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  1. Tight Git

    FSX Kefalonia, anyone?

    The Rikoooo scenery looks like just what I'm after, so thanks to Jim & Speedy. I assume I couldn't find it myself because I was searching for Kefalonia rather than Kefallinia. In fact, the island seems to have at least half a dozen names! Thanks again, TG.
  2. I've searched, but unless I buy scenery for the whole of Greece, I can't find FSX HD Photoscenery for the island of Kefalonia. Incidentally, the FSX default island is a completely different shape to the real thing! Thank you.
  3. Which is precisely why I'm finding all this praise for John and Doug rather hard to stomach when it's Ray and Ronzie who are the real heroes for all the support they've provided us simmers over the years.
  4. In the midst of all this gratitude that RC4 is now freeware, let's not forget that the downside is that it presumably will never be further developed. It's a wonderful piece of software, that has transformed my flight sim experience, but it's been frozen in time for nearly two decades. Just think how much better RC5 could have been if the licence had been sold to some enterprising developer.
  5. Tight Git

    Where do I buy RC4???

    If this means there's to be an RC5, that's the best possible Christmas present for us simmers! Meanwhile, many thanks to Ray and Ronzie for all their support during 2018.
  6. Thanks for the thanks! (I was looking for a "thumbs up" emoticon but there doesn't seem to be one in the normal selection...)
  7. Just like to express my appreciation to Stuart (and William & Lorna) for the obviously time consuming effort of recording all those phrases to make our flight sim experience even more real. They are my unsung heroes!
  8. Absolutely! Where else can you reach the actual programmer and have mods done just for one person! And then there's the free updates for life... 100% recommended.
  9. By putting in far more time and effort learning than most people are prepared to ! Let Google be your friend...
  10. Tight Git

    EGJJ Runway Designation

    Ray, Sorry if I haven't made myself clear. (Mrs TG says I'm getting worse!) I have ALL the UK2000 airports and use them in conjunction with all 10 volumes of the Playsims Horizon GenX photoscenery for Great Britain and whole of Ireland. In addition, I have the EarthSims scenery for IOM, Scilly and Channel Islands. It would appear that EarthSims scenery (which was produced before the EGJJ runway changes) includes airports, so they show up in MakeRunways text. This was causing my original problem, but it's all sorted now I have changed the order of the two EGJJ entries in runways.txt. A bit of a long haul, but we got there in the end!
  11. Tight Git

    EGJJ Runway Designation

    Hi Ray, I'm sorry, but most of that is way over my head! However, do I gather you think my Jersey scenery is the FSX default scenery? It was several years ago now, and my memory is not what it used to be, but I believe it's part of the Channel Islands scenery, produced by Earth Sims just before they went bust. I don't think Jersey was ever released commercially, but they included a (possible) beta version, when I bought Alderney and Guernsey. Anyway, unless you want to pursue this further, I'm happy that everything is working properly and thank you again for your assistance. TG.
  12. Tight Git

    EGJJ Runway Designation

    I wouldn't know, Ray, but it's presence certainly causes a "false" EGJJ (with RW09/27 and long list of taxiways etc) to be shown in runway.txt !
  13. Tight Git

    EGJJ Runway Designation

    LP_ADEX_PS.bgl Without it, there's no TV mast on the north coast.
  14. Tight Git

    EGJJ Runway Designation

    Good afternoon Ray, I'm pleased to report complete success with this problem. I was able to get the correct runway designation with the "rogue" file disabled, but (as feared) I then lost part of the Jersey scenery. So I then jiggled things around so that, with all scenery active, the two EGJJ's were present in the runways.txt file, but swapped over in position. The UK2000 EGJJ now takes precedence and all scenery is present. As I said in my original post: "I'm not sure if this is a Radar Contact problem, but I always get good advice here." How true. Thanks again.