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  1. Three months, over 300 views and nobody prepared to comment?
  2. Whilst we're waiting for Nathan to report back, this "Round Robin" flight reminds me of the "Round the Bay" charter flights that Concorde used to make from/to Heathrow back in the eighties and nineties. I was lucky enough to take one of these on BOAD in June 1995 and subsequently reproduced it with FSLabs Concorde in FSX. It's too long ago to be certain now, but I can't remember any problems with RC4, so hopefully all will be well.
  3. Wow ! I knew you were a small company but just Ben and yourself... That makes your wonderful product and support even more impressive. No wonder you have to burn the candle at both ends, as Ben was recently helping me with my Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade until well after midnight. Many thanks for your excellent addition to Flight Sim and do try to take a break over Christmas!
  4. Many thanks, Ray. Excellent support as always!
  5. Good Morning Ray, If you remember, I've been using RC4 (together with MCE) very successfully with FSX in Win 7 for the last 5 years. With the imminent demise of Win 7, I've just (reluctantly) upgraded my desktop to Win 10 Home. All went well, much to my relief, and FSX seems to be running OK, but there were snags with MCE (which needed re-registering) and RC4. The RC4 problem is that when I click on the usual "Launch RC4" icon, I get a message saying I need to install it using Word 2003 (of all things) and that there is a missing file (O0561401.CAB). Looking for a workaround, I've found that RC4 launches, apparently perfectly, by creating a shortcut icon to rcv4.exe. Is this a legitimate way to start RC4, or will it cause other problems, please? Many thanks, Peter (TG!)
  6. Just had a chance to repeat the test, re-booting each time. Exactly the same result! Loading time with/without the 350GB of MegaScenery is identical.
  7. No, just closed and re-opened FSX. Are you saying a complete computer close/re-start is necessary for a proper test?
  8. Hello fellow FSX Simmers, I've seen many times on this and other forums that I should un-tick the areas of photo-scenery that I'm not using, as all scenery is loaded and I can improve loading times if I'm only using scenery in the area around which I'm flying. Well, I've just tried a little experiment, loading a flight within the UK, but with all my Megascenery for the US (16 states) enabled and then dis-abled. Guess what? Exactly the same loading time (120secs) for each condition! So, have I been mis-led all these years, or was it not a valid test?
  9. Thanks, Ian, I'm still waiting for Just Flight to tell me how to get the discount...
  10. Yes, indeed, a magic moment ! Shame it was never developed further...
  11. Thanks again to everyone for your help. I'm still waiting for Just Flight to come back to me to say how I'm going to get my £3 discount. Well, I am a TG!
  12. Thanks, Ray. It's such a new product that I might be the first to try it with RC, so I'll report straight back if there are problems.
  13. Good morning, For many years I've used RC4 in FSX successfully with Just Flight's Traffic 360. They are now offering an upgrade discount to their new "Global Traffic". Is there any reason to suppose that RC4 won't work with the new version, please? TG.
  14. When set up properly, photo scenery is superb. I fly my PMDG 747 at 500ft over my house everyday and not a word of complaint from my neighbours!
  15. The Rikoooo scenery looks like just what I'm after, so thanks to Jim & Speedy. I assume I couldn't find it myself because I was searching for Kefalonia rather than Kefallinia. In fact, the island seems to have at least half a dozen names! Thanks again, TG.
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