I have a very good system so frame rate is not an issue. I left FSX because of the down fall etc. came back later to X plane, looks great, but it looks limited in selections of good traffic generators. I'm sure I'm talking out of my ignorant head, so straighten me out. thanks .............RobertC
  10. Thanks for the reply my friend, but im needing a good traffic program, so i wont feel so lonely. also in tips and tricks i cannot seem to get the link to get me to the aircraft to download. Is there a good traffic program. thanks..............RobertC
  11. Hello folks, just to let you know im a retired FSX user. gave it up after years of use and tons of fun and headaches. tried X plane years ago , but did not like it at the time. after a few years of not sim flying, decided to get back in full circle. But i had to decide on a sim, FSX was out, already knew the troubles and did not need to repeat the same headaches, especially when FSX decided to go south. X plane was the only alternative; its been out just as long as FSX, and has made super tons of improvements. Always liked the way X plane feels when flying but did not like the way it looked visually. but now Wow. I wanted a new rig to operate in, so i built a water cooled system. 6700k Asus Z-170-ar MB Gigabyte GTX 1070 vid 1T samsung solid state hd 32 gig razor mem 850 Themaltkae PW 480 rad cooling system Core P5 case I wanted to see what it could do with X plane. works better than i expected. have all sliders turned up and my com wont even break a sweat. so far so good. well enough of the dumb chatter, you forum folks like to know what we are dealing with. my question is being new to X plane im kinda lonely out there all by myself, i went to tips and tricks , where im at now. and the gentleman's link is broken. where do i get those AI planes. Also im looking for a good !72 to start with. the default one is good. but you folks know best. im looking for the best Ai traffic, weather, atc etc. So far i like what i see, im already getting the bug all over again. my wife says im loosing you again.:[ Am i missing something..................RobertC says thanks
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