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  1. Thanks friend i went and did just that. I have been for the the last hour trying to get it to work, it seems a little complicated in its how to. I have my pmdg craft loaded but im not for sure how to get it started. And im really confused on what they want me to do with the button lay out. im sure im missing something here. fs2crew is enabled, i also have Gsx and i love that edition, so how do i get to the controls. thanks RobertC
  2. Hello folks, i have known about fscrew for a long time, and i decided to add it to my Sim experiance. Im running Pmdg 737ngx Fsx steam edition and it running great with all the bells and whistles. For a first buyer which one do i need to get me started. As i said i fly the 737ngx800, Thank you RobertC
  3. Hello folks out there, i was looking at a pmdg 737 run on youtube, and i noticed how beatiful the scenery was. they mentioned eddie butcher clouds and such. im running FSX steam edidtion. And it is running absolutely fantastic. With my new build. Watercooled 6700k. 1070 vid 32 meg ram asus MB 2 terra ss hard drive. opus scenry package. ( that was expensive but worth it. ASE GSX Ultimate traffic 2 PDGM 737 800 Radar contact. netwoked Flightsim commander networked. Topcat, level d 767 Anyway, this the best ever that i have ever ran FSX. This is the first time ever that with FSX i can turn up all slyders and i mean all the way up. everything is maxed out. and my frame rate is still up there in the 40-50, somtime will drop to around 25-30 depending on where im at. im just needing to know how to get that fantastic look. once i down load the ultimate realism pack, what do i do on my end to load it correctly. Is there any tools that i need. loading opus was real easy, other than spending that much cash. Can anyone outhere help me. Thanks RobertC
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